Traveling makes you learn language

12 months ago 1 min read

When you are talking about traveling, it always connect to culture and language because you find something new in somewhere else. It means you should be proud especially if you love to learn new thing. In a simple way, traveling makes you learn language.

How could it be?

You travel to somewhere else and find out the locals speak foreign languages. It makes you curious about what they are talking about or probably you want to ask something and say thank you afterwards.

It is simple since you just learn daily conversation. Remember that learning new language while traveling will be easier because you are not forced to learn grammar or tenses.

Traveling makes you learn language


What should you learn?

Here some you may learn, find the local languages translation of these words :

  • Good morning/ Good afternoon/ Good night
  • Hello
  • Do you speak English?
  • I am sorry, I can’t speak …., only English.
  • Where is the toilet?
  • Where is the minimarket?
  • How to buy ticket for foreigner?
  • Thank you

There many more words you can learn as new language while traveling. It is simple words but people as the local will be appreciated as you speak their language even though only in several words. Usually people will smile and give you assistant.

You may practice the local language to hotel staff where you stay, local people in tourism object and so on. Sounds great and enjoyable?

After your traveling time is over, you may continue learning the languages if you want. But, at least you just add one language as new skill.

Of course, traveling always open your mind and gives opportunity to learn something new like culture, language and so on. Remember, traveling makes you to learn language and it is possible to love the language too.

Are you ready to travel and learn new language?

Be a traveler and polyglot at the same time.