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Netflix is a great source for watching TV shows and movies. Often overlooked are the fantastic documentaries that sometimes prove that real life can be stranger than fiction. Coming up, I’ll show you more than 10 amazing documentaries that you can watch right now on Netflix, all of which have never been previously featured. Let’s get started

1)     Tiger King

First up in our list of Netflix Documentaries is Tiger King. If you haven’t seen it yet, Tiger king should be near the top of your watchlist. This American true crime documentary series released in 2020 explores the world of private zoos and so-called sanctuaries, while many big cat collectors are featured. The primary focus of the series is on the contentious dude between Joe exotic, the flamboyant, owner of a big cat zoo in Oklahoma, and Carol Baskin an animal rights activist. Initially, seven episodes were released on Netflix, with the possibility of more episodes being added in the future Tiger King is captivating through each episode and truly one of the craziest ducky series I have ever seen.

2)     The Pharmacist

Next, up in our list of Netflix Documentaries is The Pharmacist released in 2020 is an American true crime, four-part documentary series based here in Louisiana. The story begins in 1999 and follows Dan Schneider, a small-town pharmacist after the loss of the Sun in a drug-related shooting in the Ninth Ward of New Orleans, with the police lacking any answers which is fairly common down here. Dan begins to investigate, on his own, to identify his son’s killer and gather evidence against those people responsible for the opioid epidemic.

3)     Don’t **** With Cats

Next up on our list of Netflix Documentaries is Don’t **** With Cats. This 2019 true crime documentary series follows a group of internet sleuths that tracked down the man who, in 2010, posted a video of himself killing kittens. This fascinating ducky series is only three episodes and I should mention some scenes are quite disturbing, while your dogs may enjoy it, it might be best to send your cats to another room while you watch it.

4)     Rotten

Next up in our list of Netflix Documentaries is Rotten a documentary series that first premiered in 2018, it takes a deep dive into the messy business of the food production underworld to expose corruption, waste, and other problems related to the process of supplying food to the masses. Each episode deals with one food product and interviews manufacturers, distributors, and others involved in the process. There are now twelve episodes spanning two seasons of rotten that are available to watch on Netflix.

5)     The Confession

Next up on our list of Netflix Documentaries is The Confession killer 2019, five-parts true-crime documentary series of Justice gone wrong. It follows Henry Lee Lucas who was once known as America’s most prolific serial killer in 1960 Through 1983, he rose to infamy after confessing to more than 100 murders to the Texas Rangers and other law enforcement across the US. The confession killer does a great job of exposing the pure incompetence and lazy police work of the law enforcement involved. That seemed to care more about closing cases than catching the real killers.

6)     Longshot

Next up on our list of Netflix Documentaries is Longshot a documentary film that was released on Netflix in 2017. It’s about a Los Angeles Dodgers, baseball fan, accused of a murder he claims he didn’t commit. This leads his attorney on a wild journey to confirm his alibi by using raw footage from the popular HBO TV show Curb Your Enthusiasm. If you need something quick to watch, the runtime for long shot is only 40 minutes.

7)     Abducted in Plain Sight

Next up on our list of Netflix Documentaries is Abducted in Plain Sight a true-crime documentary film released in 2017. The stranger than fiction true story takes place in the 1970s. It covers the kidnappings of an Idaho teenage girl who was abducted by her sociopathic neighbour on two separate occasions. There are so many twists and turns your eyes will be glued to the screen throughout the 90-minute runtime.

8)     Mountain

Next up on our list of Netflix Documentaries is Mountain 2017, an Australian nature documentary film that takes viewers to the summits of some of the world’s highest mountains. This film is narrated superbly by the actor Willem Dafoe, as he reads passages from the Robert McFarlane book mountains of the mind. Mountain is quite mesmerizing. It includes stunning visuals and makes for a great viewing, it’s not a strange diversion from the craziness in our lives.

9)     Holy Hell

Next up on our list of Netflix Documentaries is Holy Hell As a 2016 American documentary film by Will Allen, he gives an inside look into his own experiences. As a member of the buddha field cult that was formed in West Hollywood, California, in the 1980s, as a member for 22 years, Will serve as the official videographer for the group providing the key footage for this film, which is mostly centered on the charismatic leader who is known by several names, but most often is called Michael as you expect holy hell does get more bizarre as the story unfolds.

10)  Team Foxcatcher

Next up on our list of Netflix Documentaries is Team Foxcatcher a 2016 documentary film about John DuPont and his involvement with the USA Olympic wrestling team John built expensive training facilities and provided housing on his property for the wrestlers. This documentary does a great job of examining John’s paranoia and his interactions with Olympic wrestler Dave Schultz. Even if you’ve seen the 2014 drama film, Foxcatcher, starring, Steve, Carell, and Mark Ruffalo team Foxcatcher adds new details with real-life footage to enhance the story.

11)  The Confession Tapes 

Next up on our list of Netflix Documentaries is The Confession Tapes a true-crime documentary series that investigates cases of people convicted of a murder that claimed their confessions were involuntarily coerced or downright false. Exposing flaws in the criminal justice system. If you’re a fan of shows like Making a murderer. The confession tape is one that you’ll enjoy. The first season released in 2017 features seven episodes, but season two dropped in 2019, with four new episodes.

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