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Sonali Negi

4 months ago|1 min read


Time is precious

A moment where time is nothing but hard. A moment when time is proving to be time. No happiness is leading, all the worries are feeding. Worries feed over a soul, scratching the nerves to make a person stronger with the situations.

The circles are changing, the way of facing something changing. Nothing could stay the same; this thought is hitting. Every phase is different having different expectations. The time is cruel but time is beautiful too. It creates moments that last forever. It gives pleasure when we look back because we all want to remember good things and we want to learn from hard situations.

Far from the world near the ocean, the time was peace. The person sitting next to me was nice. The people who were laughing with me created a good and memorable memory. All the voices were making me feel quite satisfied and relaxed. I really wanted to stuck there for more than a while.

Here is my wish note!

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