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Over the past few years, we’ve done several Articles showing you the best Google Extensions from the chrome web store with nearly 100 having been shown, we felt it was time for our top 10 of our absolute favorites, so coming up I’ll show you the chrome extensions we use Daily

1)  The Mercury Reader

 First up is The Mercury Reader. This Chrome Extension strips out the clutter-like advertising, with only the text and images remaining making articles easier to read on just about every website. Here’s how it works, to make a web page more readable click the mercury reader icon to the right of the address bar, as you can see on the web page now, it has a cleaner look with fewer distractions.

2) Duckduckgo Privacy Essentials 

The popular alternative to Google search has Duckduckgo Privacy Essentials Chrome Extensions that will block trackers, force encryption when needed, and will assign a privacy score to each website You visit. In this example, we’ll use a travel website, click on the privacy, essentials icon.

Initially, the site had a “d” grade with the enhancements it’s been upgraded to a “b+” show. The connection is encrypted and seven trackers are being blocked. if you want there’s even a toggle to turn off the site privacy protection, you don’t have to be captain obvious to know that duckduckgo privacy essentials is a fantastic Chrome Extensions.

3) Camelizer

The Camelizer is, from the folks at the popular site, Camel, their Chrome Extensions lets you view historical pricing data on Amazon to ensure that you’re getting a good deal on any product page on Amazon click. With the Camelizer icon, you’ll be shown a price history chart for that item. For those of you that have attempted to purchase a memory card over the last few years. You already know that the pricing has been volatile. It will show you the lowest and highest price that product has ever been. You can also create a price watch to be notified when it reaches your desired price.

4) Midnight Lizard 

While you might expect Midnight Lizard to be some creepy, thing that hangs out at your local drinking hole or your nickname for your little friend. It’s not, it’s the best Chrome Extension for creating highly customizable color themes with several dark themes, that can help to reduce eye strain. When you click the midnight lizard icon, it will give you an introduction to show you how to use it.

There’s a toggle in the upper right to disable or enable the Chrome Extensions on the site you’re currently on, select the site to the left. Head over to the right pane, there are now more than a dozen preset color themes for you to choose from selecting any of the ones listed, will give you a preview in this window. If you’re satisfied with the way it looks, click apply to assign the color scheme to the current website.

5) Lizard Dark Reader 

There are also a ton of settings that you can change by selecting any of the tabs in the left pane. Lizard Dark Reader is another one we’ve recommended in the past for creating dark themes while being less customizable than midnight lizard. It may work best for those of you that need a more basic solution.

6) Netflix Categories

If you’re having difficulty on Netflix finding the type of program you want to watch, the Netflix categories Chrome Extensions is what you need. It’s useful for searching the hidden categories that are not visible when scrolling through their guide. It’s simple to use click on the Netflix categories, and icon bookmarks, for your favorite categories will appear here at the top, select all categories, scroll through the list to find the category that you’re looking for and when you find it select it I’ll go with British TV shows.

7)  Full Page Screen Capture 

While Firefox has a built-in screenshot tool to capture an entire web page, this feature is still not available within chrome. This is where the full-page screen capture comes in handy. It will auto-scroll an entire webpage, giving you a screenshot, that’s viewable, in a single image on the page, you’d like to capture with just one click of the full-page screen capture icon. It will take a full-page screenshot when it’s done; you can save it as a pdf, which is what I prefer, or saves it as a png file.

8) Grammarly 

Grammarly is perhaps one of the most well-known Chrome Extensions. It’s more advanced than most spell-check systems. Not only does it check for spelling errors, but it also identifies errors in grammar and punctuation. It’s compatible with just about every website. With a text field like Twitter and Facebook, you can use it with your email accounts and it now works with Google docs hovering your mouse cursor over underlined words or phrases, it will give you suggestions to correct possible issues in your writing.

9) Ublock Origin 

Ublock origin is the absolute best blocker you can get. It’s open-source, low on system resources, and just does a great job of blocking ads, trackers, and malware sites. Also, your block origin does not support the Adblock plus, which allows certain ads to slip through without being blocked. When you click the ublock origin icon, the power button lets you enable or disable the Chrome Extensions for the current site.

10)  Great Suspender

Let’s start this over next up is the great suspender for this one I’ll be blunt, chrome Extensions when it comes to memory usage, especially when you have multiple tabs open at the same time to reduce chrome’s memory footprint, the great suspender stops the tabs. You aren’t using it from running in the background freeing up precious Ram.

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