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Gone were the days when the millennial and early Gen-Z generation played the snake, sudoku-like games with pixel graphics on dial-pad phones, the nostalgic Nokia phones.

Technology and digital game developers have advanced gameplay to a level that all the video games in a GPU chip to be inserted in sophisticated monitor screens can be played by just downloading on your mobile screens with tap-and-snap of your fingertips with much more 3D graphics and social features. 

For android users, Google Play Store is like a treasure chest with a wide category of android games free to download with in-app purchases. Many games revolve around a plot of overcoming game levels, earning points and unlocking items, and development games, but, those are just basic plots that helped in the creation of complex yet easy gameplay feature android games. 

Nowadays, even toddlers know renowned games like Candy Crush, Subway Surfers, Angry Birds, etc. Well, we all know those classic trendy games like Fortnite, Pokémon Go, the OG Spaceteam, and the not-so newcomer Pub-G, but there are many underrated and less discovered android games list that might become competitive with these classic games once discovered and played on. 

This article is a guide to your new taste in android games from the trendy ones to the diamond in coal mine-like games, below are the top 10 best android games free to download with a click.

1. Idle World

Idle World | Top 10 Best Android Games Free

First, let’s get familiar with this genre of game, Idle, Clicker, or Incremental games have recently come into the trend with the player making progression in games with the flow of mere taps on your screen and the game actively unlocks achievements without the active participation of the player. It’s like checking the stock market on your phone every day, just a little difference with idle games is there are rewards and achievements unlocked which makes these games engaging. 

This android game, Idle World developed by HOMA GAMES in 2019 has grown addictive with five million and counting downloads and a 3.9 rating. 

The game has a build from a scratch approach that gives players to have ***-like powers in the game to bring the earth to life from nothing to how they aspire and prosper earth to be. 

Utilizing energy on resources that will generate energy to upgrade your creation offline. Make sure to check out the time travel feature from the earned rewards. 

2. Tsuki's Adventure

Earning editor’s choice remarks with a 4.4 rating, the game has come to mainstream among android game players for its old-school cute graphics and interactive storyline. Revolving around Tsuki, a cute rabbit with tormenting work-life and city hassle has to take over the carrot business run by his grandfather who has died. 

Carrots are also the currency in the game that facilitates Tsuki’s expeditions in the countryside life. Tsuki has got friends who serve a purpose in the game and a way to make the story interesting, interaction with them in the game unveils exciting features of the game. 

You will always find Tsuki doing some activity, timing is important in this game, and trading of carrots and selling things to earn carrots, taking Tsuki to fish might make u grow fond of Tsuki. An attached story to Tsuki’s life has been developed in the game Tsuki’s Odyssey with personal activities and more character friends.  

3. Underworld Office: Visual Novel, Adventure Game

Role-playing and simulation games have become a must-have requirement in android games with freemium updates. The Underworld Office has characteristics of a well-illustrated work of fiction that would be played and enjoyed by coming-of-age novels and fiction lovers, who have deservingly given it a 4.7 rating. 

The game is divided into chapters with a protagonist Eugene, who is stuck in life contemplation and two worlds of living and dead, falling into a world of mysterious, stern ghosts trying to take Eugene’s life. He is saved by a ghost itself and indebted, Eugene has to work for the ghost in his agency dedicated to those ghosts and supernatural characters. 

Eugene’s back and forth transition between two worlds gives a chilling and thrill ride because of lively templates and frequent decisions left on him that will determine one of the possible ending among seven endings, it’s all choices that cost 5 tickets in the game for every decision and different activities and ad watching ways to earn tickets back.  

4. Nyan Cat: Lost In Space

Nyan Cat: Lost In Space | Top 10 Best Android Games Free

Inspired by the viral meme, Nyan Cat video on YouTube was later released in 2015 as an arcade game that relieved the nostalgia of a pop-tart body flying cat leaving behind a rainbow trail as it exceeds in its adventures in space collecting tasty sweet snacks, drinking milk and the role of the player is to make the cat fly ahead and ahead, protect from enemy dogs, UFOs and keep it up from falling into vast space to stop the game from ending tragically. 

This android game free to download has been noticed by its Nyan Nyan background music and colorful pixel graphics. The game provides a resting and fun space for the cat called ‘Nyanagotchi’ which also gets you to earn prizes and gifts by making it happy. There are powerups and power-downs like the OG Mario games. You can choose different dimensions and customizations to fly your supercat. 

5. Troll Face Quest: Internet Memes

Spil Games published this game in 2017 in the ongoing decade of endless internet memes filling part of our daily lives like a necessity to boost humor. This game involves tricky puzzles and outwitting memes themselves to escape from level to level. 

