Merely Way to know yourself

Smriti Dubey

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Travelling is not only a way to explore new things but it's merely way to know inner you. Travelling gives a immense happiness to know the world ,and it's a way to relate yourself with the world. Sometimes to know yourself it's much needed to interact with new people and it's only possible by travelling. Travelling is the merely way to give wings to your inner happiness which can't explain in word ,and you can't express to anyone. Travelling is the way to show your inner potential sometime it helps you to get rid of your mental trauma and its mainly help you to get rid of your monophonic personality .We can easily interact with new and unknown persons and its help us to get rid of logophobia. In this pandemic it's not safe or easy to travel and to interact with innumerable persons but there is a way that is social media that helps people to know each other and sometimes it's unable to show us the reality of the person and that is why we prefer to travel and interact social media is for the person who are agoraphobic, but presently we are all taking benefit of it .

travelling is the way for the people who are eidetic, who just loves to explore new things new worlds.

Travelling sometimes gives definition to those who are philosopher and it sometimes define a literatur and linguistics because by travelling we meet new people and we come to learn many brand new and antiquated things which we can't imagine to learn by ourselves or in our homely atmosphere.

Travelling is not to go or to visit anywhere, sometime it is just our imagination we can imagine amazing things by which we can learn new things , by the imagination of travelling sometimes it shows that travelling has some super natural phenomenon which we can't understand .We know that by the travelling we can release work pressure or stress but we can't know that by travelling sometimes we find new ourselves. We need to know that travelling gives us a new birth .

It's beyond to know and it's not easy to understand that how magical things happens to us when we are travelling anywhere ,we can't understand, actually it's not in our hand to know that when our mind has changed sometime by the travelling we get a motive of our life sometime we can find easily the perspective of our life.

Travelling means not to know the place but its definition should be know yourself and know your own inner feelings. Know what your mind says to you , know why were you born.

lot of places to explore...

we explore, we found ....

Sometimes the experience may be bad but it will help us to experience more thing. It's not necessary to always face a good, sometimes facing that bad circumstances also gives us hope to be competent for ourselves not to rely on anyone else that's called Weltanschuung.

If we want to get rid of our ochlophobic personality must travel in peaceful places.


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