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Do you love to continue your corporate job? or

Do you wish to start a new business or a company of your own one day?

Many people love white-collar jobs. But there are people from a corporate background who still dream to start a company or a business of their own.

It's basically an innovative and creative idea people wish to put into action.

Think of an idea that you randomly had one day which is related to a business of your own.

That idea is the first step and the base toward successful entrepreneurship.

The first thing you must have in your mind before starting your own company or business is to think like a businessman.

Be confident in yourself and your ideas and believe that you could bring your ideas into action.

One must remember that it is always better to try and fail rather than never try and fail.

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Take a leap of faith into a new venture and give it a go.

Now, let’s come to the question: why do you choose entrepreneurship over corporate jobs?

Which one of them is more rewarding-Entrepreneurship or a Corporate Job?

 Each has its own challenges and rewards. As the saying goes “different strokes for different folks”. Just because the majority of people like Entrepreneurship, it doesn’t mean that you should also like the same. You might have a different priority.

 To decide which career path is better for you, answer the following questions:

●     What makes you happy?

●     Does the present job make you feel comfortable?

●     Does it motivate you to get out of bed the next morning?

●     Are you still happy after facing all the challenges this work gives and is always pleasant solving them?

Then you are at the right work!

But if you are unhappy and still want to take a leap of faith, then this is your chance.

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It’s not always about one vs the other, it’s about figuring out what works for you and what you cherish.

On one hand, many people say that Entrepreneurship is the best, but on the other hand, some say corporate jobs are what makes them happiest.

The answer to the question of which one is the best and more rewarding is the perspective of an individual.

The features of the choosing a job are

●      Relatively better stability.

●      Structures and cultures.

●      Better managed expectations.

●      You feel you are in control of what’s next.

On the other side of the coin:

●      Entrepreneurship is independent but there is a lack of knowledge or idea on what’s next.

●      There is also a sense of ownership, like your idea and your company is your baby and you have to look after it, feed and do the necessary.

●      You will also have the pride of creating something and the admiration of providing livelihood to people.

●      With all this given, all you have to focus on is, to do what makes you happy.

 Do what makes you ‘YOU’.

You might be someone who would like things to be kept permanent. Would you like to continue your job for a long-term career?

Here are some tips for you.

●      Get clarity on what you really want to do.

 For e.g., do you want to be purely based on technical or tech management?

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There are so many options available for young people in their career journey. The first thing is one should have clarity on what he should do.

This clarity will help you guide you and plan your career path.

 ●      Once you gain clarity, be an expert in the domain.

●      Network in your industry.

●      Find yourself a good mentor.

●      Ensure you are learning something new every year.

●      Get yourself in the non-comfort zone.

●      Try changing your work environment often(2 to 3 years should be okay in this VUCA world).

●      Chase knowledge and exposure, Not money and designation.

●      Ensure that you are enjoying your work.

 The above tips are for jobs, but if you are an entrepreneur the tips given below will help you.

●      Be honest with yourself in answering the question- Am I cut out for this?

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Entrepreneurship is really hard. And one should be mentally prepared for everything that it gives throughout the journey. Everyone who chooses entrepreneurship will face failure for sure. But one should have a thick skin to deal with it.

●      Be smart and careful with the partners you choose. Because this crucial step can either break or make your business.

●      Don’t chase valuation, chase value.

●      Share your ideas. Get as much feedback as possible from people around.

●      Execution is the most difficult thing to do and if you have an idea for execution don’t worry about someone stealing your idea.

●      Be open to criticism, but don’t take it to heart.

●      Be practical about the financial situation.

●      You should know to say NO and you also should know when to exit.

●      Learn to face failure and have a thick skin.

●      Have the base planned before going on board with the idea.

●      Be flexible to change the tracks.

 If you have read to this extent, kudos to you, your passion for success will guide you!

 Karthik Ajit Duddala brings over 20 years of global business technology management experience in the areas of, Enterprise Solutions, Digital Transformation, IT, & Product Management. He has shared his insights on The Guiding Voice podcast, #TGV92 (PLEASE SEE FIRST COMMENT FOR THE EPISODE LINK), and has shared a lot of insights on corporate job Vs Entrepreneurship. Which one of them helps someone in growing in their careers.

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