35 Travel Hacks That Everyone Should Know

To travel is to live!

Aaliya Sheikh

Apr 23, 2021|11 min read


Exploring unknown parts, whether it is national or international, is a pastime for hundreds of millions of individuals embarks on each year. Traveling is all about escaping from the day-to-day stress, opening yourself up to something new peoples, customs, and their traditions, and just hopefully finding some relaxation. 

Travelling can be full of difficulties for the unprepared traveler. If you make some bad decisions like a nasty hotel room, an expensive restaurant, or being stuck in the middle seat on a flight, it can ruin the track of your whole vacation.

If your philosophy is breaking things down into multi-step activities by creating lists then a lot of mistakes will be made. If you're busy trying to urge everything done reception or work before you allow, it'll be only too easy to forget things or make impulsive decisions.

We’re here to guide you with some of the best travel hacks from packing to travel hacks for flying and everything in between to make your life easier when you’re booking travel and accommodation. These 35 travel hacks have been a total lifesaver.  

1. Never pay for water at the airport

Travel Hacks

As time goes by, Things have gotten rather strict with bottles of liquid recently. it feels like you have no choice but to purchase airport water at a higher price. 

Doesn’t matter whether it looks as if the seal has been tampered with or not, a water bottle is a no-go. So, rather than bringing a full bottle, bring an empty bottle to the airport and fill it after you’ve skilled security.

2. Turn on ‘Private Browsing’ for cheaper flights online

Want cheap airline flights? Use private browsing. Many times airlines and travel sites will record your visits by installing cookies on your browser, which typically raise the prices of your frequent visit because you’ve searched for those flights before. 

These companies trick you into buying your flights sooner and encourage impulse buying. Avoid it by switching to ‘Private Browsing’ whenever you book flights. Just disable your browsing history and clear the online cache.

3. Roll your clothes for more space

Travel Hacks

It always looks like there’s never enough room in your luggage when packing. One of the most simple but effective travel hacks for packing. Instead of folding your clothes, roll each item into a little tube. This will save plenty of space and stop creases and wrinkles.

4. Charge your electronics through a TV

One of the most innovative and helpful travel hacks is to charge your electronic devices through a TV. Lost or forgotten your charger? No worries, modern TVs have a USB connector on the back or side. Simply plug in your electrical device until it is fully charged.

5. Use a binder clip to protect razors

Travel Hacks

Razor cuts are one of the worst types of cuts. It's quite messy and embarrassing having a razor cut while traveling. razor cuts can cause bleeding and damage everything like your airline seat or the carpet. 

A great travel hack to safeguard your razors and to prevent injury is a binder clip. A binder clip or banker’s clip can be used to cover most razors.

6. Email yourself a scan of your passport

This is one of the foremost important travel hacks for travelers. You never know when you become the victim of burglary or loss. Having proof of who you are is necessary when traveling on international flights. If you’ve booked any flights, buses or trains make sure you screenshot them so you can access them when you’re no longer connected.

7. Make your own airplane TV

Another interesting travel hack is that you can create your own personal TVs with your phone and a clear plastic bag. It's quite Simple just insert your device, position it, then hook it onto the back of the tray table. Next download your favorites iTunes, Amazon Prime, Netflix, YouTubeRed, or other digital stores. you can use the metal bits from the sick bag.

8. Mark your baggage as fragile

Sometimes your baggage is either lost or it comes back damaged. To avoid this simply mark your luggage as fragile. Not only will your bag be more likely to be handled correctly, but you will most likely receive your luggage first.

9. Use ATMs/cash machines to get local currency

In this era, instead of trying to locate the national currency office try using an ATM to hold national currency. An ATM has by far a lot cheaper rates than the currency exchange bureau. Usually, most money converters have their own outrageous fees and exchange rate.

10. Only unpack what you really need

This travel hack is useful if you want to save packing time. Only unpack those things that you will be needing definitely. When you’re next on the verge of missing that bus this will leave you free for a quick and easy escape.

