Top 10 Underrated TV Series To Watch On Netflix

Underrated Netflix TV Series To Watch

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Over the years, we’ve done several articles showing you, our favorite TV shows on Netflix. This article will be different. Instead, we decided to go through the comments section of the prior article looking for recommendations from readers like yourself to find 10 of the most Underrated Netflix TV Series To Watch. Let’s get started.

1. Kingdom

First up on our list of the most Underrated Netflix TV Series - Kingdom is perhaps one of the most mentioned in our comments of the loyal following premiering in 2019, the South Korean horror-thriller has the distinction of being Netflix’s first original Korean series set in the 16th century. It follows a young crown prince who attempts to investigate a mysterious illness afflicting the king and finds himself caught in the middle of a deadly epidemic, overtaking his kingdom while trying to save his people from the plague. He must also stop his political opponents from seizing the throne kingdom. It is a refreshing take on the zombie landscape and is better than most in the same genre on Netflix, including the walking dead. Two seasons are available to watch right now and Netflix is yet to announce If, the kingdom will be coming back for a third season,

2. Travelers

Next up on our list of the most Underrated Netflix TV Series - Travelers is most likely the best science fiction series you’ve ever seen premiering in 2016. It takes place hundreds of years in the future and follows special operatives known as travelers, who inhabit seemingly random individuals in the present day to save humankind from a terrible future. The acting is excellent with a well-written story that will have you hooked from beginning to end. Its third and final season was released in 2019. All three seasons are available to binge-watch on Netflix when scrolling through the Netflix guide.

3. You

Next up on our list of the most Underrated Netflix TV Series - You is one of those shows You might have skipped because it looks like a cheaply made hallmark movie or series. Well, you would be mistaken. You was a psychological thriller that premiered in 2018, it stars Penn Badgley as Joe Goldberg, a bookstore manager who goes to extreme measures to insert himself into the life of the women. He becomes obsessed with using every tool at his disposal, including the internet and social media. You continues to get better and more interesting with each season. Three seasons are available now and before its season 3 premiere in October of 2021 Netflix had already renewed it for a fourth season.

4. Flowers

Next up on our list of the most Underrated Netflix TV Series - Flowers is a British dark comedy-drama that premiered its first season in 2016. It stars Julian Barrett and the always outstanding Olivia Coleman, who some will recognize from the crown. The series follows the eccentric members of the Flowers family. The show runs the full spectrum from completely bizarre to extreme sadness. The series concluded with its second season in 2018 and both seasons of flowers are available to watch right now.

5. Inside Job

Next up on our list of the most Underrated Netflix TV Series - Inside Job. Premiering in October 2021, this adult animated science-fiction comedy is set in a world where many conspiracy theories are real. This series follows a team at a shadow government organization called Cognito INC, which attempts to control the world and keep conspiracies a secret. The voice, acting, and animation are great, if you have any sense of humor at all You’ll enjoy these satirical moments and witty dialogue of inside jobs. The first season consists of 20 episodes, part 1 with 10 episodes available now, with the remaining 10 coming at a later date.

6. Midnight Mass

Next up on our list of the most Underrated Netflix TV Series - Midnight Mass is supernatural horror, miniseries created and directed by Mike Flanagan premiering in September of 2021. The plot is centered on an isolated island community that experiences supernatural events after the arrival of a mysterious priest upon performing what seems to be glorious Miracles, his arrival brings a renewed interest in religion to a dying town. The slow burn of a show will test your patience but do stick around to the end as it does become more fast-paced. Midnight Mass is a seven-episode Miniseries, so there are no plans for a second season.

7. Marco Polo

Next up on our list of the most Underrated Netflix TV Series - Marco polo is a historical drama that ran for two seasons, premiering in 2014 and ending in 2016. Being the oldest series in this video, its fan base is still extremely loyal. Not a day goes by when we don’t see a comment mentioning it is set in a world of greed and portrayal. Marco polo follows the famous explorers’ adventures crossing thousands of miles in 13th century Mongolia to the court of Kublai Khan, while the first season is good, season 2 kicks things up a notch and is considered to be one of the best seasons of any series on Netflix is one of the most expensive shows ever produced with lower than expected viewership that resulted in a 200 million dollar loss. Netflix decided to cancel Marco Polo after the second season.

8. Good Girls

Next up on our list of the most Underrated Netflix TV Series - Good Girls is a comedy crime drama that ran for four seasons on NBC premiering in 2018 and concluding in 2021. Set in a suburb of Detroit Michigan, The series follows three mothers facing financial ruin, who orchestrate the unlikely heist of a grocery store. Don’t go into this one, expecting a masterpiece through all of its flaws, of which there are many. It does have likable characters and is highly entertaining. The first three seasons are on Netflix right now, with season four coming soon.

9. Safe 

Next up on our list of the most Underrated Netflix TV Series - Safe is a British thriller, mini-series premiering in 2018, created by the famous crime author Harlan Cobin. Set in England The series follows Tom Delaney played by Michael C Hall, who’s a pediatric surgeon and widowed father of two teenage daughters. After his 16-year-old daughter goes missing, Tom investigates her disappearance and uncovers dark secrets about the people closest to him in his neighborhood, while Michael C Hall’s performance is good, albeit with a horrendous accent. This is a mystery that should please most viewers, except for those still getting over the wounds of the finale of Dexter.

10. Brand New Cherry Flavor

Next up on our list of the most Underrated Netflix TV Series - Brand New Cherry Flavor is a horror drama, which most people overlooked when it was released in august of 2021. It’s a lot better than the Netflix description. A filmmaker heads to Hollywood in the early 90s to make her movie but tumbles down on hallucinatory magic revenge. If you enjoy deeply twisted, shows check it out Brand new cherry flavor is a Limited series, so a second season is unlikely to happen.

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