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As someone who travels with my family every opportunity we get, this is our compiled list of the do’s and don’ts to keep in mind. 

These are travel tips that we have been able to figure out after years of traveling, which will make your visits so much easier knowing them beforehand. 

They will always come in handy, and you must keep these tips in mind for your next vacation as they will be a great help for any traveler.

You can learn about how to improve your planning, packing, in-flight experience and make the most of your destination!

We have separated this list of travel tips into sections, from the planning stage to the end of your trip, so it is easier to navigate through!


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Travel Tips: Planning

1. Research the weather during your visit

The first and foremost travel tip is to know the weather of your destination during your trip.

There is always different weather everywhere, and knowing whether it will be hot, cold, rainy, or snowy during your trip can be incredibly beneficial when packing, creating an itinerary, or even when deciding when to go at the start of the travel planning.

2. Book your flight as early as possible

The next travel tip is to have a confirmed plan and that starts with booking your tickets.

To save up on a ton of money, remember to book your flight as early as possible before you do anything else. 

The earlier you have a flight booked, the easier it is, and the cheaper tickets will be, allowing you to save money before your trip even begins.

3. Learn key phrases before visiting

A struggle any traveler has is not knowing how to communicate with locals. 

Therefore, learning from key phrases like “where is …,” “can you help me,” “please,” “thank you,” etc. can help you to get a conversation started if you need help, so others understand that you need it.

4. Inform your bank about travel plans

It is not uncommon for banks to block credit cards when used in another country, so it is always helpful to inform them about it before your trip to avoid this happening.

5. Make copies of passports and other important documents

It is always helpful to have copies of these documents handy, in case one gets lost. 

Additionally, this allows you to not have to carry the originals around with you during your trip on the off chance that you might require them.

This travel tip always comes in handy as your original documents are always safe.

6. Buy health and travelers insurance

A lot can go wrong on vacation, problems that can cost lakhs. Therefore, it is always useful to have travelers and health insurance in case something does.

7. Make sure your vaccinations are all current

You never know what could be going around in a place you do not live in, so making sure you have the required vaccinations can help you stay extra safe.

8. Send your itinerary to a friend or family member

This way, they will always know where you are and how to reach you. This can also be handy since they can keep tabs on you, and easily recognize if something is wrong.

9. Ask friends and family for tips if they have already visited the place

Researching the place you are visiting is useful, but getting a first-hand account of the landmarks, attractions, etc. can be even better.

10. Read up on travel blogs for your destination

This travel tip can make your trip a memorable one.

Similar to the previous point, reading up on real examples can help you to understand the location better. This includes which tourist attractions are overrated and which are worth seeing, so you can make the most of your trip.

11. Look for travel deals online

Who doesn't love to save money? This travel tip is for the same.

Many websites offer deals and coupons for using their services when booking flights, hotels, and activities. It is a great and easy way to save up on money that can allow you to allocate said money into doing more.

12. Check out travel guides tailored to the place you are visiting

Many people sell travel guides, books, and stories tailored to informing people about a city's landmarks and history. Investing on your own can teach you a lot about them.

 I’ve seen many versions of these tailored for different age groups (even kids) and using them has exponentially improved our travel experiences.

13. Travel during the offline season

Tourist locations are always less crowded as locals do not visit them regularly, and there are generally more deals available during these times so you can save more money.

14. Make sure your visa is accurate

You may not realize, but there can be many mistakes with a visa, especially if it is older. Therefore, it is always good to get it checked out so you do not run into any problems.

15. Check your passport’s expiration date

Along with your visa, make sure to check your passport’s expiration date. Usually, if the passport is expiring within six months, authorities deny acceptance into the country. 

So make sure it is valid and search up the regulations if it is about to expire.

16. Plan considering festivals or big events in the country

Visiting during times of festivals or celebrations can make the trip a lot more fun. It allows you to get the full local experience and celebrate along with them, making incredible memories along the way.

17. Look into airport restaurants and facilities in case of long layovers

This is especially important for the airports you will be returning from, but looking into facilities like food, hotel, lounges, etc. can be very helpful. 

