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About Fiber

Dietary fiber or fiber is a component of plants and it is found in all the foods that plants provide us. This component helps in keeping our digestive system safe and sound.

Fiber doesn’t get absorbed into our and body and so when we have a bowel movement, it is easily excreted out, and not only this, it also encourages the bowel movement. That is why people with constipation are asked to include lots of fiber in their diet.

Types Of Fiber

There are mainly two types of fiber:

1. Insoluble Fiber: 

This type of fiber does not dissolve in water and thus is easily excreted out of our bodies. Good examples of food that are rich in insoluble fiber are whole grains and wheat bran.

2. Soluble Fiber: 

This type of fiber gets easily dissolved in water and thus steadies our rate of digestion. This fiber has also turned out to be helpful to lower cholesterol and blood sugar levels. Good examples of foods that are rich in soluble fiber are fruits and vegetables.

Health Benefits Of Fiber

Health Benefits Of Fiber

Fiber has lots of health benefits. Some of them are:

  • Prevents Both Constipation And Diarrhoea
  • Prevents Digestive System Cancer
  • Promotes Blood Sugar Control
  • Improves The Health Of Your Skin
  • Improves The Health Of Your Heart
  • Promotes Weight loss, Thus Providing A Healthy Weight

Research has found out that women need to consume at least 25 grams of fiber- both soluble and insoluble- per day and for men, the amount is 38 grams of fiber- again both soluble and insoluble- per day. It is the recommended amount but despite this, people tend to forget to add enough fiber to their diet.

Thus when an individual is not consuming the right amount of fiber, they face several health problems, such as constipation. Therefore, one must follow a healthy diet that is full of high-fiber foods.

High Fiber Foods Which You Can Add To Your Diet

As we have mentioned earlier that fiber is a component of plants, therefore you don’t have to search lots of places but only your grocery store to find the foods that are rich in fiber. Include lots of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and other products coming from plants to your diet to increase your fiber intake.

Below mentioned are the 19 top high fiber foods that are the best sources of fiber. Keep reading our list of high fiber foods and know the various ways through which you can keep yourself healthy with just plant products:

1. Popcorn

Popcorn | Top High-Fiber Foods

This tasty and crunchy snack which has been your partner during movies all these years is one of the best high fiber foods. 1 cup of air-popped popcorn can provide you with 13 grams of fiber, and that’s a lot of fiber from a delicious and easy snack.

To increase the taste, you can add some nutritious topping, but not butter. Try to skip butter as a topping most of the time because it will increase the calories in your bowl.

2. Avocados

Avocados | Top High-Fiber Foods

Tasty avocados are not only rich in fiber but are also rich in healthy fats. A whole avocado can provide you with as much as 19 grams of fiber, and you can enjoy this high-fiber food quite easily as it can be easily paired up with most dishes.

Easy to eat and delicious as well, you must include these high-fiber foods in your diet for sure.

3. Brussels Sprouts

Brussels Sprouts | Top High-Fiber Foods

Brussels sprouts are the mini cabbages but this mini version can do great wonders. They contain almost 5 grams of fiber per cup.

To turn these high-fiber foods into something delicious and lip-smacking, you can boil or roast them or even choose to make pan-fried Brussels sprouts and enjoy a delicious meal with lots of fiber in it.

4. Beans

Beans | Top High-Fiber Foods

Again one of the easiest high fiber foods, beans can provide you with a good amount of fiber, and one can also add these to their diet quite easily. Besides housing lots of fiber, they also house protein which helps in lowering the levels of cholesterol.

Cooked split peas, lima beans, navy beans, soybeans, and pinto beans provide you with 7.5 grams of fiber per cup, and kidney beans provide you with as much as 13.1 grams of fiber.

5. Chia Seeds

Chia Seeds | Top High-Fiber Foods

Chia seeds have got more to provide than you think. Other than being one of the richest sources of fiber, it is also rich in fatty acids and proteins.

Chia seeds can go with any dish- you can sprinkle them on top of your oatmeal, cereal, or salad and elevate the amount of fiber on your plate. Other than these, you can also prepare chia seed pudding and enjoy high-fiber food in no time.

6. Whole Grains

Whole Grains | Top High-Fiber Foods

Whole grains are found in whole wheat bread or whole-grain bread, whole-wheat pasta, quinoa, wild rice, and brown rice. This high-fiber food is quite easy to consume and can provide up to 6 grams of fiber per cup.

Cooked quinoa can provide you with more fiber than brown rice. Also, try to choose whole-wheat pasta over white pasta as the latter doesn't have many nutrients.

7. Green Peas

Green Peas | Top High-Fiber Foods

Green peas are rich in fiber as well as vitamin A, vitamin K, vitamin C, iron, and manganese. These tiny and green high fiber foods from our list of high fiber foods can provide you with almost 8 grams of fiber per cup.

8. Broccoli

Broccoli | Top High-Fiber Foods

It is time to acknowledge the existence of broccoli. The high fiber food from our list of high fiber foods that are overlooked by many people, broccoli provides us with almost 3.2 grams of fiber. Other than fiber, it is also high in sulforaphane and low in calories.

