Top 10 Android Games Offline To Kill Boredom

Getting bored? Check best offline games.

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In the present time, mobile phones have become a necessary part of everyone's life. And a mobile phone without an internet connection just seems so boring and useless. But sometimes there are network issues or at places with no internet the connection we can skip being bored by playing some offline games.

Here are the top 10 android games offline that will save you from sliding into boredom when you have no internet connection.


Genre: Board Game

With a google rating of 4.3 out of 5.0, Ludo King is so far simple, interesting and one of the top 10 android games offline. This game gained a huge number of players and a booming profit in lockdown.

When everything outside was shut people relieved their old days of playing games with their family and ludo being a very the old game drew the attention of a large number of people.

Pros : 1. These games allow 8 players to play ludo together on a single phone.

2. Ludo King also includes a sub-game Snake and Ladder which becomes another reason for gaining people's interest.

3. It is a family game which means from a kid to a senior citizen everyone can play and enjoy this game to the fullest.

Cons : The game sometimes hangs which disrupts the fun of the game.


Genre: Puzzle

Candy Crush Saga was first released in December 2012. Since then Candy Crush has earned popularity continuously. Candy Crush has a google rating of 4.6 out of 5.0. The game has a puzzle genre with colorful and exciting effects it especially draws the attention of kids.

Being a completely offline game it kills boredom when the mobile network faces issues. The game holds a good place in the top 10 android games offline.

Pros: 1.Candy Crush Saga has appealing effects which add on to the impressive points of the game.

2. It has endless levels.

3.The game secures the progress in the game so we can continue playing from different devices and will not have to start from scratch.

Cons: Some levels are very difficult which sometimes irritates the players.


Genre: Endless Runner

Co-developed by Kiloo And SYBO Games Subway Surfers is a single-player game have a google rating of 4.6 out of 5.0. The game involves the graphics showing railway tracks and trains.

In the game, a character gets chased by a police inspector and a dog. The character runs, collects coins and powers up tools and saves itself from being crushed or caught.

Pros: 1.Subway Surfers consists of many small challenges, daily tasks, and amazing prizes.

2.The game involves many different characters which get unlocked at different levels. The graphics gain the interest of players.

Cons: The number of ads in between the game annoys the players.

4.Adventure Escape Mysteries

Genre: Mystery

Adventure Escape Mysteries is another game on the list of top 10 android games offline having a google rating of 4.4 out of 5.0. This game is best for people who like games filled with suspense and mystery.

The game provides mysteries at different levels. The game continues by searching for hidden items and using them to pass the level.

Pros: Adventure Escape Mysteries have a fascinating plot with enjoyable puzzles.

Cons: The tutorial of the game is way too quick which does not allow the players to read instructions properly.


Genre: Word Search

With a whooping google rating of 4.8 out of 5.0 Words of Wonders is an easy, knowledgable and fun game. The game has graphics of Wonders of the World which gains the interest of people.

The game allows to connect alphabets and form words which helps in playfully learning new words. It is one of the top 10 android games offline which allow us to relax our mind by playing games but in an effective manner.

Pros: 1.Words of Wonders have pleasant graphics.

2.The game is fun and knowledgeable.

Cons: Ads after each round gets annoying.


Genre: Puzzle

Energy: Anti Stress loops as the name suggest are a stress-relieving game. It is one of the top 10 android games offline with a google rating of 4.7 out of 5.0.

The game involves rotating and connecting pieces to form an electrical network.

Pros: 1. The game helps in relaxing your mind but in a mentally beneficial way.

2. The graphics are soothing.

Cons: Excessive long ads of irritates the players.


Genre: Action role-playing / Adventure

Released in 2012 by Touch Foo Swordigo have a google rating of 4.6 out of 5.0. The game involves running, jumping, and slashing through adventures. With each a passing-level player can upgrade their attributes and continue new adventures. It is one of the games in the list of top 10 android games offline.

Pros: The game involves challenges which makes it interesting.

Cons: There are a few bugs that sometimes reduce the reaction speed in the



Genre: Mystery

Having a google rating of 4.7 out of 5.0 UnderWorld office is a masterpiece a mystery story, visual novel, and adventure single-player game. Interesting stories enhance the rating and gains a large number of players who wish to play mystery games.

Pros: The work put o the story, music, titles, and photos are fantastic.

Cons: The game involves some bugs related to tickets which are required to choose various options.


Genre: Endless runner

Temple run is an endless runner game with a google rating of 4.4 out of 5.0. It is a run for your life game with 500M+ plat store downloads. The game was developed by Imangi Studios and can be played on iOS, Android, and Windows Phone.

The game rates are good enough in the top 10 android games offline.

Pros: 1. The game consists of two parts: Temple Run and Temple Run 2.

2. Temple Run involves beautiful scenarios.

Cons: Sometimes the game does not accept the actions of the players which results in losing the game.


Genre: Logical Brain Exercise

Braindom 2 has a google rating of 4.6 out of 5.0. The game involves a logic puzzle riddles. Braindom 2 is a brain teaser game that provides different conditions and lets our brain choose between the most relevant answer.

Pros: It is a brain-exercising game that makes the mind sharp.

Cons: Long ads after each level end up annoying the players.

You no more have to worry if there is no active internet connection on your phone. You can still enjoy your free time by trying the top 10 android games offline.

Tell me in the comments in which of the above games you are most interested in ?


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