A lot of indirect flights have hour's worth of layovers in between, and you want to make sure there’s food and a comfortable place to be during your wait.

18. Check up on the weight limits for carrying on and check-in baggage

The next travel tip comes in handy while doing the shopping so that you can buy stuff accordingly.

I’ve personally run into problems with bags that have been over the weight limit, causing us to open up the bags and move things around in the middle of the airport. 

Therefore, knowing and checking the weight of your bags before going to the airport can save you a lot of time.


travel, tips, quotes, songs, travelers, tourism, airports, places
Travel Tips: Packing

19. Carry an empty suitcase/bag along with you

Most trips and vacations usually result in a lot of shopping, leaving you with very little space to bring back all of your new belongings. 

Carrying along with an empty bag or suitcase (possibly a duffel bag that you can fold and fit into your regular suitcase) always comes in handy.

After all, there's no harm in following this travel tip.

20. Make a list of everything that you are carrying

Traveling is a great way to lose belongings, and getting them back is no easy task. 

That’s why making a list of the things you’ve brought along can be very beneficial when you are packing your things to go. 

And it is a lot less time-consuming than taking 10 rounds of the hotel room to make sure you did not miss anything.

21. Bring multiple credit/debit cards along with you

Abroad, it is easy to misplace items, have your cards blocked, or face several issues with money and payment. 

Therefore, it is always helpful to make sure that you are secure when it comes to this. You do not want to end up stranded with no means of getting help!

22. Pack light

Often travelers pack everything they have, which is not the way to go. It does not matter how many times you wear the same outfit, no one will know! 

Additionally, most people shop during their trip and will end up with way more clothes and luggage than they need, which is why it is best to start with a small base.

23. Carry a small first aid kit

You never know what might happen, so it is always good to carry along a few essentials such as band-aids, ointments, and antibacterial cream or wipes, just in case.

24. Invest in a battery pack

Normally on vacations, you are out the whole day, and phone batteries drain pretty quickly. 

Therefore, it is a great investment to purchase a battery pack so you can make sure your device is charged throughout the day and you do not have to worry.

25. Purchase a good quality camera

It's necessary to capture the moments of our trip in order to relive those in the future. So this travel tip suggests you to always have a good quality camera.

You never want to miss out on remembering your favorite memories from your trip, which is why you are going to want to document them through photos and vehicles. 

Make sure you invest in a good phone or separate camera so you do not miss out.

26. Keep a pair of scissors in your check-in bag

Surprisingly, these are needed a lot more than you might think. You cannot bring these in your carry-on during the flight, but keep one in your check-in just in case.

27. Carry a waterproof bag

This travel tip is especially handy for beach vacations or if you know you might be visiting a pool since wet clothes/towels can make a big mess and soak up your regular day pack.

28. Carry a small combination lock

Doing so can help keep personal belongings, especially when you have to leave them outside when visiting certain attractions, allowing you to avoid misplacing items or having them stolen.

29. Pack sunscreen

This travel tip is especially useful if you are traveling in Asia, since good quality sunscreen is not as easily available, and it can get REALLY hot very quickly.

30. Bring an extension cord with you

Many hotel rooms and hostels do not have multiple plug points, so if you are traveling with multiple people (or even multiple of your own devices), having an extension cord can allow you all to use the same plug point at the same time.

31. Bring small gifts from your country

This travel tip is a great way to give someone you visit (a friend, staff, etc.) a thank you that feels a lot more personalized than simply giving a tip or money.

32. Pack clothes in similar colors

This way you can mix and match easily, and make many more outfits with the same few pieces. This also allows you to pack lighter, following one of the previous travel tips.

33. Bring duct tape to fix any breaks in suitcases

There can be many problems with suitcases tearing or breaking in the airport or even when you are at your destination, so carrying duct tape is an easy and inexpensive fix.

34. Back bar soaps and shampoos/conditioners

This helps to minimize the liquid items in your toiletry bags, and avoid large spills that can make a mess of all your items.

At The Airport/In The Flight:

travel, tips, quotes, songs, travelers, tourism, airports, places
Travel Tips: At The Airport/In The Flight

35. Line up behind business travelers

This is often a great way to move faster through security lines, as they are generally in a rush. It’ll stop you from having to wait for ages in line. 

