30 Tongue Twisters In Hindi For A Fun Time

Bol ke dekho, dekho bol ke!

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 “Akkad Bakkad Bambe Bo,
Assi Nabbhey Pure Sou”

80 bohot durr hai, try for 8 times and see how your tongue gets twisted! 

Tongue twisters are the best fun game that one can have. The words may seem similar but in repetition, they do jumble and then, you are sure to mumble. No matter how grown you are, it’s always great to have fun with tongue twisters. 

All over it’s a good exercise for your mouth too. It reduces stammering, cleans your glands connected to the mouth! Take a deep breath and give your best shot. 

The one who excels in saying appropriately without mistakes seems to have great power of speech. Why don’t you try and see how fun it is? 

We have provided you with the best Hindi tongue twisters of various lines and words, small and big for an extra dose of excitement!

1. “Raaja ki raat ne raaja ki raani k, Raaja k raaj ko gaana sunaya”:

Tongue Twisters In Hindi

You never know what’s the ‘Raaj’, you are already puzzled by the mystery of king and queen. Who said what, to whom?

Seriously, tongue twisters in Hindi are so hard and sarcastic at the same time.

2. “Chaar kachori kacche, Chaar pakke kachori”:

Tongue Twisters In Hindi

Small but too much hustle! Tongue twisters in Hindi like these are the toughest, the kachori seems to disappear at last from the scene, don’t you utter the word ‘pakori’ at last? 

3. “Chate bimaar shikh k, Chata bher bimaar hai”

Tongue Twisters In Hindi

Haha haha, go on repeating, don’t you say bher as ‘bhaar’? 

The synonymous words like ‘chate’ and ‘chata’, ‘bimaar’ and ‘bher’ twist themselves and the outcome is undoubtedly hilarious.

4. “Chaman ka bhai chaman, chaman ki bhen chaman,
Chaman ki mummy Chaman, Chaman k papa Chaman”:

Tongue Twisters In Hindi

The ka, ki, and k never intersect properly. Wondering why Chaman had so many family members with the same name? Ahh!!

5. “Jo hasi koi hasega nahi,wo Kabhi koi phasega nahi”

Tongue Twisters In Hindi

The two ‘h’ in the starting seems to be okay,hasega and phasega are also fine. But still don’t know why it cannot be said without error. 

These tongue twisters in Hindi are not always meaningful, maybe that’s why it seems so more fun!

6. “Bakra -bakri barah baar baar mein banaye kheer”:

Tongue Twisters In Hindi

Imagine goats making kheer in flood, that too 12 times! The most striking point in tongue twisters in Hindi is the words starting with the same letter but different in meaning. 

They are placed so sarcastically beside each other that even if you're correct, it sounds funny.

7. “Laalulaal ka baal laal,laal laalu ka laal baal”:

Tongue Twisters In Hindi

The same thing, hair is red. But when you say,nothing remains same. Laalulaal and laal laalu ,wish if they were easy to say. 

8. “Chandu k chache ne chandu ki chachi ko,chandi chowk mein,
Chandni raat mein, chandi ki chammach se chatni chatai”:

Tongue Twisters In Hindi

This is probably, one of the most popular tongue twisters in Hindi. Most of us have been familiar with this one, from the section in “Kabhi Khusi Kabhi Gum” film, where Hrithik Roshan challenges Kareena Kapoor to say this. 

Not only long, but the phrase consists of so many similar words repetitively, that no one can succeed.

9. “Samajh samajh k samajh ko samjho,samajh samajhna bhi ek samajh hai
Samajh samajh k jo na samjhe,mere samajh mein wo na samajh hai”:

Tongue Twisters In Hindi

Can you understand this riddle of ‘samajh and samajh’? Please mention below and tag @feeding_trends if you can say this at least 5 times. People can hardly read this particular tongue twister in Hindi without mumbling. So confusing!!

10. “Kacchi roti khake roti, roti khake kacchi roti”:

Tongue Twisters In Hindi

The roti is not cooked, you ate it. Wait, or is it you ate the roti and discovered later that the roti is uncooked? 

Leave it. As long as you can say it without error, all rotis are ok. But can you say this properly?

11. “Kaccha papad Pakka papad”:

Try this kind of short tongue twisters in Hindi, and see if any papad is pronounced right. Kaccha ho ya pakka, papad here cannot be digested, sadly!

12. “Pital k pateele mein papita peela peela”:

So the papaya is peela peela, on that pital k pateele. Wondering if pronouncing them is that easy? The whole phrase is full of alphabets ‘p’, and it’s utterly disgusting to hear how this turns out once you start mumbling.

13. “Oonth Uncha, Oonth Ki Peeth Unchi, Unchi Poonchh Oonth Ki.”:

The same meaning, similar-sounding words, yet cannot be pronounced correctly in three different phrases.  Try to say ‘Oonth’ properly three times at one go, bet you cannot. 

