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Looking for the top mobile games to have fun? Here are they. We have selected the top 10 mobile games in India from the popular games trending across the country. From action games to fun games- we have everything covered.

There’s a sea of games in the android play store or apple store, and you don’t need to dive in and search for the best ones. Why so much struggle if you have the top ones in your hand? The best ones can easily be found from the chart of most downloaded games of 2021. 

The study says that most people spent a long time playing games post lockdown. It’s so satisfying and entertaining to play games, bringing instant relief from the hustle of daily life. No doubt everyone loves games, but not the same ones. Likewise, different games are discussed below. 

Games are to be played by anyone, despite their age right? Games are always updated and no doubt every version keeps us stuck in the loop. Do we ever get bored of playing mobile games? Go through the top 10 games listed below and start playing them now! 

1. Ludo King:

Ludo King | Top 10 Mobile Games In India

Ludo was the most popular game back in the ’90s. Playing ludo together was so enjoyable. So why not love their mobile version? The rules are still the same. Ludo King is not only the most downloaded game during recent times but reportedly the most played game played together. 

It gives ample scope to have fun with your friends and family members, whomever you are playing with. Many people don’t love action games, Ludo is definitely a great option for them. Undoubtedly, one of the top 10 mobile games in India.

2. Free Fire:

The next on the list of top 10 mobile games in India is Garena’s Free Fire. This game is all about 50 players situated on a remote island fighting for their survival. The players are allowed to pick up their starting points with their parachutes. 

They can choose to be in a safe zone as long as they want. But the winner is the one who searches, collects all the weapons, and kills enemies after looting them in the play zone. You can plan your strategy while roaming around the map.

3. Genshin Impact:

Genish Impact | Top 10 Android Games

GenshinImpact will keep you hooked for long. The most popular action game has some spiritual characters connected and that makes the game more interesting. The rules are unique and the features are quite captivating. 

You change your characters along with weapons, and not only guns and bullets-there is this existence of magical power that lets anyone play this game at a stretch. There are characters gifted with supernatural powers who snatch powers from others and leave others in distress. 

You can choose any character from a cluster of four characters and make your weapon most powerful. Play yourself and know why it makes it to the top 10 mobile games in India.

4. Call Of Duty:

Call of Duty: Mobile | Best Android Shooting Games

The most engrossing and popular game, with a record of 50 million downloads in the google play store, Call Of Duty continues to be on the list of top 10 mobile games in India. 

It was hugely popular in 2019, and with some exciting updates like the addition of zombie action, snipper vs snipper version in recent times, it has gained more popularity. It got two modes- you can choose to play in 100 player scenario or a 5v5 team-based fight. Choose inspiring characters like Black Ops and Modern Warfare. 

There are so many reasons for this game to be at the top 10 mobile games in India-graphics, smooth gameplay, super control of drone strikes, and easy controls make this game an absolute favorite.

5. Among Us:

Among Us | Best Mobile Games In The World

This is an interesting action game, where you don’t know whom to fight with. As 4-15 players work out together for the spaceship to take off, few hidden players try to stop the process and kill everyone. You and your playmates have to search out this black sheep and make him unsuccessful in his mission. 

The game has been downloaded a lot of times and that makes it to the top 10 mobile games in India.

6. Join Clash 3D:

Join Clash 3D | Top 10 Mobile Games In India

Another popular 3D action game. The name gives a glimpse of the real game- it invites players to join and clash. The game is designed with the best 3D platforms to deliver that smooth gaming experience. 

All you have to do is assemble a gang, run with them, offer resistance to your enemy or just clash! You are free to move, rotate, offer obstacles while protecting your team members. It has a high rating and is still gaining popularity with time.

7. Pokemon Go:

Pokemon Go | Best Mobile Games In The World

Even though this game is two years old, it’s always in demand. Pokemon has been long a favorite cartoon show for the 90’s kids and the game is no less popular. 

It allows the players to react in different VR-restoring environments even when you are locked in your room. It got more popular during these covid times, and a lot of people love to play this game.

8. World Cricket Championship:

World Cricket Championship | Top 10 Mobile Games In India

In India cricket is not just a game, but a religion. A huge celebration or festival is centering on cricket, especially during World Cricket Championship, all over India. Consequently, there are a lot of cricket games in India that can be played in mobile phone and desktop both. 

But the World Cricket Championship deserves special mention. With a huge amount of downloads in the play store, World Cricket Championship remains hugely popular. Cricket is just one click away!

9. Subway Surfers:

Subway Surfer | Best Mobile Games In The World

Endless runner games like Subway Surfers and Temple Run were some of the earliest games during the beginning of Android mobile games. 

It introduced a new era of mobile gaming, people never imagined that such games could exist. It is often updated and comes out with exciting versions. It is one of the top 10 mobile games in India that still manages to hold its hype in the same way as before.

10. Candy Crush Soda Saga:

CANDY CRUSH FRIENDS SAGA | Best Mobile Games In The World

This game needs no introduction. You just have to match the candies, that’s it! There are so many tempting virtual rewards like a chocolate bomb, orange candies, and cherry at each level of the game that it gets more addictive. 

Easy to play anywhere- even when you are stuck in a jam or a bus or while eating. One of the top 10 mobile games in India for decades has changed the gaming scenario around the world.

Which game do you love the most? Do you have any other game that makes you attached to your phone? We know how boring and irritating is life during this lockdown, and maybe that’s why games have gained more importance during this recent times. 

Undoubtedly it gives us immense joy and relaxation. Games are not always about action, over years many games of different categories have gained our attention.

Like and share this list of top mobile games in India with your friends and maybe challenge them in one of these.

Do comment below and let us know below about which games you like and why.

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