Other than that, avoid getting behind families, since they take forever.

36. Keep in mind the time difference on the flight to fight jet-lag

Normally the first day of any trip is spent sleeping in because you are too jet-lagged to do anything. 

However, if you figure out when it is nighttime at the place you are visiting, you can sleep during the flight so you are already ahead and do not have to worry about missing a whole day!

37. Take an empty water bottle through the gate

Carry a non-disposable water bottle with you, which you can fill up once you’ve gotten through security. 

This way you won't have to throw out a plastic one before and then repurchase one when you are waiting or on your flight.

38. Keep energy bars handy in case of delayed flights

This is a quick and easy snack to eat so you can stay sharp and awake without filling yourself too much.

39. Wear comfy shoes instead of heels/dressy shoes

A common mistake people make is wearing shoes they want for the whole trip to the airport to save space.

However, with all the lines, moving around, running from gate to gate, and layovers, wearing comfy or athletic shoes is the only way to go.

Packing another pair may take up space, but it is worth it in the long run.

40. Bring earplugs and an eye mask for your flights

Flights can get loud and annoying. There are always babies crying and little children screaming, which is even worse for longer flights where you want to get some rest. 

Carrying along with earplugs and an eye mask can help you relax and make the best of your in-flight experience.

41. Carry baby wipes in a handbag

These are a lot easier to use and help stay hygienic, considering you do not know how often and how well flights are sanitized. 

Additionally, wipes can always be useful during the trip as well, so it is a good investment.

42. Keep local currency with you before you land

You’d want to have the local currency with you even before you land, so you can buy food/water at the airport, and find transportation to your hotel, hostel, etc. 

This is why it is key to convert money in your departure city, rather than upon arrival.

43. Bring backup clothes in your carry on

Things almost always spill and make a mess during a flight or even in the airport. Therefore, having a backup comes in handy. 

This is also useful for when you reach your hotel and want to change without unpacking.

44. For long flights, pack compression socks

This is a great tip to keep in mind, as wearing them helps with circulation, since a long flight leaves you sitting still in one place for hours and hours.

45. Take a screenshot of your boarding pass/passport/etc.

Rather than fumbling with all your documents during security and checkups, you simply have to take out your phone, saving everyone's time and making the process a whole lot easier and smoother for you to get through.

46. Carry a jacket or scarf if you tend to feel cold easily

Airplanes can get cold, so carrying a jacket or shawl is something that can be very useful if you tend to feel cold easily. They can also be comfortable to wear if you are trying to sleep (some long scarfs can even double as thin blankets!)

47. Keep space in your carry on bag for any last-minute, duty-free purchases

We always end up buying some snacks or gifts from the duty-free stores in our destinations, so if this is something you do, make sure to keep some space in your carry-on. 

This way, you do not have to bring extra bags along with you (especially since the plastic bags given can be flimsy and cause things to fall out or break).

48. Use the washroom in the middle of the flight

It is best to not go right before landing, which is when it is most crowded. Use the bathroom sometime during the flight so you won’t have to worry later on when more people are trying to.

49. Be polite to air hostesses, they have a tough job

This isn’t so much a tip, but more of a reminder. This can go a long way and can make your and their experience a lot better.

During The Trip:

travel, tips, quotes, songs, travelers, tourism, airports, places
Travel Tips: During The Trip

50. Visit tourist attractions during lunchtime

To avoid getting stuck in lines and large crowds, try to visit tourist attractions and historical landmarks during lunch hours when most tourists are away. 

Additionally, this allows you to eat earlier or later than most, helping to get into generally booked restaurants as well!

51. Do not plan every minute

While it is good to book some important attractions and events in advance, avoid booking everything before the trip. 

Many times you’ll find new locations, and discover things to do there, and you wouldn’t want to miss out on them for something you planned before you even got there. 

Keep enough open space to make spontaneous memories too!

52. Download an offline version of google maps for your location

You may not have working service or WiFi everywhere you go, so doing this can prevent you from getting lost with no way of knowing where you are or what to do next. 

