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Free Video Editing Website

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Whether you’re a beginner needing something simple for YouTube or you’re, a professional that requires more advanced features, there’s a free video editor for you, so I’ll count down the top 5 best free video editing software for Windows, Mac, and Linux, going over the pros and cons of each to qualify the program must not have any forced watermarks or time limits and allow for the exporter projects in a resolution of at least 1080p HD that out of the way, so let's get started with our first website.

5) Video Pad

On Number five of Free Video Editing Websites is Video Pad. If you’re an absolute beginner, this program makes it easy to get started with many cool features and the ability to share your creations directly on YouTube, Facebook, and other sites. Video pad has both a free and pro version, while the free plan does lack some of the advanced features. You do get support for stunning, video effects and transitions, color control, video stabilization, and built-in audio effects. You also have the ability to export your projects in resolutions up to 4k. Here’s a quick example of how easy it is to use to add clips from your computer just drag and drop them onto the timeline. I’ll add another one after the clip. I just added to create a professional-looking transition click, the box between both clips to add a transition for this one I’ll go with crossfade. The video pad supports a large variety of formats and is available for both Windows and Mac in a number.

So that was our number 5th Free Video Editing Website. Now, let’s move on.


On Number 4 of the Free Video Editing Website is VSDC. This non-linear video editor for windows only is similar to expensive programs like premiere pro and final cut pro making our top five. For the first time, they’ve made significant improvements to their interface that would have been previously described as clunky. Just like video pad VSDC is available with both free and paid plans with their free edition, you get a ton of useful features, including transitions; video and audio effects masking, and motion tracking. It also allows up to 4k resolution for any exported project. Vsdc is more than just a video editor when you launch it.

Your choices are blank project; create a slideshow, import content, video capture, and screen capture, along with how-to guides, for its top features to quickly begin a new project select blank project in the pop-up window. Give your project a name: you can leave the rest of these blank. The others you may need to change are the output resolution and the frame rate when you’re done clicking. To finish for those of you familiar with the old interface you’ll notice, it’s much improved while VSDC is more user-friendly than it used to be. There’s still a high learning curve on their website in their how-to section. There’s an extensive list of tutorials that will teach you how to use it.

So that was our number 4th Free Video Editing Website. Now, let’s move on.

3) Hitfilm

On Number Three of Free Video Editing Website is Hitfilm. This is one that many people seem to have a love-hate relationship with. While it is feature-packed to help you create professional-quality videos, it does have a steep learning curve and the installation process can be cumbersome. Let’s get the positive out of the way. First, the base version of Hitfilm express includes more than 400 effects and preset motion tracking and supports output resolutions up to 4k, with no limit on the number of tracks and transitions. Add-On. Packs are also available, starting at around 10, which is a great way to expand its functionality without breaking the bank. Now for the ugly, while the Hitfilm express, download, and install process is still a convoluted mess, it’s actually slightly better than it used to be. We used to have to give the program a shout-out on social media prior to downloading the installer. Now, when you hit the download Hitfilm express button, it takes you to pay. What you want a page with more features, the more you pay.

If you want the free base version, move the slider to the left and select download now fill in the required information, and select send me. For the express download, you’ll now be instructed to check your mail to grab the installer in your email click. Get your express installer link and finally, after all of that, you can now download the installer you’ll first notice when you launch Hitfilm express that it has a nice interface, that’s not overly complicated. Instead of dragging your media on your computer directly to the timeline, you can import it from the media window or drag and drop it into the media window first prior to moving to the timeline prior to installing make sure your computer meets or exceeds the system requirements At least four gigabytes of ram and one gigabyte of video memory are needed for basic projects. If you have a newer computer, you shouldn’t have any problems. Hitfilm Express is available for both Windows and Mac before we get to the top Two picks here are four bonuses. Programs that might be worth your time to check out for windows, Mac, and Linux.

Next up on our Free video Editing Websites is Openshot, a free and open-source program with a low learning curve. That is great for beginners, it’s still quite buggy, and if you have a load mid-tier system, you may experience lag for those of you that own a Mac apple iMovie, is an easy-to-use program for simple edits.

Next up on our Free video Editing Websites is, Kdenlive developed for Linux is another free and open-source program, with dozens of transitions effects and other useful features. While it’s also available for windows and can be run on Mac OS, I don’t recommend installing those versions at this time until the bugs get worked out and for many years.

Next up on our Free video Editing Websites is, Lightworks has been one of our favorites for Windows, Mac, and Linux. It’s a professional-quality editor! That’s been used in many Hollywood productions. Unfortunately, the free license has too many restrictions, including the max resolution having a limit of 720p, which is no longer good enough. Otherwise, it would have easily made our top five.

So that was our number 3rd Free Video Editing Website. Now, let’s move on.

2) Shotcut

Now, let’s head back to the countdown in the runner-up spot coming in at number, two of the Free Video Editing Website is Shotcut. This open-source program was developed way back in 2004 and is updated on a regular basis. It’s completely free and includes a ton of useful features. It offers support for most audio image and video formats and allows for the export of your finished projects up to 4k. The video effects include numerous filters, transitions, and color correction, to name a few. It features a native timeline, editing allowing you to drag and drop your media into the timeline with no limit on the number of tracks for video and audio.

The learning curve to using shortcuts is moderate, but in a short time, it becomes very intuitive. For example, adding a crossfade is simple: first, drag a clip from your file manager onto the timeline. Add your second clip to the end of the first now left, click and drag the second clip near the end of the first and let go playing it back. You’ll now see the crossfade between those two clips that was easy to set up. Shotcut is available for Windows, Linux, and Mac.

And finally, the software that holds the number one spot on our list of Free Video Editing Websites.

1) Davinci Resolve

Taking the top spot, on our list of Free Video Editing Websites is Davinci Resolve. The absolute best free video editing software Davinci Resolve was released in 2004. Its free edition is, quite frankly, better overall and more feature-packed than most paid-for video editors. It includes just about any feature. You would need to create a professional quality project with a multi-track timeline, editing trimming and HDR grading tools, along with support for all major file formats and resolutions up to 4k. Their fusion tools are built in to create amazing visual effects and motion. Graphics, also included, are their Fairlight tools for audio post-production. It has a great layout that looks modern for those of you asking how to add transitions using Davinci resolve.

Free Video Editing Website

I’d recommend checking out the tutorials available on their site. It’s available for download on all the major operating systems, including Windows, Mac, and Linux. 

Hopefully, this Article helped those of you looking for a free video editing Website. So this was my list of Free Video Editing Websites.


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