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A social stigma that many girls face in their daily life.


Let me start with what actually is "TOMBOY"?

Nothing but just a perfect blend. Blend of Boyish features within a girl. A girl who acts more likely as a boy, who exhibits characteristics of boys. We girls are *** gifted with this feature of carrying any feature within us gracefully. We can embrace it wholeheartedly. But for some people, this is a reason to hate us, discrimination against us and what we do is keep tolerating them.

Our society has set some standard rules, features, and characteristics for being a perfect girl. So when you do not follow them you ultimately are now their target for hatred. And boom now you are not the so-called perfect girl.

But do the Tom Boys really care about those standard rules? NO, a big No. But we do care for the hatred, discrimination, and taunts that we receive. Yes, we do things like being aggressive individuals, gamers, loving swords, riding bikes dressing, and walking like boys. So what? Who allocated such things, activities, and characteristics to boys and girls? It's okay we understand the dogmatic thinking of our society. But with the world-changing, we need to be flexible with our rules too. People are changing but just for the sake of showing off to the world, just so that they can match their peer groups. But this is all just fake. Until and unless you change your thinking and the way you think, you haven't changed actually. People need to stop pretending and start accepting.

My question to the world is why tag us with the tag of TOMBOY? Why can't we be recognized as a girl with its own individual personality? We are girls with extraordinary skills of riding horses, riding bikes, and having strength similar to men. Can't we have our own identity?

I will leave this question to you to answer.


Mahima Bachani

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