And trust us, you do not want that happening.

53. Carry a water bottle in your bag at all times

People often overcharge for disposable ones, so it is best to bring your own since you are always going to get thirsty walking around and visiting attractions. 

It is cheaper, environmentally friendly, and sustainable (especially using a metal one that will last longer).

54. Keep a copy of documents in the hotel safe and another copy with you

As mentioned before, make copies of your important documents. 

Once you have arrived at your destination, it is best to keep one back where you are staying, and one with you, in case you get into trouble.

55. Do not take all your money with you when stepping outside

Many people carry along all their cash with them when stepping out, which is a big mistake. Only take how much you think you will need, to avoid losing large amounts of it in case something goes wrong.

56. Utilise payment apps or credit cards rather than using cash

In addition to the previous tip, it is also better to avoid using cash and instead pay online (with GooglePay or PayTM), or by using credit and debit cards. 

This makes you carry around a lot less, and if you are robbed, you can easily cancel your card or close accounts, losing no money.

57. Keep cash hidden in socks/shoes in case of emergencies

Tourists are easy targets for locals since many know how to spot you in a crowd. 

Keeping some emergency money hidden somewhere in your clothes can help in case of a situation where you lose the rest of your money, and need a way back to your hotel or call for help.

58. Replace your sim with a local sim

We always do this, and it makes our travels a lot easier and cheaper. 

Plus, it doesn’t make much difference for you, since most devices are backed by email and not numbers.

59. Look for cafes and libraries that offer free WiFi

Another travel tip to save your money and use a better connectivity.

Hotels generally only offer paid WiFI, so you can spend your working hours in these locations to save up on money. 

Some hotels pay based on how long you spend using WiFi, so you can try to use as much outside and only use hotel WiFi during the night.

60. Try using public transport whenever you can

These are generally cheaper since they are used by locals. Plus it helps you fit in and get the proper experience of how people in the destination move around!

61. Check the local tourism office in small cities

While this tip won’t be very useful (or required) in larger destinations, visiting the tourism office in smaller cities or towns can help inform you about the best places to visit, as well as ways to get coupons and save up on money while doing so.

62. Do not be scared to try out the local cuisine (including street food)

Traveling goes side by side with the local food of that place. This travel tip suggests you to try all the specials of your destination.

There’s no point in visiting another place if you do not try out their food. 

Comfort food is great, but you can eat that when you are at home. So do not be afraid to try their cuisine, it is the best way to understand the locals and get a taste of what living there is like.

63. Use websites/apps like Airbnb experiences

These services often have different walking tours and fun things to do in the city, which can save time on external resources and hours of research.

64. Read up on the tipping etiquette in the location

Different countries have different standards for tipping, so make sure you check it out and keep it in mind.

65. Buy souvenirs or gifts during the trip

Apart from photos, you also need some physical objects in order to remember the essence of that place. So this travel tip suggests you to buy something famous from that place.

You are always going to want to bring something back, but a lot of people wait till the last minute and end up purchasing them from the airports. 

However, souvenirs there are normally overpriced, so buying them during the trip can help you save up and give you much better quality items with real stories behind them.

66. Look for where the locals eat

This allows you to get cheap and interesting food, and (again) get a better feel of local life and what it is like living in that place.

67. Go to expensive restaurants during lunchtime

They normally have dealt so the same food is cheaper at lunch as compared to dinner.

68. Spend time alone

If you are traveling in a group, try to spend some afternoons alone so you can explore based on your personal preferences and interests.

69. Know where you can find restrooms near where you are going

Another very important travel tip as Nature can call anytime.

Since you will often spend the entire day outside, you are going to want to know if there are public restrooms in the area you’ll be visiting.

70. Do not eat too much the first day you land

This helps to avoid feeling more jet-lagged. An additional tip is to have the biggest meal just before you sleep.

And there we have it! That concludes the travel tips to keep in mind for your next vacation. These tips have been a lifesaver for us on more than one occasion, and we hope that they do the same for you!

Do comment and let us know if I missed out on anything that can come in handy during a trip. We would also love to hear about your travel experiences.

Also, like and share this list of travel tips with your traveling partners.

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