25 Trippy Songs To Play on Loop When You Are High and Dope

Listening to these, my grass turned weed!

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Dec 22, 2020|6 min read


Bollywood has given many songs which are known to place you in a high or hallucinated state. They are better known as trippy songs as they take you to a whole new world. You feel lost, free and liberated while listening to these trippy songs.

Here we have listed trippy songs from Bollywood movies to play when you are high:

1) Udd Gaye - Ritviz

Topping the list of trippy songs is one of the best songs created by Ritviz, Udd Gaye. With uncles dancing better than Salman Khan and Arjun Kapoor (no offence intended), the song is worth searching and listening to. The song has the power to swing your mood in no time and transform you into a whole new world. 

2) Kahan Ho Tum - Prateek Kuhad (Mismatched)

Written and sung by Prateek Kuhad, Kahaan Ho Tum is a beautiful new single from Netflix’s new original web series, Mismatched. 'Haan ye baatein zaroori hai, paas ho tum kaisi doori hai’ is sure to touch your heart. And if you are getting trippy to overcome your heart-break, this song will heal your hurts. 

3) Chalo Chalein – Ritviz

Friends hangout plan, everyone decided to do great party and get really bad trip! Well, how can we leave behind Ritviz songs like Chalo Chalein? This song has great music, beats and most importantly an party package song! Be Trippy and dance along. Will be memorable friends night for sure.

4) Jeet - Ritviz

Written, composed, produced and performed by Ritviz for the Bacardi House Party sessions, Jeet will not only lift up your mood but also motivate you to oscillate wherever you are. It will not only make you high but also put you in a thoughtful state. His every song has a deep meaning, which can only be understood by few peoples only!

5) Ved – Ritviz

Someone in the trippy dope mood can play this awesome creation of Ritviz in his garden and see the grass turning to weed. Yes, the song can get you high at any time. Just ensure you don’t get addicted to it.

6) Liggi - Ritviz

Liggi is yet another song by Ritviz to add in the playlist of trippy party songs. Amazing beats with great music, that will push to get up and sway away into the world of your dreams. What else do you need? Maybe some friends click good photographs to make good memories.

7) Manali Trance - The Shaukeens

Manali Trance needs no introduction! This trippy song became popular for its music and one of the best looping beats. Want to get in an inceptions movie mood, we'll play this when you are looking for a bad trip. This is some swag song of trippy songs.

8) Thandi Hawa - Ritviz

Thandi Hawa by Ritviz is a dope one. People can get high without anything while this song plays in the background. Yes, not only Thandi Hawa but all Ritviz songs have this effect. Even the lyrics are such that they drench and drown you in the trippy mood.

9) Kasoor - Prateek Kuhad

Most of the time we keep fighting with the situations and just feel like getting away from the world. Of course, not in a bad way, but just to go away and overcome. Believe us, we know this feeling. One of the trippy songs that you must listen to while getting high is a slow track just like Kasoor. It adds the effect and flavour to your mood. It really helps you forget everything and just enjoy yourself!

10) Kho Gaye Hum Kahan - Baar Baar Dekho 

Kho Gaye Hum Kahan is yet another masterpiece by Prateek Kuhad and Jasleen Royal. This song is suited to so many situations like having a great roadside trip with your love or just listening it to ease of mood. Keeping these aside, you can also play it when you wish to get trippy. This slow track will take you away from your world, back to your memories. May be good or maybe bad but soothing enough to enjoy. 

11) Sang Rahiyo - Jasleen Royal

Love always finds its way back home, as long as we have the courage to love. This song talks about hope in little gestures of love, it is one of those that makes us sit on our window sills with a hot brew of coffee and watch the rain pour down the sky till the stars come up, and you play it back again. Needless to say, it is one of the best trippy songs to play when you are high.

12) Babaji Ki Booty - Go Goa Gone

Babaji ki booty is a slow trippy song. It will take you to another world in slow motion. This dope song is a pretty amazing slow track song yet with great variation to make you high.