14. “Daali daali pe najar daali,kisi ne acchi daali,kisi ne buri daali,
Jis daali par maine najar daali,wo daali kisi ne tod daali”:

You lose your teeth in the process of understanding the branch or ‘daali’ problem. Have you ever thought how funny and strange are these tongue twisters in Hindi made? It covers all topics.

15. “Pake per par paka papita,paka per ya paka papita,Pake per ko pakde piku,piku pakde paka papita”:

Here it is, another tongue twister with papaya. The papaya tongue twisters in Hindi are mostly tough, but hilarious to hear. Piku is successful in having ripe papaya, but are you successful in saying this phrase without mistake?

16. “Kaala kabutar,safed tarbuj,kaala tarbuj,safed kabutar”:

The words are exchanged in their positions, and the whole phrase turns out to be so difficult. The black pigeon with white watermelon and the black watermelon with a white pigeon, none of them pairs correctly while spelled.

17. “Chameli ki saheli k Bhai ki paheli suljhaao”:

The paheli cannot be solved, sorry. Not only funny for the mumbling that takes place, but the meaning is equally funny too.

18. “Jo hasega woh phasega, jo phasega woh hasega”:

You will laugh and then fall into the trap. If you fall into the trap, if you laugh. But the biggest trap is this tongue twister, if you start saying, you are soon to mumble or stammer. People surrounding you will obviously laugh, including you.

19. “Pyarr k baar se haar do pyarr se,pyarr ko pyarr do pyarr se pyarr se”:

The repetition of pyarr and pyaar doesn’t reap any extra love. It will only bring exhausted tongues and faces. Try it and see how twisting can love be.

20. “Pyarr k wajah se wajah hai pyarr k, pyarr se pyarr k wajah hai pyarr k”:

In the time of your argument with your loved ones, challenge this tongue twister. They will eventually lose and surrender in front of this cute game of fun.

21. “Love ko love se love hai sabse”:

Love, love, and love. Love is everywhere, yet you cannot speak tongue twisters in Hindi connected with love. Forget pronouncing, can you even understand the meaning properly? After this, you won’t think of love for a while. Why? Try this and get the answer yourself.

22. “Jo jo ko khojo khojo jojo ko, Jo jojo ko na khojo toh kho jaye jojo”:

Is Jojo lost, or is it your speech? The honeycomb maze of searching Jojo is an illusion, you actually get lost in this kind of tongue twisters in Hindi. The words Jojo and khojo make everything a mess.

23. “Raam ka raaj, raaj ne raaj ki baat raaj ko bataya”:

You don’t need to figure out who said the raaj, to whom. Try if you can spell the word ‘raaj’ correctly as mentioned in respective places.

24. “Khadak Singh Ke Khadakane Se Khadakati Hain Khidkiyan,Khidkiyon Ke Khadakane Se Khadakata Hai Khadak Singh.”:

Most of us have heard these tongue twisters in Hindi from the famous film, “Fanaa”. These are the most fun ways to beautify a song and make it more rhythmic and melodious at the same time.

25. “Tola Ram Tala Tol Ke Tel Mein Tul Gaya,Tula Hua Tola Tale Ke Tale Hue Tel Mein Tala Gaya.”:

Tongue Twisters In Hindi

Forget pronouncing them correctly, can you read the whole phrase without any pause or break? The person who made these tongue twisters in Hindi was incredibly clever and cunning, the words are so wisely chosen that you are sure to make a mistake.

26. “Lapak Babuliya Lapak, Ab Na Lapakve To Lapakve Kab”:

Tongue Twisters In Hindi

Yes, now is the time to jump and roll.  Babuliya or tongue-the same rule is applicable everywhere. But how many times can your tongue jump with this phrase, without error!

27. “Faalse Ka Faasla”:

Tongue Twisters In Hindi

The faasla is to try better every time, to say this little phrase correctly. It may seem very easy, but it’s not at all easy, In fact, one of the smallest yet hardest tongue twisters in Hindi on the list.

28. “Aachar Ka Kachra Kachre Ke Dibbe Me, Kachre Ke Dibbe Me Aachar Ka Kachra.”:

Tongue Twisters In Hindi

The aanchar and kacchra have exchanged their places, in your speech, guess. No worries, no one can spell this correctly.

29. “Lala Gope Gopal Gopaggam Daas.”:

Tongue Twisters In Hindi

You may think of this one as one of the rhyme poems, the words are synonymous and yet so different. The most amazing part is the pronunciation, you will burst out in laughter.

30. “Shanivaar Ko Sahi Samay Par Shahad Sahi Pahuchaana, Shaam Samay Par Shahad Na Pahuncha Saal Bhar Sharmaana.”:

Tongue Twisters In Hindi

This little bit of serious tongue twister is actually overloaded with fun inside. The message is so sarcastic and yet you cannot imagine how funny it sounds.

So that’s it. Hope you had a good dose of laughter enjoying this, The more you share and try this with people, the more fun it gets. 

You should revise your Hindi skills too, the Hindi phrases and words are so hilarious, the perfect blend of seriousness and fun. 

You should try them now and mention your best tongue twisters, and mention what all you said while stammering. 

Have good moments, store your memories, and share them here.

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