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El Professor

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Money Heist, a Netflix original series based on La Casa De Papel, has set the bar for crime drama in the film industry. El Professor, also known as Sergio Marquina, has developed a cult following on the internet, with many fans comparing him to Al Capone and Carlos The Jackal. While Alvaro Morte is not a real-life criminal, he shares many similarities with his character that most fans are unaware of. Alvaro Morte has been recalled for the filming of Season 5 of Money Heist, and there are a few things you should know about him before you see him on the big screen.

1. His Childhood

Alvaro Antonio Garcia Morte was born into a middle-class family and grew up speaking Spanish as his first language, though he has also learned to speak English fluently. He had a passion for acting and attended drama school when he was young. The glasses he wears as El Professor in Money Heist is one thing he didn't need and still doesn't. In real life, Alvaro Morte sees just fine without glasses, but in Money Heist, they gave him glasses to spice up his appearance.

2. Prior to the money heist, he had other major roles

Until Money Heist was released on Netflix, most non-Spanish speakers had never heard of Alvaro Morte. Morte is a seasoned actor with a long resume that includes some notable roles. Alvaro played Ray in the Spanish TV show Plan 25, which aired between 2007 and 2008, before becoming The Professor. His role as Gabriel Areta in the soap opera Love In Trouble Times catapulted him to fame in Spain. With his appearance in the popular Antena 3 show The Secret Of Puente Viejo, he became a global celebrity. He's since moved on to English-language films, including The Wheel Of Time, which will be released in 2020.

3. Pedro Alonso is a close friend of his

When Pedro Alonso and Alvaro Morte met on the set of Money Heist for the first season, they hit it off immediately. Both have long careers in Spain, but they had never collaborated on a major project before. They developed a bromance on the set of Money Heist, which affected their performance on the show. In the scripts, their characters, The Professor and Berlin, were not brothers, but the two actors requested that their status be changed. Because of Money Heist, they've become great friends in real life.

4. He is a true professor

It wasn't surprising when it was revealed that Alvaro Morte's portrayal of El Professor was almost too good to be true and that he wasn't just a professor on screen. One of the best revolutionary scenes in a crime drama adopted by La Casa De Papel is the Professor giving lessons to his gang before the heist. After winning a scholarship, Alvaro Morte earned a degree in stage management from Tampere University in Finland. He then began teaching the same course part-time as an assistant professor.

5. He is the owner of a production company

Alvaro Morte is not only a gifted actor but also a successful businessman with his own production company. The production company 300 Pistolas, which means 300 Pistols in English, is owned by Morte and his wife Blanca Clemente. If you consider his career in crime drama and action films, the name is coincidental, but it has nothing to do with action movies. 300 Pistolas was founded solely to explore Classical Films and give back to society, according to the company's website.

6. He's a cancer survivor

Morte is rarely mentioned when celebrities who have overcome cancer are mentioned because he rarely talks about it in public, but he is one of them. He was diagnosed with a cancerous tumor on his leg in 2011, just before breaking through on Spanish television. He was terrified, as any cancer patient would be, and believed he would die within three months if the treatment didn't work. After a few months, he was able to return to acting and achieve his breakthrough.

7. He auditioned for the position of Professor five times

A lex Pina had in mind a middle-aged Harvard-like professor when he created Money Heist, and he thought Alvaro Morte would be ideal for the job. Despite having a free pass to land the part, Morte misinterpreted Pina's vision for Money Heist. Money Heist was supposed to look like Ocean's Eleven, starring George Clooney, but the producers didn't want that. Over the course of two months, he had to audition five times, which must have been exhausting. If El Professor is any indication, it was well worth it.

8. His Private Life

Money Heist's Professor is a difficult man to love, with a complicated life and an ego that prevents him from connecting with Raquel Murillo, who genuinely loves him. Alvaro Morte does not retain his character's inability to connect with people and express vulnerability. Because he is happily married to Blanca Clemente, a film producer, and stylist, he is not as cold as El Professor. El Professor is a husband and father in real life, as they are the parents of fraternal twins Julieta and Leon Morte.

9.He Is A Real-Life Engineer

The Professor always has the best ideas for how to get past the most difficult doors and vaults, indicating that he has a thorough understanding of engineering. There was a high level of engineering involved when he figured out how to break through the Royal Mint of Spain and later the bank of Spain, and this may have something to do with Alvaro Morte's Engineering history, though he was never credited for it in Money Heist. Despite the fact that Alvaro Morte is no longer known as Engineer Morte, he was once a communications engineer. Although the extent of his practice is unknown, engineering appears to have been his first field of study at university before pursuing literature.

10. In Money Heist, he really loves Raquel

When asked which scene in Money Heist was the most difficult for him to act in, Alvaro Morte mentioned the scene in Part 3 of Money Heist where the Professor believes Raquel Morte has been killed. Morte is deeply invested in his Money Heist character, which means he is also head over heels in love with Raquel Murillo, and it was difficult for him to shoot a scene in which she was dead. His favorite season of Money Heist was the first, rather than the third, which has a larger audience.


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