Once you fall into traps of memes, you end up alone forever by one small mistake. Doesn’t sound scary, it’ll feel realistic once you play the game with crazy-looking trolls. 

Will you get deceived, or your wit will defeat the internet frenzy memes in their own world? You can view your global trolling leaderboard, although the game can be played offline.

6. Magic Rampage

Magic Rampage | Top 10 Best Android Games Free

A platformer game with action pact RPG style to survive with adventures in deadly dungeons with every kind of monster ready to swarm over your life. It is a single-player game that can be played online with global players and your friends, even better with joystick controllers and gamepads to bring back the 90s vibe of video games. 

The ventures in the game include different locations like castles, forests, swamps with hidden monsters awaiting your survival fight. The most important strategy in this game is to use the right weapons as per the battle.

New dungeons get added to gameplay every week, and the player has to collect gold and weapons in the meantime on survival mode. Character customization involves choosing your rank, as in a warrior, a rogue, paladin, thief, and more with the perfect gear and respective magical abilities are given to each rank. It comes under the editor’s choice with a 4.4 rating and ten million plus downloads. 

7. Brawl Stars

From the developers behind Clash of Clans, Supercell brings you another combat-based multiplayer addictive battleground of brawlers. An android game free to download tops this list of top android games with the most downloads of a hundred million and bags editor’s choice. 

The gameplay has different game modes with charming graphics and elements to make it interesting in the showdown with 3v3  or solo fight. The 3v3 with global players joining your team, have you maintain and collect stars more than the opposite team of brawlers to win. Collect rewards and gems in direct deathmatches and clear your enemies on treasure quests.  

Show off your skills with upgraded skins of your character with powerful abilities, star powers, and gadgets. Check yourself on the leaderboard globally and locally, join your team groups to discuss strategies and more to see in special events with new modes and character skins. 

8. Death Palette

Death Palette | Top 10 Best Android Games Free

A spooky, indie game that would even suit people who get fear aroused by scary graphics and VFX, although one thing can be assured that this android game is free to play will you keep on edge while your adventures. One day you get trapped inside a pocket dimension through a painting gifted by your friend in real. 

You are supposed to finish a painting in seven days by fulfilling the wishes of the girl in the painting, here’s the thrill, the girl can kill you in unique ways when things don’t go according to her, even by using extra paint. 

But you can begin again and use hints from all the before victims or owners of the painting, the calls in-game are received which can give you a realistic experience by vibrating your phone in real. 

Languages are available as per the player’s mode of communication, which might also give clues in wordplays. This android game by Sleeping Museum has been rated 4.8 with five-thousand and more downloads. 

9. Card Thief

Not a mere card game with simple mind play, this heist solitaire fantasy game will challenge your wit and decision-making with finger twitching fast-paced happenings in the game of dark aesthetics. 

Live up to the theme of playing as a thief sneaking its way to treasure chests and rewards to be used by playing in shadows, getting rid of lights, and outsmarting guards. The game is a mixture of the board and puzzle gameplay, the cards are your facilitators and life-savers in four different game modes. 

Beware of not letting your sneak points drop low, it has its own hazards but, many times, taking risks in your quick game time might double your rewards and earned goods to use them as strategies to hide and play on. 

Many times, the cards may increase difficulty and change positions, leaving you in a dilemma of your choices. To delve more, download this android game free to play. The game has been rated 4.2 and earns an editor’s choice for surpassing typical card game basics.  

10. Hyperfoma

Hyperfoma | Top 10 Best Android Games Free

The HeroCraft Ltd. presents you with a cyberpunk sci-fi arcade adventure that leads you into using your tactics and connecting to an ‘Ancient-Network’ left behind by a vanished civilization. 

A hacking strategy to decrypt right into the core of the 3D cubicle by blasting your way through puzzling cyberspaces. The core awaits you for secrets of the creator of this cyberspace and a self-discovery of your lone explorer character. 

The dark and neon light graphics with background soundtrack induce you more to break through these series of puzzles which allow the players to rotate it at a certain angle to dig and attack. You gain powers in the game to increase your attack powers and clone yourself to attack more areas to finish the level in a set time. 

The game gives off old Atari classic block-breaking mechanics. The game has been rated 4.7, the game is inspired from the viewpoint of a very vague future existence of AIs and humans. 

Many android games with freemium play have ads to resume or unlock things in the game or in-app purchases that can buy you an item with real money purchasing, however, these android games allow you to turn off the in-app purchase in your device settings. 

Browsing through the Google Play Store for a or few perfect free games that would suit your expectations and android features with such never-ending games with combinations of game types you like are not hard to find, but there are few filters to choose your new psychological drive. 

Ratings and reviews, game description, eye-catching graphics, engaging gameplay, and least important are the numbers of downloads because that’s what this list of top android games is all about, underrated yet alluring games.


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