25 Mothers Day Songs That You Can Dedicate To Your Mother

Moms are the best!

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Dec 15, 2020|5 min read


Mothers are the most integral part of a family. Explaining their contributions to their family is quite difficult. They provide us with all the facilities that make our life easy going without demanding anything in return. 

But this time, why not we pay her with something in return! This mothers day why not we spend the whole day with her by taking a little break from your work and hectic life? Sounds amazing! 

What can be a better gift than some songs which are super melodious as well as describes your unsaid words to her! To reduce the extra work of yours, we have made this article which contains some amazing songs for mother. 

Some amazing mothers day songs are as follows:

1. Tu Kitni Achhi Hai (Raja Aur Runk)

This classic Bollywood melody displays the portrait of a motherly figure and the nuances. This sweet melody, sung by Lata Mangeshkar is an instant recommendation that you might get from anyone when it comes to addressing mothers. This is one of the best mothers day songs.

2. Meri Maa (Yaariyan)

A mother is the one who brings you to life, then what would be the condition if she gets to know that her kid succumbed to death. Devastating and barely imaginable. That's the plot of this sad yet beautiful song. This is another great mothers day songs.

3. Meri Maa (Taare Zameen Par)

The wording of this mothers day songs is so beautifully penned down by Prasoon Joshi that the lyrics itself is capable of describing the agony that a child might go through if he is motherless.

4. Aisa Kyu Maa (Neerja)

This beautiful creation is perfect if you miss your mom and don't get to spend time with her as much as you want to. Dedicate these mothers day songs to your mom and do not forget to tell her that you miss her.

5. Luka Chuppi (Rang De Basanti)

The words of this piece are so simple yet such striking. Here the mother is lamenting her child's death. The creation of this piece is so precise that it never fails in leaving the eyes teary. A great mothers day songs indeed.

6. Teri Ungli Pakad Ke Chala (Laadla)

Share one of the best songs with your mother and let her know how much you love her and how much she means to you. That her presence and aura make your life vibrant and luminous.

7. Mumma (Dasvidaniya)

Dasvidaniya was a movie about a simple person whose life gets rattled after he comes to know that he has stomach cancer and there are only 3 months left in his hand. He then sets out to complete his 10 item bucket list. And this song is one of the bucket list items. A great song for mothers sung by Kailash Kher. Do not forget to pick this up.

8. Maa Ka Phone Aya (Khoobsurat)

It's true that mothers are caring and loving in nature, but a lot of moms can be clingy and spying and because of that, sometimes it may feel irritating also. Feel free to share these mothers day songs with her and make her familiar to words such as privacy, freedom, adult and grown-up. But on your own risk.

9. Maine Maa Ko Dekha Hai (Mastana)

Great song for mothers from the film Mastana. Mothers are beautiful and special in all aspects. Play these mothers day songs and let her know.

10. Chunar (ABCD 2)

Awesome song from the film ABCD 2. A very catchy melody with a deep meaning. Consider dedicating this song to your mom and even better, if you are a dancer you can perform for her on these songs for mother.

11. Mumma Ki Parchai (Helicopter Eela)

Rock the moment with this rocking mothers day songs from our list. This song from Helicopter Eela is one of the best if not the best song you can dedicate to your mum.

12. Maa Da Laadla (Dostana)

As a society, we are now walking towards breaking stereotypes. As this piece describes a mother's dilemma when she gets to know about her son being gay. This songs for mother can be used in so-called educational purposes, defining, in the end, it's her son that matters not his orientation.

13. Maa to Hai Maa (Paanch Qaidi)

Another golden song from the golden era. A mother is a mother, there is no one like her. The lyrics of this song for mothers is very beautiful. Dedicating this song is worth it.

14. Usko Nahi Dekha Humne Kabhi (Daadi Maa)

This beautiful song is sung by Manna Dey and Mahendra Kapoor. Wonderful lyrics that make the environment. Another beautiful song from this mothers day songs list that you should gift to your mom.

15. Maa Hai Mohabbat Ka Naam (Maa Ka Aanchal)

Yet another beautiful song from this list of songs for mother. This song from Maa Is Aanchal is sung by the great Mohammad Rafi. Here it once and you will fall in love with it.

16. Kaun Si Hai Wo Cheez (Jaisa Ko Taisa)

What's the most expensive thing we have with us? Our mother. This mothers day with these mothers day songs let her know how precious she is to you and how much you adore her.

17. Khushiyon Ka Din Aya Hai (Beta)

Every day is awesome and every moment blooms when our mom is with us. This wonderful song from the film Beta is a treat to the ear. Mind sharing it.

18. Meri Duniya Hai Maa Tere Aanchal Mein (Talash)

Composed and sung by SD Burman, this song is a beautiful creation. Awesome song from the film Talash, apt for you to dedicate this to you mom. This is a great Mothers day song indeed.

19. Mummy Oh Mummy Tu Kab Saans Banegi (Khatta Meetha)

This is another crispy and a song full of fun sung by Kishore Kumar. If you are someone who wants your mother to find you a bride then go for this song. Let your mom know your hidden desire. This can be counted as one of the best mothers day songs.

20. Maa Tujhe Salaam (Album: Vande Mataram)

Why this song! I ask why not? If you are someone who is far from home, serving the country, our mother India, this song is apt for you. Play this song and let everyone know mother India for you is no less than your own mother.

21. Mamta Se Bhari (Baahubali: The Beginning)

A mother nurtures her child. She is the one who builds them. Builds them strong enough to achieve whatever they want to. This song from Baahubali is its example. This is indeed one of the best mothers day songs.

22. Mai (Mai - Love Your Mother)

23. Tukda Main Tere Dil Ka (Maahir)

24. Maa Ke Hothon Pe (Platform)

25. Bhool To Maa Se (Beta)

Mothers are one of the two most precious gifts we have received from God. Do not take it for granted. Show her appreciation for everything that she does and never even in dreams, hurt her. 

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