Thought for the day

Apr 11, 2022 3 min read

Universe and fire are the two unseen, and Un -preached gods that have existed. In a blog that I read somewhere mentioned the story of a man who after his death visits heaven. Shortly after he arrives he is all excited to find the truth. But In return he found no one to be there after much wait and running around he meets another soul, only to find that today is Gods birthday and everyone is going to the ceremony. He was all excited after all what a day to die! After reaching the venue, he was all set up to meet God and ask him queries and secrets of life what have been kept hidden to the human mind. When he reached the venue the proceeding had already started, he saw all the apostle of gods from all religion walking in with so many followers and drums roaring around behind them. His excitement reached another height all to be Crushed by the last passer, who wore simple clothes and was followed by few donkeys. Astonished to see the parades last apostle of God with great curiosity he asked his friend who is this person who is walking like has he lost his way. Probably the idea to crash parties existed in heaven too after all they were once human. He smiled and said no he is the real creator or God. ‘What nonsense !’ How is that even possible. He looks nothing like God. His apostles have more following them him. How can’t be the creator ?

His new friend went close to him and uttered “this is the secret that you learn when you leave the body. For no one has actually ever known what God is like. People follow the one that has a lot of following and is Charming, but the truth is always simple.”

I agree with Om swamis story completely. We have over the years created all sorts of gods to suit our deeds. Faith should never be questioned but can it be reasoned? 

In my small adventure to the hills where I wanted to give rest to my fugitive mind, I discovered that nature had followed its own path and rules regardless of the change created by the humans. It brings change but it just the action-reaction effect. If we talk scientifically reasoning every word, then Universe and nature are the two unprecedented gods. For both have no form for both work unnoticed and are omnipresent. The universe is the formless God, and the nature is its consciousness. 

My study was more intrigued when I came across the study of natural selection through which nature shaped apes to human. Life travelled from water to land, formless energies mutated to shape different species. When you die, everything settles on earth itself. I am not challenging anyone’s faith or religion but I want to leave you with a question of doubt. Why do we find peace when we are around nature. Astrologers use their science to predict events in a person’s life, but the natural calamity comes as a surprise and so does life. Once I remember meeting my uncle Dr.Jagdeep Singh who works tirelessly in a charitable hospital doing eye surgeries. He narrated incidents from his practice where he has seen science fail in front of his eyes. Out of my curiosity, I asked him ‘ could it be possible that certain rules in science be wrong’. No, he said. ‘ rules have been made after lots and lots of study and experiments done on many subjects but yes can they differ at times yes. His faith in God and patients belief in him as changed the destiny of many.

I urge the readers to fill their cup with the knowledge acquired by our races over a period but also to question when in doubt. For it is this skill that has made the greatest inventions and helped me discover God in many more ways . If nature is our natural habitat, then the universe is our supreme conscious that flows and connects every being to another, creating coincidence, to make imagination turn into reality. But humans will take their time to detach themselves with the statues that they have created and as my Aunt once thoughtfully said that we are the only breed on earth that pays rent to stay on it and price to everything that’s tangible but can one ever dived the sky can we ever undo our hearts.