11. Preventing Jet Lag

Moving around and being active a bit of exercise before your trip can fight off your jet lag and leave you feeling fresh as a daisy. Get as much bright light during the morning and afternoon to help your body’s clock adjust.

12. Make real travel friends using your phone

There are many apps out there that can help you find and make friends while traveling without going through the anxiety of having to approach groups in person. Apps like Travel Buddies and Backpacker can help you to find travelers nearby. You can even match up your personalities by checking out their public profiles and check out their schedule.

13. Bung a (tumble) dryer sheet in your bag

Mostly your clothes start to smell like dirty socks after a few days of traveling. Well, this easy travel hack will help you to keep them smelling fresh throughout your trip. 

If you’re going for a long time, take a little pack of dryer sheets with you and replace them whenever the sheet seems to be losing its potency. You can also make your own sheets with some cotton balls and essential oils like orange, lemon, lavender, or geranium and a touch of white vinegar.

14. Get your own personal departures and arrivals board

Ever get sick of straining your neck in order to see the departure board, God forbid, having to leave the airport to see the departures board at the airport. Well, thanks to technology that has done away with that ridiculous inconvenience. 

Simply download Flight Board onto your phone and experience the VIP lifestyle. The app allows you to view the departure and arrival times of every airline.

15. Get your own personal AI tour guide

Travel Hacks

Just install Google Goggles on your phone and take some photos as you explore. Every time you photograph a famous monument, your phone will give back a bunch of interesting information for you to read about the monument. You’ll become an expert in local culture, customs, and history in no time.

16. Put your rechargeable batteries in the fridge

If you want to keep your batteries fresher, place them in the fridge. This is one of the more bizarre travel hacks, but most rechargeable batteries retain 90% of their full charge when kept in cold temperatures which means that you don’t have to charge them as often. Not only this it will increase the life shelf of the batteries.

17. Buy a dummy wallet to confuse pickpockets

Want to secure your wallet? Get a fake wallet to fool those that are dishonest. That way, if the wallet is stolen, nothing are going to be lost. confirm that you simply hide your real wallet somewhere clever and shut to you. Good places to hide your wallet are within a security belt, hidden pockets within a coat, or a scarf with a hidden pocket.

18. Get all the freebies as a market researcher

Companies all over the world are looking for people to try out their products, test their staff, and provide feedback. It involves very little work and is pretty enjoyable, so why not apply to be a market researcher in the country you’re traveling and you can get a variety of products like free foods, movies, drinks, and other amazing items.

19. Follow the pub crawl path

Instead of spending for a pub crawl package, look up the popular pub crawl routes in your city and head on over to the start of the fun. There will be a bunch of backpackers or even one of the organized groups, who you can tag along with for free.

20. Hack the best Wi-Fi available

Travel Hacks

Being without a good Internet connection while traveling can be rather fearsome. Take a seat and then connect to high-speed Internet for free if you’re on the street or downtown, steal up to a flashy restaurant and sign the hell in. 

21. Waterproof your bag with a bin liner

It may sound odd, but lining your backpack with a plastic garbage bag, it's instantly waterproof and ready to use in all conditions. Pretty self-explanatory. 

For example, exploding pens and bottle caps not tightened often create havoc on the pack. The plastic bag can be used for dirty laundry at the end of the journey.

22. Beeswax will waterproof all the things

Travel hacks don’t get much stranger than this. Beeswax is a great way to waterproof many of your things. buy yourself a piece of beeswax and get rubbing. You can coat the outside of your backpack, your clothes and you can even waterproof your Converse shoes. Your material is now water-resistant

22. Make your very own mobile phone speaker

Why waste empty paper cups and used toilet rolls? Simply cut a slit within the side of your used toilet tissue, insert your phone and you've got a speaker. An easy and Eco-friendly way to make your own phone speaker. Even easier, pop your phone in a cup, and that tinny, faint sound is instantly transformed into a blaring cacophony of sound.

