20 Punjabi Hit Songs Of All Times To Listen On Loop

Bale Bale Oye Shawa Shawa!

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If Akhiyan da Surma makes you emotional, Suit Suit makes you groove, and Coka makes you do Bale Bale, then my friends, Punjabi songs are your best friends.

Punjabi singers and their songs never fail to capture our hearts. Talented singers like Guru Randhawa, Maninder Buttar, Jass Manak, B Praak, Harrdy Sandhu and so many of them are there. 

These singers have the supernatural power to make us dance to their songs and compositions. 

Without taking much of your time, we present to you all a list of the top Punjabi songs that are forever superhit.

1. Khaab by Akhil

Khaab | 20 Punjabi Songs

Let us start our groovy journey with an award-winning song on the list of Punjabi songs. Khaab is sung by Akhil. It has won the Punjabi Music Most romantic Ballad of the year Award. 

2. Suit Suit by Guru Randhawa ft. Arjun 

Suit Suit | 20 Punjabi Songs

When we are discussing Punjabi songs, not including Guru Randhawa is impossible. Suit Suit is an individual song released on Youtube. Arjun is also a part of this song. Later on, it was also included in the movie Hindi Medium. 

3. Sakhiyaan by Maninder Buttar 

Sakiyaan | 20 Punjabi Songs

We cannot forget Maninder Buttar from this list. Sakhiyaan is his very admired Punjabi song. 

This song made Maninder gain global attention. 

The remake of this song, Sakhiyaan 2.0 is included in the Bollywood movie Bellbottom starring Akshay Kumar and Vani Kapoor in the lead role.

4. Coka by Sukh-E

Coka | 20 Punjabi Songs

Coka is one of the famous and trending Punjabi songs. Coka is composed by Sukh-E. A complete party song that you can enjoy and dance head to heels. 

5. Satisfya by Imran Khan

Satisfya | 20 Punjabi Songs

Many trending Instagram reels are there on this Imran Khan single. Many remakes and cover songs too are available of Satisfya.

6. Ishare Tere by Guru Randhawa ft. Dhvani 

Ishare Tere | 20 Punjabi Songs

Dhvani and Guru Randhawa make us get on the dance floor with this perfect Punjabi song. 

7. Naah by Harrdy Sandhu 

Naah | 20 Punjabi Songs

Naah is from the movie Bala. Naah Goriye is another amazing song. Sing along with Harrdy Sandhu and enjoy.

8. 3 Peg by Sharry Mann

3 Peg | 20 Punjabi Songs

3 Peg is from the album Alco-Holiday Weekend special. It has won laurels like the Punjabi Music Best Bhangra Song of the Year Award and the Punjabi Music Most Popular song of the year Award.

9. Made in India by Guru Randhawa

Made in India | 20 Punjabi Songs

Made in India is from the album Best of Guru Randhawa. Guru Randhawa has given us so many Punjabi songs hits, and there is no looking back. 

10. Kya Baat Ay by Harrdy Sandhu

Kya Baat Ay | 20 Punjabi Songs

Another Harrdy Sandu song that you can listen to on loop. Kya Baat Ay will make your mood from irritated to lighter and joyful. 

11. Daru Badnaam by Kamal Kahlon ft. Param Singh

Daaru Badnaam | 20 Punjabi Songs

People enjoy dancing in different slow and perfect moves for this song. Choreographers enjoy dancing to this Punjabi single.

Their energy and the energy of the single are unmatched.

12. Nikle Current by Jassi Gill ft. Neha Kakkar

Nikle Current | 20 Punjabi Songs

Neha Kakkar is also a Punjabi kudi making perfect Punjabi songs. Nikle Current is a full-pack entertainment and groovy song to have fun. 

13. Lehenga by Jass Manak

Lehenga | 20 Punjabi Songs

Lehenga is every other girl's favorite song. When Lehenga was out, there were many trending videos and choreographies. Jass Manak has made this song more wholesome. 

14. Filhal by B Praak

Filhal | 20 Punjabi Songs

How can we forget the talented B Praak? B Praak makes all his Punjabi songs noticeable with his high notes and high-pitch voice.

15. Lahore by Guru Randhawa

Lahore | 20 Punjabi Songs

Let us become joyous by entering the ultimate dance world with Guru Randhawa. Lahore is from the album Punjabi Blockbusters 2017. Remakes of this song are too available. 

16. High Rated Gabru by Guru Randhawa

High Rated Gabru | 20 Punjabi Songs

High Rated Gabru is from the movie Nawabzaade. Another hit single by Guru Randhawa.

17. Laung Laachi by Mannat Noor

Laung Laachi | 20 Punjabi Songs

Laung Lacchi is the title track from the movie Laung Laachi. Mannat Noor has melodiously sung this Punjabi song. 

18. Lamberghini by The Doorbeen

Lamberghini | 20 Punjabi Songs

Lamberghini is a Punjabi song by singer-songwriter composer duo The Doorbeen, starring Ragini Tandan. 

19. Mann Bharaya by B Praak

Mann Bharaya | 20 Punjabi Songs

Today where Mann Bharaya 2.0 is trending, we all can not forget the real essence of Mann Bharaya by B Praak. B Praak is indeed a versatile singer. He makes sure we get goosebumps every time we listen to his Punjabi songs.

The remake of this song, Mann Bharaya 2.0, was included in the Bollywood movie Shershaah, based on the real-life story of our Kargil War Hero, Captain Vikram Batra. The movie was released on the OTT platform and had Siddharth Kapoor and Kiara Alia Advani as the lead cast. 

The song gave goosebumps when it was included in the climax showing the incomplete love story of our martyr.

20. Akhiyan da Surma by Aamir Khan 

Akhiyan da Surma | 20 Punjabi Songs

Akhiyan da Surma became very popular recently. We all get to see trending Instagram reels on this single. Aamir Khan has very emotionally and melodiously sung this song.

Songs like Qismat, Joker, Main Teri Ho Gayi, etc are old and not included in the list but still can be played on loop without any second thought. 

Let us get set, ready to make a playlist of these songs, and have a party evening. If we missed out on some of your favorite Punjabi songs, do let us know in the comments. 

Do not forget to like and share this article with Punjabi song fans and watch them go Bale Bale Oye Shawa Shawa. 

Comment down more Punjabi songs that you love and are not present in this list.

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