Top 10 Most Underrated TV Shows To Watch

Underrated TV Shows

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While most of you are familiar with, popular TV shows like the Walking Dead, Stranger Things, and Game Of Thrones that get a ton of attention from the media, there are numerous hidden gems flying under the radar. So, coming up I’ll show you 10 TV shows deserving more viewers. Let’s get started.

1. Your Honor

First up on our list of Underrated TV Shows is the legal crime drama Your Honor, this limited series on showtime based on film right here in the New Orleans area stars Brian Cranston. In his first leading television role since Breaking Bad, he plays a highly respected judge whose son is involved in a hit-and-run accident with The son of a notorious mobster, the judge faces impossible choices to protect his son. Cranston is surrounded by an A-list cast, including Margot Martindale and the always fantastic Michael Stahlberg. Your honor starts a tad bit rough but hits its stride beginning with episode Four after which you’ll be hooked up.

2. Servant

Next, up on our list of Underrated TV Shows is the Psychological Servant on the Apple tv plus streaming service It was created and written by Tony Bascalep, who also serves as an executive producer alongside M Night Shyamalan. The series follows a Philadelphia couple: Dorothy and Sean Turner dealing with a tragedy after hiring Leanne to be the nanny for their baby son Jericho. This leads to strange mysterious occurrences in their home. This tension-filled show is quite binge-worthy with each episode clocking in at around 30 minutes. Each of the two seasons of servant is available to watch right now and has been renewed for a third season.

3. The Flight Attendant 

Next up on our list of Underrated TV Shows is The Flight Attendant a dark comedy-mystery, that’s available on the HBO max streaming service. It stars Kaylee Cuoco, in the title role as her life gets turned upside down after waking up in Bangkok, with a hangover in the wrong hotel with the dead body of a man lying next to her who was on her previous flight. The flight attendant is fast-paced and entertaining. Throughout, Cuoco's performance is outstanding and should get nominated for an Emmy. HBO max has renewed the flight attendant for a second season.

4. Evil

Next up on our list of Underrated TV Shows is Evil. The supernatural drama follows a cynical psychologist, a catholic seminarian, and a technology contractor as they investigate unexplained mysteries, including alleged miracles, demonic possessions, and other extraordinary events, while the entire cast is great, Michael Emerson is a standout. Some of you might recognize him from his roles in Lost and person of interest. He plays an expert who’s fixated on encouraging others to carry out evil acts. This is truly one of the best dramas to appear on an over-the-air broadcast network in years. CBS has renewed evil for a second season, while Season 1 is now available on Netflix.

5. Blood

Next up on our list of Underrated TV Shows is Blood is a psychological thriller that was originally broadcast on the British network channel 5. It follows Kat Hogan played by Carolina Mayne, as she returns home following the death of her mother, determined to uncover the truth about her Mother’s death. She suspects a family member may be responsible. The plot is interesting with fine performances from the cast. Two seasons of blood, is available right now on the acorn TV streaming service.

6. Defending Jacob 

 Next up on our list of Underrated TV Shows is Defending Jacob a crime drama mini-series, based on the book of the same name by William Landay. It stars Chris Evans and the highly underrated Michelle Dockery, as parents dealing with their 14-year-old son who’s been accused of murdering a classmate in a small town in Massachusetts. While the pacing is slow, it is suspenseful throughout with solid performances that will keep you guessing until the end. Search party is a dark comedy satirical thriller that was originally broadcast on CBS. It follows a group of four self-centered friends who become involved in the search when a former college acquaintance disappears. Satire is hilarious, especially when it pokes fun at millennials and the mystery elements work well with sharp riding and effective cliffhangers.

7. Search Party 

Next, up on our list of Underrated TV Shows is Search Party premiered on CBS with the third and fourth seasons premiering on HBO max, all four seasons with the spinal show – are available right now on HBO max. It is a crime drama based on the Australian film of the same name, the story begins following a 17-year-old boy after the death of his mother who moves in with his estranged relatives The Codi’s, their criminal family in a surfing community in southern California, led by their matriarch Janine Smurf Codi, played by Ellen Barkin. Another notable cast member is Finn Cole, who some of you might recognize, as Michael Gray from peaky blinders.

8. Animal Kingdom 

Next up on our list of Underrated TV Shows is Animal Kingdom has already been broadcast and has been renewed for a fifth season. To get caught up, It’s available to stream on Amazon Prime Video on Apple tv plus.

9. See

Next up on our list of Underrated TV Shows is See an action, adventure, science fiction drama, starring, Jason Momoa and Alfred Woodard. It was created by steven knight, who also created the aforementioned, show peaky blinders, See, an epic drama set 600 years in the future, where humans have lost the sense of sight and must learn new ways to interact to survive as you’d expect from this genre. It is violent while it does get off to a rocky start. You’ll soon be taken in by a unique plot, Great performances, and amazing cinematography. Apple TV plus has renewed See for a second season, but due to global events, filming has been delayed.

10. The Midnight Gospels

Now, for the truly strange, The Midnight Gospels an adult animated science fiction series on Netflix, the show follows Clancy a space caster who travels through bizarre worlds in his unlicensed multiverse simulator, exploring the existential questions about life, death, and everything else in between. If you’re into weird thought-provoking shows this one’s for you. At this time, Netflix has yet to announce if the midnight gospel will be returning for a second season.

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