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Dec 11, 2020|5 min read


Music can be defined as an art form whose medium is sound but in reality, few words can't describe what music is. Songs that are written and sung by someone actually make us go through a roller coaster ride not just because of the music in it but the voice of the singer, the words framed beautifully in it, all attract us and feel those emotions as if it is happening in our lives.

Songs written by many artists attract us but one such name amongst them is Ritviz who is an Indian singer, songwriter, electronic musician and producer who came into fame with his song ‘Udd Gaye’ after becoming the winner of 2017 Bacardi House Party Sessions. Ritviz songs have magic in them, they can bring out your feelings associated with those emotions depicted in his song.

Dive into this Ritviz songs playlist and experience it yourself - 

1) Jeet

Jeet is a beautifully crafted song released in 2018 that drives you towards itself. Few lines are ‘bahki sabhi zuban hai, hum hai hazaro mai, ab ki kami zara hai, hum hai hazaro mai. Well, the tune and music attract you a lot assembling the modern-day music with real emotions.

2) Ved

Ritviz songs have a special element called relatability. The song, Ved, is solely based on the tough tunes played in the background giving it a party theme song released in 2017. Just play it and tune into the amazing world of Ritviz songs.

3) Sage

The lyrics of the song Sage ‘dil ki dhadkan se, toh aaye jaana, humri sab sab ke, ho jaye aana.' make it very soulful. This is another one of the Ritviz songs released in 2017 that makes you crazy with a little hint of romance.

4) Barso

Released in 2018, the song’s lyrics go like ‘Barso barso badal, tumhari rah sab tak rahe’ which depicts the beautiful encounter of rain with the other components of nature. It is one of the most beautiful Ritviz songs.

5) Jeet 2.0

Released in 2018, Jeet 2.0 is actually an upgraded version of his Ritviz song Jeet. Even better and strong tunes have been compiled to attract a larger population towards this song.

6) Liggi

This Ritviz song was released in 2019 and became an instant hit. The lyrics of the song are ‘Humri seet parneet, aajaona toh sahi, aisi mann ki hai sacchi, tum ho sitaaro ki pari’. This song depicts a day in the life of a young, married and fearless bride after her marriage and is very relatable.

7) Chalo Chalein

This Ritviz song was released in 2019 and has a melody that will be on your lips forever. The lyrics of the song ‘Chalo chale neel gagan ko, udd kar chal kar shwed pawan ko’ enlighten us with the amazing nature that we live in.

8) Thandi Hawa

Among the popular Ritviz songs, Thandi Hawa has an unmatched feel. The lyrics ‘Thandi hawa thi jo aai, sambhalo humko, kabhi na jaye sahlaye, sambhalo humko’ bring back your memories of your true love. The song is simple yet meaningful.

9) Udd Gaye

This one is the most played and most loved tracks among all Ritviz songs. The lyrics ‘Hum toh udd gaye jab tum jhuke, tab se tum nazar mein aa ruke’ give it a youthful fell and makes you go crazy. The background tunes that are so peppy that you would want to jump to the dance floor starightaway.

10) Raahi

The lyrics of the song Raahi ‘Hausla chhodo na hausla, de do na hausla’ give you immense hope in life and motivate you to move forward no matter what. In today’s life, hope is something that is most important for us to come out of whatever we are facing.If you are feeling low, this motivational track is a must listen!

11) Jiti

The Ritviz song Jiti is an instrumental track, with just the beats and tunes that give you the real taste of music. Whether you feel like dancing or just relieving stress, do tune in to this.

12) Lauv

This Ritviz song is also titled as ‘Modern loneliness’ as it talks about our day to day life incidents. The lyrics ‘I have been thinkin bout my father lately, the person that he made me’ describe the place that we stand in now, as in how difficult it is for us to come out of certain events in our life and pressure and stress that we go through.

13) Bali

The song Bali is again a beautiful creation by Ritviz. It is also instrumental and calls out for your attention. This seems to be the best for party music and have fun. The beats are intriguing yet exciting to hear.

14) Beatific

This is a  Ritviz song that came in 2014 and reminded everyone of their first love. The lyrics 'My girl so lovely, here comes your only love, my boy so lovely’ strike a chord with everyone. The song is soft but has strong music in it.

15) Taan

The Ritviz song Taan is also instrumental and has powerful beats that make you groove on it. Ritviz seriously has a way with songs that can make you dance on his strong music.

16) I Feel Love

The Ritviz song, I Feel Love, whose lyrics are 'Ooh, it’s so good, it’s so good, I'm in love, I'm in love’ helps you get into a romantic mood. This is again dedicated to the beautiful feeling of love that one experiences and what all goes in their mind.

17) Mukti

Mukti is a Ritviz song that is totally dedicated to the ones who listen to songs to enjoy the music and not just to admire the words in it. This is again a collection of beats that are very special in its composition.

18) Roshni

Roshni is a Ritviz song with lyrics ‘Kabhi aaye kabhi jaaye kabhi laaye kabhi gaaye, apni mann kii baatein na kabhi keh saki’. This song depicts the inner conflict one faces in life and the words bring out that feeling.

One thing is for sure  Ritviz songs bring out all the daily life emotions and struggles that we go through. The compilation of the beats and music that bring out the joy, sadness, conflict, anger, here each and every emotion seems simplified. Also today when youth is mainly concerned with the beats of the songs where they can just enjoy the music, these Ritviz songs are definitely worth a place in your playlist.

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