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In our never-ending quest to find helpful Websites that will help you in your everyday life, we’ve got 10 useful helpful Websites to show you in a variety of categories. You’ll wish you knew about it earlier, none of which have ever been featured in this series. Let’s get started.

1. Real Good

First, up is Real Good. If you subscribe to multiple streaming services, this one is very useful. It takes the various services you use and combines them into a single user interface to browse, search and track TV shows and movies you have access to.

There are now more than 300 content providers to choose from including free services like crackle and paid services like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime video, along with TV Everywhere channels that are linked to your cable or satellite account. Here’s how it works when you first get started Click on add your services and select the plus. If you want that content from free services like crackle appearing on your home page, just uncheck it. I just want to see the content.

We’re subscribed too so, I’ll select Netflix, Disney Plus, YouTube premium, Hulu and prime video, in the next category listed below select the TV Everywhere services that you use. I won’t select any of these when you’re done, click on next. To save your changes, you’ll need to sign up for a free account. In this example, we’ll skip this step now, when you browse the real good home page, you’ll only see content from the services you have access to. When you select any program, it will give you additional information, including the IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes ratings. When you click on track, it will notify you of new episodes you haven’t seen.

It will also show you where you can watch that TV show or movie at this time. Real good only supports streaming services in the United States with additional regions coming soon.

2. Firefox Monitor 

All the free services Firefox Monitor will help you to find out if your accounts have been compromised. It’s quick and easy to use in the search box just enter your email address after you’ve done that click on check for breaches. According to this, the email I entered has appeared in 31 gnome data breaches. To get additional information, select more about this breach from one of the companies listed for this one. Let’s go with Zynga the information here is provided by one of our favorite sites. Have I been pwned, this page will show you the actual date of the breach and the data that was compromised. If you scroll down you’ll get additional information, including the recommended steps to protect your data. In this example, changing your password immediately would be a good first step. It would also be a good idea to sign up for free alerts, so you get notified of any new breaches when they’re reported.

3. Adobe Color 

Adobe Color is a free, color palette generator. For those of you interested in graphic design, there are two ways you can use this to create a color theme. If you select the color wheel in the upper left, you have various color schemes to choose from then just left-click and drag the circles to the desired colors. The other way to create a color theme is to extract from an image you could select a file from your computer or drag and drop your image into this window. You’ll find the color moods along the left. You can still view the circles around to find the desired colors to save a theme in the upper right. Give it a name I’ll just leave it as it is. You can also give it tags and publish it to the community I’ll turn this one-off. When you’re done click on save you will need a Creative Cloud account to save your theme, which is free, at the top to the right of create. It’s a great way to discover themes created from the various Adobe communities and finally, my themes will show you, the color themes. You’ve saved it to your library.

4. Get Human

Next up is Get Human. The site will help you navigate the near-endless maze of menu options when calling customer service, so you can speak to an actual person. The site has improved quite a bit over the years and has saved me a boatload of time. Here’s a quick example start typing the name of the company I’ll go to my least favorite AT&T U-Verse, you’ll find the customer service number at the top below. I usually skip down to the section to get to a live person fastest. Then just follow the instructions most recently, they use the steps on this Website to cancel u-verse after dealing with months of reliability issues. Further down that same page, you can get additional tips and advice when calling customer service for that company.

5. Urban Dictionary 

This will be a quick one Pexels is a helpful Website that I recommended in a previous article, discussing the best free stock photo helpful Websites, but if you’re looking for free stock videos for your next project check out their dedicated videos, a page full of high-quality videos, just like their photos, all videos uploaded to Pexels are Free to use for personal or commercial projects.

6. Urban Dictionary 

Urban Dictionary is a crowd-sourced online dictionary that will help you to find the definitions of slang, words, and phrases if you’re a parent or grandparent. This helpful website might be useful for you to understand what your kids are saying to find the meaning of a word or phrase and type it in the search box. A popular one, you’ll see in the comment section on many social sites is an “okay boomer”. The top voted definition will be listed at the top, followed by others submitted by use. This one is also kind of stupid. Thankfully it’s been losing popularity.

7. Corrupt A File 

Corrupt A File for some of you just might be the most useful helpful website mentioned so far. If you have a report at your work that is due or an assignment at school, that’s not finished. The site may give you more time to complete your project. It’s simple to use, select a file from your computer, Dropbox, or Google Drive. I’ll select a test file from my computer, then click on corrupt a file. When it’s done, you have a few choices for saving. I’ll Just download it to my computer now when they go to open your corrupted file, they will think it’s some kind of glitch that will hopefully give you the time you need to finish your work.

8. Kialo

 Kialo describes itself as a platform for rational debates, empowering reason through friendly and open discussion. When looking for a specific topic, you could search here at the top or select one of the debates listed on their home page you’ll now see a list of arguments on both sides, making it easier to weigh the pros and cons, if you want to dive deeper into an argument. Click on add your argument to the debate, Click on the plus on the appropriate side

9. GasBuddy

GasBuddy is a helpful Website. Most of you should be familiar with it. It helps you to find the lowest gas prices in your city, state, or zip code. For this one, I’ll enter a zip code, choose the type of gas I’ll leave it on regular. Then click on find gas. It will now show you a list of gas stations, their addresses, and the corresponding price per gallon if you’re on the road away from home; it’s more convenient to use their mobile app, which is available for iOS and Android.

10. Simple English Wikipedia

Simple English Wikipedia is available for use in both the United States and Canada. Simple English Wikipedia is for anyone, learning, English or people with learning disabilities that find it difficult to learn or read. All entries on these helpful Websites are written at a basic level of English.

So this was my list of Helpful Websites.


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