13) Barso - Ritviz

‘Barso.. Barso Badal tumhari rah sab tak rahe …’ How can we miss this informative, intellectual song while talking about the trippy songs? It has described the whole idea of how rain is important. Some common things that we do while we are in a trippy mood !!! It will be a great experience to understand this song while you are getting high !!! Don’t we become scientists and philosopher ones in life while we were trippy? Bet !!! 

14) Bol Har Har - Shivaay

Well, sometimes we connect to god or to the great energy that revolves around us. Bol Har Har is that kind of trippy song. It makes you full of energy - you may dance, you may go in deep thought or you may get highly concentrated. Whatever you do with that high energy is up to your mood. But this song has the effect to make this possible. It connects to you god directly.

15) Sage - Ritviz

Sage by Ritviz is an amazing song with music and beats that push you to trip. The lovely video is an added advantage. And at the end it is Ritviz songs, he has this dope, swag song effects in every song he makes. 

16) Safar - Notebook

Most of the Hindi songs have really great music, which helps you get trippy. But this song has great lyrics, as an addition to the music and beats, which is help in swaying you away, carrying you to your own world. ‘Main safar mein hoon, khoya nahin’ truly justifies what you are doing when you are high!

17) The Local Train - Khudi

Really it doesn’t matter if you get there on a Royal Enfield or an Activa, the sky at the end of the journey is as beautiful as it should be. When it plays, it totally gets you high. In no time, you get transported to a whole new world - you get trippy. ‘Khudi ko kud se milane, chala hai oh deewane!’ Get the trippy dope mood accelerated with this one!

18) Yahin Hoon Main - Ayushmann Khurrana

Slow track with full of love, Yahin hoon main is yet another slow beautiful track to take you down the memory lane when you are trippy and alone. 

19) Sawali Si Raat Ho - Barfi

'Saawali si raat ho, khamoshi ka saath ho, Bin kahe, bin sune, baat ho teri meri' and we both walk into our own happy world. This trippy feel song has the power to make you feel like a bird, flying in the sky. It will soothe and calm you when you are high.

20) Hardum Humdum - LUDO

While the song is very recent, you must listen to it and decide for yourself if it gets you trippy or not. But, if you ask us, it will. The songs will give you the energy that you will want to attract.

21) Kamaraiya - STREE

When you are already high and don’t want to care about your dance moves, play Kamariya and get grooving. The song’s beats are sure to make you go deeper in the trippy dope mood.

22) O Gujariya - Queen

The biggest party anthem of its time is evergreen and trippy. If there is a party on your mind, this is one song you must play. The trippy song is sure to pump out all your energy!

23) O Sanam - Lucky Ali

Yet another song by legendary Lucky Ali that will help you heal your heartbreak and take you down the memory lane is O Sanam. You can get high and shout, ‘Milke bichadna toh dastoor ho gya, baaton mein teri mashhoor ho gya, o sanam, mohabbat ki kasam!’ Trust us, it will give you comfort and solace like nothing else!

24) Emotional Atyachaar - Dev D

Having a friendly evening and deciding to get into a trippy mood? Play this one. It will help you start the ttopic “emotional atyachar” and help you get high at the same time. What better way to enjoy an evening with friends? Discussion of relationships that are over and getting in a trippy mood is a rare thing to find!

25) Jadi Booti - DJ Nuceya Ft. Rashmeet Kaur

This dope song about Jadi Booti, created by DJ Nucleya, is visually trippy. Get high with its music and beats, which provide maximum effects to get on trippy mood.

To get really high is to forget yourself. And to forget yourself is to see everything else. And to see everything else is to evolve. The trippy songs make sure you get high and travel around to see the world that is pretty trippy. You have the best experiences when you are lost and transformed into someone else.

We hope these trippy songs will help you in your escapade from the stresses of this expectation-full world. Drench. Drown. Get high!

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