Top 10 Similar Shows Like Games Of Thrones

Similar shows like Games Of Thrones

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Similar shows like Games Of Thrones

It’s a long wait between seasons of Game of Thrones and an even longer wait between books. So here are a few shows that are similar to shows like Games of Thrones. We’ll be counting down our list of the top 10 shows that are similar to shows like Game of Thrones. We’ll be looking at shows in a similar genre with a similar theme, or that are just plain awesome like Game of Thrones.

10)  The Last Kingdom

Number 10 on Similar shows like Games Of Thrones - The Last Kingdom, this big-budget historical drama, takes place in 9th century Anglo-Saxon England before the English unification came to be, it depicts the invasion of the Danes and Vikings as the main character Uhtred attempts to reclaim his royal birth but without the fighting and feasting along the way, there’s intrigue war and death like Game of Thrones. The Last Kingdom is inspired by real historical events. This show doesn’t have dragons and I saw bees, but don’t let that steer you away. It’s worth it, if you like historically-inspired epics.

9)  Attack on Titan

Number nine on similar shows like Games of Thrones - Attack on Titan, based on the novel of the same name. This anime takes place in an alternate world where humanity is on the brink of extinction, due to giant creatures who terrorize and eat humans, and they look like giant naked people, “Game of Thrones” Giants, but they aren’t quite as big and don’t eat so many humans. All I could do is watch the heroes in the attack on Titan battle, their foes in a spectacular fashion, while also dealing with heavy issues like a sacrifice, failure, and death.

8)  Battlestar Galactica

If you like, crazy, sci-fi, and fantasy inspired series this one will be right up your alley: number 8 on Similar shows like Games Of Thrones - Battlestar Galactica, perhaps one of the best science fiction shows of the new millennium, Battlestar kicked off a whole new generation of genre television. The gritty realistic look with a documentary style, and camera shots, gave the show a unique look and feel that made it unlike anything else on TV. It was full of politics and had a fair amount of twists to rival Game of Thrones, replace medieval battles with spaceships and you would almost have Battlestar Galactica. It’s a great series that deserves all the praise and acclaim.

7)  Spartacus 

Number 7 on Similar shows like Games Of Thrones -  Spartacus with enough violence to rival Game of Thrones. This show centers on the famous slave turned freedom fighter on his quest to fight the Roman Empire. Spartacus is partly based on history, except to a much higher degree, and while there may be a shortage of supernatural creatures that doesn’t make it any less over-the-top, such behavior would be spat upon. So if you like learning about ancient history, with a healthy dose of gratuitous extreme violence and spectacular gore, then you’ll love this show and to be honest, is there a better way to learn history?

6)  The 100 

Number six on Similar shows like Games Of Thrones - The 100 based on the book series. This show is about a post-apocalyptic world, where a group of survivors lives aboard a space station called “The Ark” due to the earth being engulfed in a nuclear apocalypse bummer. So, to find out if the planet is habitable again, they send a group of 100 juveniles because well I mean who else? The 100 discovers some shocking things. There’s plenty of betrayal and bloodletting, reminiscent of a certain Song of Ice and Fire and David J Peterson, The man who created the Dothraki language on Game of Thrones also helped develop the language of the grounders in the Hundred.

5)  The Tutors  

Number 5 on Similar shows like Games Of Thrones - The Tutors set in 1500 England during the reign of King Henry. The eighth the show follows the drama surrounding Henry’s, family and inner circle. Like Game of Thrones, Tutors features some steamy illicit romances and affairs, and like certain characters, King Henry has no problem chasing women. Even though he’s already married, it’s not like that can cause problems right. What’s the worst that can happen, I mean, besides the occasional, beheading. In any case, this show will scratch your medieval drama edge, If not your dragons' language.

4)  Rome 

Number Four on Similar shows like Games Of Thrones – Rome, before there was Game of Thrones, there was HBO’s Rome. In a lot of ways, Thrones is a spiritual successor to the short-lived historical series. Rome follows Julius Caesar, as he returns from Gaul and rises from consul to dictator, to corpse it’s a rising fall. We all know, as he gets stabbed a bunch of times by a bunch of people, yes even Brutus, but the assassination of Caesar leads to some major historical events and there’s plenty of fallout for the series' other characters as well so check it out, especially if you Like your history to be epic

3)  Westworld 

Number Three on Similar shows like Games Of Thrones - Westworld, picture Jurassic Park, but with Western robots. Instead, your new Orion is set in a park that is turned into a western-themed attraction for tourists and thrill-seekers. All the inhabitants are here for the customers, entertainment, and pleasure. The space brings out the dark side of people through the neck here. So, however, from the comparison to Jurassic Park, can you guess what happens next, with stellar performances, a cast of characters with dubious morals, and, of course, such violence. Westworld looks like it might be Game of Thrones, heir apparent at least on HBO.

2)  Black Sails  

Number 2 on Similar shows like Games Of Thrones - Black Sails being the prequel to Robert Louis Stevenson’s Treasure Island doesn’t mean the show is a fun whimsical adventure. This bloody series is all the rum and piracy a Game of Thrones fan could ever want. The show follows the famous captain: Flint. As he adventures around, getting into all sorts of trouble. It also has a cast of deep, interesting and intriguing, historically derived characters. So if you like pirates and adventure as much as you like, violent naked people and Dragons be sure to give black sails a try.

1)  Vikings 

Number one on Similar shows like Games Of Thrones - Vikings. This epic saga from The History Channel has taken the television world by storm and deservedly so. This historical drama is about Ragnar Lothbrok, who is the boogeyman of medieval Europe as he was raised in villages of England and France. His family also plays a large role leading to plenty of camaraderie and conflict. Like Game of Thrones, Vikings can sometimes seem like there are no good guys just people looking out for themselves but that’s what makes it so compelling. Of course, there are also tons of sword-wielding action and some classic Norse mythology.

So these are some of the shows that are similar to shows like Games of Thrones


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