50 Truth Or Dare Questions For Girlfriend To Have Some Fun

Muskan Tomar
Jun 28, 2021 4 min read

A relationship is like a vehicle that only moves when both tires work smoothly. Fun, humor, intimacy, and trust acts as a fuel to this vehicle.

We do everything that makes our partners happy. A lot many times, we think of playing a game of truth and dare with each other in order to know each other well.

In a relationship we take things very seriously, every act we perform, the other partner is seen in a very keen way. 

Truth or Dare game is a fun activity when we played with friends, but when we try this frolic activity, both the partners are very serious about this, because they ask that questions only, which they have doubts on them previously or prevailing on their mind. 

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Truth Or Dare Questions For Girlfriend

In truth, they ask one question and the other partner has to say the truth in the answer, and in dare, the other partner has to perform the task i.e called dare. 

So, here is a list of some fun and interesting truth or dare questions that you could ask your girlfriend:

Following is the list of Truth for your girlfriend: 

1. What is your true definition of an ideal boyfriend?

2. What Do you think about our relationship, up to what extent this will work?

3. What is your wildest fantasy with me?

4. How many people have you dated before me?

5. Will you carry forward this relationship, will you marry me?

6. What is your ideal proposal according to you?

7. What is your deepest secret that you want to tell me?

8. What is the definition of love according to you?

9. Do you love my parents as much as you love yours?

10. Tell me your strengths and weaknesses.

11.Were you jealous when you saw other girls around me?

12. Tell me your bucket list, what things you want to do with me.

13. Did you ditch somebody in the past?

14. What qualities of mine do you love the most?

15. What do you hate about me?

16. Tell me how you want to plan our first date?

17. What is the dreamy place that you want to visit with me?

18. Tell me how many boys rejected your proposal

19. What is the craziest thing you have done in your previous relationship?

20. Did you make out in public?

21. Describe the biggest fear that you feel in our relationship.

22. When was your 1st kiss and with whom?

23. If we were trapped on an island for 2 days, how would you spend those 2 days with me?

24. Do you prefer making out or cuddling?

25. Describe me in just 3 words

Following is the list of Dares for your girlfriend:

26. Propose to me at your best effort.

27. Dedicate a song to me.

28. Give me a french kiss.

29. Post your relationship status mingle on every social media.

30. Write a love letter to me.

31. Said I LOVE YOU 20 times a day.

32. Treat me like a Prince for 1 day.

33. Plan a romantic date for me.

34. Wear your sexiest attire.

35. Tell your mom that we are in a relationship.

36. Put my picture in your WhatsApp profile picture.

37. Call your friends and tell them I had slapped you.

38. Call your ex-boyfriend and say what you want to say.

39. Give a drunk dial to your ex-bf.

40. Take a shower with all your clothes on.

41. Post an embarrassing picture on social media.

42. Send me your cutest picture.

43. Sing a romantic song while taking a shower to send that to me.

44. Sit on my lap and kiss me for 5 min.

45. Hold my hand and casually walk with me for 10 min.

46. When you are not in the mood then do sexting with me.

47. Imitate your favorite cartoon character.

48. Act like an old lady.

49. Lick chocolate from my nose.

50. Comb my hair.

If you are searching for some fun activities, here is this list of truth or dare questions for your girlfriend so that you can reveal the truth and also have the chance to fulfill all those wishes which you desire from your partners. 

This pleasurable funtime brings you closure and also your bond becomes stronger.

All these fun questions for your girlfriend make you realize that you are madly in love with your partner and you came closer and also your bond became stronger by this.

I hope this list of truth or dare questions for your girlfriend had helped you in having some quality time with your girlfriend.

Do let us know if any of these truths or dares reminded you of some incident.

Also, like and share this list of truth or dare questions for your girlfriend with your other friends and end their hunt.

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