Top 10 Beautiful Actresses Of Viking TV Series

Beautiful Actresses Of Viking TV Series

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Welcome, we’re back with another interesting article, As we see the end of the Vikings TV series in 2020, but still we long to see many characters in the future, especially Vikings women. They play a variety of different characters who we always see in traditional outfits and are often dirty, but in their everyday lives, they are ravishing. We’ve arranged a list of the top 10 enthralling beauties you’d love to watch again on the screen., So we don’t need to wait more Let’s get to the list of Beautiful Actresses in the Viking TV Series


10. Karen Hassan

First up on Beautiful Actresses of Viking TV Series - Karen Hassan. Karen Hassan is a British actress. She played the character of Therese in the Vikings. Karen started her career with the short film Checkout in 2007. She got fame from the character of Lynsey in the British soap Hollyoaks.


9. Morgane Polanski

Next up on Beautiful Actresses of Viking TV Series – Morgane Polanski. With her stunning looks and exotic style, Morgane Polanski is a French-Polish actress and a model. She is best known for portraying Princess Gisla in the 3rd & 4th seasons of Vikings. Polanski made her acting debut in the 2002 film The Pianist. Morgane made out to be at no. 9.


8. Leah McNamara

Next up on Beautiful Actresses of Viking TV Series – with her French looks & fiery accent. At no. 8 we’ve Another Viking beauty, Leah McNamara. Leah McNamara, is an Irish actress. She played the character of Aud, daughter of Kjetill, who went with Floki in search of the new land. She is also known for playing Rosalind Devlin in the 2019, BBC miniseries Dublin Murders., Although she was not playing a leading character, she’s beautiful, and confident and made her place on the list of Viking beauties.


7. Gaia Weiss

Next up on Beautiful Actresses of Viking TV Series – Gaia Weiss is a French model and actress. She played the legendary character of Porunn, a beautiful shield-maiden & Bjorn’s wife. Weiss’s filmography includes Mary Queen of Scots, The Legend of Hercules, and Serial Teachers 2. She’s one of the gorgeous actresses in the Vikings. So you can’t blame Bjorn for falling in love with this French beauty.


6. Alyssa Sutherland

Next up on Beautiful Actresses of Viking TV Series – Alyssa Sutherland is an Australian actress and model. She portrayed Aslaug, the second wife of Ragnar Lodbrok. Before joining the cast of Vikings, Alyssa appeared in several independent films, including the Fortune Theory, Don’t Look up and Day on Fire Love her or hate her. You can’t deny that she is super-hot even Great King Ragnar can’t resist her looks.


5. Maude Hirst

Next up on Beautiful Actresses of Viking TV Series – Maude Hirst is an English actress. In Vikings, her character, Helga is known for her romance with a boat builder and trickster Floki. Before Vikings, Hirst also appeared in the British television series The Tudors. She is the elder daughter of an English television producer, Michael Hirst, the creator of Vikings.


4. Ragga Ragnars

Next up on Beautiful Actresses of Viking TV Series – Ragga Ragnars is an Icelandic actress and former swimmer. After retiring from swimming Ragnars, studied acting and has played the role of Gunnhild in Vikings. Ragnars played the role of Gunnhild, an extraordinary warrior & Bjorn’s wife. With her bold nature & gorgeous personality. She managed to be at no. 4 on our list.


3. Alicia Agneson

Next up on Beautiful Actresses of Viking TV Series – Alicia Agneson is widely renowned. Swedish actress. Alicia portrayed two roles of Queen Freydis, the wife of Ivar: The Boneless & Katia, wife of the Prince Oleg of Novgorod. Alicia is renowned for her stunning looks and has worked in modeling and has collaborated with many brands. Alicia took the position of no. 3 in our list.


2. Jennie Jacques

Next up on Beautiful Actresses of Viking TV Series – With her deep blue eyes & smoky gaze. At no. 2, we have Jennie Jacques. Jennie Jacques is an English actress. She has played the recurring role of Saxon, Queen Judith in Vikings, which has drawn the most attention. Jacques first came to prominence playing, Annie Miller in five episodes of the BBC series, Desperate Romantics. She caught our attention with her looks and kept us captivated during the whole show. She’s everything you’d want in a woman. Words are not enough to praise her stunning beauty.


1.  Katheryn Winnick

Next up on the Beautiful Actresses of Viking TV Series – we have Katheryn Winnick. The Canadian-born actress has attracted so much attention for her role in Vikings. In the Vikings, she is known for her role as the fearless warrior Lagertha, the wife of Ragnar. With blonde hair and gentle eyes, We fell for her since we saw her in the first episode of the series but started to love her when she stepped into a role as a great warrior and a woman of power. She is a martial arts trainer in the real-life. Lagertha’s athletic nature shows in her swift movements and these movements aren’t CGI. Her strong dedication to playing this role has led to several award nominations, including the critics’ choice, television awards, and the Canadian screen Awards. Winnick has appeared in many films, including Stand Up Guys, Failure to Launch Love & Other Drugs and Killers,

So these are some of the hottest females from Vikings. Who’s, your favourite, let us know in the comments below.


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