9. Lentils

Lentils | Top High-Fiber Foods

One of the best high fiber foods for vegetarians, lentils are fiber-packed as well as vitamins, minerals, protein, and iron-packed. Lentils provide you with 15.6 grams of fiber. They also help in lowering blood sugar levels, so don’t forget to include deliciously cooked lentils in your diet if you are a sugar patient.

10. Apples

Apples | Top High-Fiber Foods

This fruit is a healthy source of fiber and can increase your fiber intake easily. An apple can provide you with almost 4 grams of fiber, and it is quite beneficial as it can help lower cholesterol. Now you have got the answer to how an apple a day keeps the doctor away.

This high-fiber food is very easy to consume as you can eat it at any time of the day, and if you want to elevate the taste, you can pair it up with yogurt or cream. Also, remember to eat it with its peel on. The peel has most of the fiber, and scraping it off will lower your fiber intake.

11. Nuts

Nuts | Top High-Fiber Foods

Nuts house proteins, healthy fats, and of course, fiber. These are also some of the high-fiber foods that are easy to consume. Almonds provide you with almost 3 grams of fiber, so continue adding this food to your diet if you already like to eat almonds.

Also, it is recommended to eat raw or dry-roasted nuts as they offer the right quantity of fiber and fewer calories.

12. Berries

Berries | Top High-Fiber Foods

Make your morning cereal luxurious and rich in fiber by adding berries of yours. Berries are a good source of antioxidants other than the fact that they are also high fiber foods.

Blackberries and raspberries are the most fiber-packed berries, packed with almost 8 grams of fiber per cup, whereas blueberries and strawberries house 4 grams of fiber, but both of them are a great source of vitamin C.

13. Oats

Oats | Top High-Fiber Foods

Oatmeal is a tasty high-fiber food that you must add to your diet. Almost half-cup of raw oats provides you with 4 grams of fiber per cup, and this food being a part of soluble fiber is good for the health of your heart.

There are many delicious ways to prepare oats so you will willingly add this high fiber food to your diet. Top with some chia seeds to increase the amount of fiber on your plate as well as the taste.

14. Wheat Bran

Wheat Bran | Top High-Fiber Foods

This high fiber food from our list of high fiber foods can provide you with 6 g of fiber per ¼ cup and is also helpful for those who struggle with constipation. You can add wheat bran to your normal smoothie or cereal by sprinkling it on the top and increase the fiber intake.

15. Potatoes

Potatoes | Top High-Fiber Foods

Yes, potatoes are high fiber foods and a good source of fiber, but that doesn’t mean you are getting the fiber that you need from those oily potato fries, chips, or other fast foods that are made out of potatoes.

When consumed in the right way, i.e., without being fried in oil, potatoes can provide us with almost 3 grams of fiber per cup. This high-fiber food keeps our intestine safe and sound, and therefore, you should give a thought to replace your bread with a sweet potato.

16. Edamame

Edamame | Top High-Fiber Foods

You have found a good replacement for all your evening snacks that are high in calories and have no fiber in them at all. Edamame or immature soybeans provides you with almost 5 grams of fiber. Not only fiber, but this high-fiber food also contains all the amino acids that our body needs.

One can add edamame to their salads and stir-fries and enjoy their snack time with some healthy food to chew on.

17. Dried Fruits

Dried Fruits | Top High-Fiber Foods

Another high fiber food from our list of high fiber foods that can thwart constipation, dried fruits can do great wonders. A handful of figs, prunes, or dates that fall under the category of dried fruits can easily increase your fiber intake and help in regular bowel movement.

18. Artichokes

Artichokes | Top High-Fiber Foods

Artichokes are a good source of fiber as well as potassium. Half a cup of cooked artichokes can provide you with 7 grams of fiber. Consider eating the edible part of the vegetable other than its dip as with the latter you won’t be able to reap any amount of fiber that the vegetable houses.

You can increase the amount of fiber in your pizza by adding these spiky veggies to it. Don’t worry, it won’t ruin the taste of your pizza. Also, you can add these veggies to your salads or roast them before eating.

19. Pears

Pears | Top High-Fiber Foods

Apples have always been the celebrity when it comes to an easy-to-eat fruit that also houses fiber. But this high fiber food from our list of high fiber foods is also one of the stars. One pear can provide you with 6 grams of fiber, so it is time to make a place for these fruits too in your fruit bowl. Other than fiber, these fruits are also rich in vitamin C.

Here we roll up our list of high fiber foods that one must add to their diet for sure if they want to maintain a healthy and high fiber diet as well as a healthy body. Try to eat the amount of fiber that is recommended and not more than that. Consuming too much fiber at a time can bring consequences.

Fiber has quite a lot of benefits, more than one can think of, but it is missed out from a person’s diet most of the time. Hope our article has made you an enthusiast of high fiber foods and aware of the benefits of fiber.

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