Top 10 Anime Series To Binge Watch On Netflix This Year

Full metal alchemist brotherhood

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These are the top 10 animators binge-watch on Netflix.

For this list. We are going to be looking at some of the anime most worthy of streaming on Netflix in 2022.

If there’s an anime on Netflix that demands to be devoured, let me know in the comments below

10. Kangan Ashira Anime

Kangan Ashira Anime, which is on Netflix is based around muscular dudes fighting, is pretty much the bread and butter. This doesn’t mean Kangan Ashura is any less worthy of your time.

In a world where business deals are settled by brutal over-the-top gladiator matches, an unlikely duo is thrust into the arena and battle their way to the top. The decent use of CGI helps distinguish Kangan Ashira Anime from a lot of its contemporaries. While the rampant violence may not be for everyone and only 24 episodes, it’s a speedy and bloody binge for fight enthusiasts.

9. The Disastrous Life Of Psychic K.

Having psychic powers isn’t all. This Anime series on Netflix has a character named psyche who has every psychic power that you can name but only wants to be an average guy.

But Psyche is too bad to make this possible that he keeps attracting an increasing circle of friends who are the furthest thing from normal. This anime series The Disastrous Life Of Psychic K has some hysterical comedy and memorable characters under its antenna.

This anime series format makes it so binge-worthy. Originally airing in short, mini-episodes. The show is one you can watch as little or as much as you want with no worries the psychic madness, isn’t going anywhere.

8. Beastars

What if zootopia leaned, even further into its central premise of herbivore carnival prejudice and then threw a pair of star-crossed lovers into the mix a result would look something like the anime series Beastars, which you can find on Netflix. It can be easy to dismiss this mature and often bloody high school anime as fury fodder but Beastar is strangely compelling with likable characters, intriguing mysteries, and great interpersonal drama. While the world raises all kinds of questions beastars is nevertheless a fascinating watch.

7. Baki

The first two seasons of this anime franchise Baki aren’t available on Netflix, but that shouldn’t deter you from checking out this awesome. Fight-A-Thon following the titular muscleman bucky, the series continually pits himself against stronger and crazier fighters all with the goal of one day defeating his monstrous father. The animation is spectacular and renders these intense and outlandish fights in loving detail. Bucky pulls no punches, whether it’s the wild exchanges or out there convergence.

6. DoroHedero

DoroHedero is kind of hard to explain to people without them thinking you’re on something. Though this series follows: caiman, a man with a lizard head and amnesia to boot, who searches for the sorcerer who transformed him into his current state. Oh and he’s got another head living inside the back of his throat.

DoroHedero features a unique dystopian fantasy world with rough but detailed animation and surprisingly, endearing characters.

DoroHedero has only single-season, which is a quick and strange watch on Netflix.

5. Jojo's Bizarre Adventure

One of the weird but wonderful anime series on Netflix is Jojo's Bizarre Adventure. A generational tale of the members of the joe star bloodline, each member of this family seems kissed to encounter supernatural dangers and outrageous characters.

The battles in Jojo are frequently strategic. Its leads and villains continually evolve with each new iteration and it’s often pretty heartfelt while the isolated nature of each season can make it easy to hop in at various points.

4. Erased

Do you ever wish? You could go back in time to undo a mistake. Save someone you love. This anime series on Netflix explores how altering time is nothing compared to dealing with the darkness in a person’s heart.

Able to travel back into the body of his younger self this series lead "Satoru", seeks to change the past to save someone close to him. Whilst also undoing some other horrific events. The changes and ripple effects this creates are fascinating to explore in between the emotional gut punches.

3. Hunter Hunter

Hunter Hunter on Netflix is not a typical adventure series. Underneath its cliche veneer of a young man seeking to become a hunter to find his absentee father. Hunter hunter anime series has mature storytelling.

One of the most complex magic systems ever created a humanized op villain, there’s a reason why so many flocks to this title as the one that raised the bar in so many regards. It is one of the longest series, but it’s well worth investing time.

2. Devilman crybaby

Devilman crybaby is an anime series with 10 episodes. This is perhaps the most easily binge-able anime series on Netflix. If you’re not bothered by the abundance of adult content and violence it is fantastic.

A high schooler in demon hybrid takes on the full forces of hell clawing after his loved ones, along with its striking animation. The pioneer of Netflix's original anime delves into topics both beautiful and atrocious. Yet altogether human crybaby will leave you in tears, but also leave you wanting more.

1. Full metal alchemist brotherhood :

Everybody loves this anime and if you say you don’t you’re lying to yourself. It has both an epic fantasy adventure story with a gigantic cast of diverse characters and an intimate tale of two brothers on a quest to fix themselves after their hubris, which almost costs them everything.

It is excruciatingly, tragic, while also being incredibly funny and heartwarming. It is accessible to casual viewers, while also not spoon-feeding you, the machinations of alchemy and worldly philosophy. Brotherhood is one of the gold standards of anime and it should be on everyone’s Netflix queue, even if you’ve already seen it.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this article. Let me know in the comments if I missed any series.

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