4 Tips To Maintain Your Writing Spirit.

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Writing is an easy job. Some say that writing is an easy and exciting job. But, on the other hand, some think that writing is very difficult. Let alone producing one article, writing just one paragraph is already a headache for some people.

If you’ve ever taken a "habits" class, you’ll know that the difference between easy and tough is determined by habits. Whatever has been done so many times that it has become a habit will be tough to break, regardless of whether it is useful or harmful. Take, for example, smoking. Smoking cigarettes makes a smoker feel uneasy at first because it tastes harsh, makes the head dizzy, and causes coughing. Non-smoking, on the other hand, makes the head dizzy after a while. Smokers are aware that smoking is harmful to their health, but they continue to do so since it has become a habit.

Habits may be created and broken, but it takes a little time and effort, including becoming used to writing. If you desire to be a writer but your enthusiasm for the craft fluctuates, it means that writing activities have not yet become a habit for you. Don’t give up; here are some suggestions to help you keep your writing enthusiasm alive until it becomes a habit.

1. Determine your objectives.

There is a saying that life without a goal is like playing football without a goal. Imagine how to play soccer without a goal, just running on the field dribbling the ball without knowing where to shoot the ball. Over time, this will make you tired yourself and stop doing it. But, on the other hand, look at footballers who have a goal, they are more excited because they know the goal and direction. Because of that goal, all efforts were put into being a winner. Likewise, with writing, you need to determine the purpose of your writing, whether for financial matters, fame or to provide enlightenment to readers. So, when you’re not excited anymore, remember what you’re writing for.

2. Get used to writing every day for 1 month.

To form a new habit, of course, you have to do consecutive repetitions consistently without being missed for 30 days or a month, because new habits can generally be formed for at least one month. The more you write regularly, the stronger your writing habits will be. If you consistently do it for one year, writing will become a very strong habit for you you will find it difficult when you have to stop writing, just like people who find it difficult to quit smoking.

3. Start writing down the things you like.

Humans are creatures who like to seek pleasure and avoid suffering. For that, start writing things that match your interests. If you like the social field, you can write about the socio-cultural community in which you live. That way, your passion for writing will continue to increase.

4. Appreciate the process and start small.

Everything is never separated from the process. To enjoy instant noodles also requires a process, namely cooking water first. Great writers whose names you have memorized by now must have gone through a long process, they are not immediately famous. They must have gone through stages that may have been bittersweet, such as getting rejected by publishers and not getting enough sleep due to writing. Dan Brown, the author of the novel Da Vinci Code which sold well and received a best seller award from the New York Times in 2003, previously had several unpublished and unsold novels.

There are many tips to keep the spirit of writing so as not to slack, including tips that you may have. But by doing these four things consistently, your writing spirit will be maintained and of course, the quality of your writing will also get better.

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