23. Carry a packet of crayons instead of candles

Why would you carry crayons over candles? this Bear Grylls-like trick in here anyway, When traveling, you never know when an emergency will strike. In an emergency, one crayon will burn up to 30 minutes of bright light. Place the crayon in a smallholder and light the paper around the crayon using a lighter when the point ends up. Enjoy!

24. Predict the sunset like a survivalist

This little old survivalist trick can help you when hiking the great outback. hiking in international lands can be a challenge to figure out when the sun will be going down. To know the time, count the finger-width between the sun and the horizon as each finger represents 15 minutes.

25. Use Google Maps offline

Obviously When exploring an area you can’t stick by a Wi-Fi connection, Which means you’re going to find it impossible to access live Google Maps. 

Thankfully, the latest versions of Google Maps now allow you to save maps directly to your phone or tablet and view them up later to explore. Google Maps 8 will also display distance, travel time, ETA, lane guidance, and even public transport.

26. Protect your cables with some pen springs

This is a nice and simple travel hack. If you find your cable connections keep breaking while traveling then simply wrap them in springs from a ballpoint pen. You just have to remove the spring from the pen, 

Fit the extended end of the spring to one of the cables ends, gently wind the spring around the cable, Fasten the other spring end with pliers so that it remains stable, and remove the spring when it is ready to use.

27. Make your fragrances invincible

Travel Hacks

You don’t want the first contents interfering together with your aroma. By transferring your perfume to a smaller plastic spray-like bottle you can save space and eliminate the danger of breaking the bottle while traveling. 

28. Avoid bulky clothing

One of the top travel hacks on this list. Pick your fabrics wisely. Unless you’re planning to hike Everest or trek you can probably get away without that insane puffer jacket and those three thick lamb’s wool jumpers. Instead, try layering up. 

For example, Flannel or Light Cardigans are light and great at retaining heat.

29. Learn irritating pop songs

One for the musicians! If you want to save some money, learn how to play a few irritating pop songs. Well, most pop songs are just three chords. With the help of these chords, you can play many songs and impress several people. Maybe your song will get you a few free meals or some beer.

30. Learn to cook a traditional dish from each country

Learning to cook traditional dishes from each country you've got visited maybe a wonderful travel hack for creating friends. Buy a few cheap local ingredients and then make your own regional meal. 

31. Buy a small bottle of handwashing detergent

You never know when you’ll need to wash your dirty clothes. Sometimes it is necessary to wash your underwear and socks in order to stay clean and refreshed. Always remember to pack a small bottle of handwashing detergent for an emergency.

32. Bulldog clips can also save your headphones

The bulldog clip here to save you from that insanely irritating time when just one headphone breaks. A bulldog clip or alligator clip is often wont to help extend the lifetime of your earphones. Basically, use the alligator clip to wrap the cables for straightforward storage. Also, the alligator clip can help attach your earphones to a pocket, shirt, or backpack.

33. Make sure you have Viber, WhatsApp, and Skype

You probably know about all these apps out there that let your phone, video call, text, and instant message your friends and family Skype, WhatsApp, and Viber are some of those lifesaving apps that you should definitely have while traveling.

34. Rent A Bicycle

Travel Hacks

Riding a bicycle will not only keep you fit, but it also helps you to discover the amazing local things and the culture. In reality, Riding a bicycle is a great opportunity to get to know the locals and their customs. These places are hidden from the tourists and general spectators.

35. Give your change to the homeless 

Before leaving a rustic, donate all of your remaining change to the homeless. Show your appreciation to the country you visited by giving your change to the homeless. Through this, You will be setting a goal for future travelers and doing a great deed, and finally, make the last deed a good deed.

All the advantages of travel accompany some stressors which will impede the travel experience for almost anyone, but you don’t need to let those ruin your vacation. Well, these 35 travel hacks can make your vacation more productive, fun, and comfortable.

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