26 Things That Hurt More Than Breakups And Make You Rethink If Breakup Is Really Killing

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Jan 9, 2019|10 min read


Hey reader! Wassup?  

Hope you find this article when you are in the cozy warm arms of your ‘shona babu janu koochi pakora jalebi samosa’. And if not, then do remember there are a number of things that hurt more than the break-up.  

Yes, I know that Virushka ki Anushka said that “ toote hue dil se hi sangeet nikalta hai”. But she doesn't know what a plastic surgery failure can do. She must ask this from Rakhi didi. (God save me from Deepak Kalal and Sir McDonald Trump!)  

But if your breakup is upsetting, and you’ve had enough of breakup troubles, we have something to cheer you up. Just stop seeing the wedding pictures of all the couples from B- town and stop finishing your tissue paper as the year 2018. 

Because guys, body lotions and girls, Huda beauty ki third copy, is way too costly to be drained in tears for just a breakup.  

Your savior Jerry Devi is here today to enlighten you about things that matter more than any break up in life. These are things that hurt more than breakups. And I am serious about this. 

After spending hours in the feeding trends laboratory we came out with a list of things that can be more painful than breakup itself.  

26 – When your friend had topped the exam in which you failed

What if you and your friend wrote the same thing on the answer sheets and when the result came out, you failed the same exam and your friend was one among the toppers in that. This definitely hurts a lot more than break up.

25 – Trying to make an online payment and the connection goes off

What if you are making an online transaction and the net goes off! At this moment the fear of losing the money is way more than the transaction you were going to make.

24 – Drinking green tea and not losing weight

You had read some article on a health consciousness and start following it. But it’s after a couple of weeks or so when you realize that all your efforts were useless.

23 – Appearing for the Govt. job for 16 times and still not getting selected

Govt. jobs are always a priority for the parents as a career for their children. But what if the child is not that much lucky to crack it even after ‘n’ number of times! It’s not only disheartening for the child but also for their parents.

22 – Getting to know the thriller climax just a minute before it plays on screen

Imagine you are watching your favorite thriller movie and just as the main thriller arrives, someone from the audience shouts the spoiler! (Kaash kisi ko maarna legal hota)

21 – Scratching the coupon card and seeing “Better Luck Next Time”

We all are familiar with the scratch cards we get on Google Pay, Phone Pe, etc for making a transaction. But, what if you get “Better Luck Next Time” again and again on scratching.

20 – Going to the exam hall and getting to know You have prepared for the wrong paper

It’s never easy to prepare for an exam and when by chance you do it, then the eagerness to pen it down on answer sheet is on the next level. But what if you get to know you have prepared for the wrong exam as soon as you entered the examination hall.

19 – Damaging your smartphone on the day you bought it

The excitement for using the new smartphone gets so much that we forget it can break too! A little carelessness and it gets damaged! What if that carelessness is shown by you on the day you bought it! 

18 – Trying to find a bug from your code for more than 8 hours and afterward realizing that it’s just a stupid spelling error!

Coding is not at all an easy job. It requires a lot of dedication. Imagine you have coded for a website and there’s just one error showing. And after spending more than 8 hours, you realize that you have typed a wrong spelling!

17 – Getting an invitation for Non-Veg party on Tuesdays

Having surround by the people enjoying delicious non-veg dishes and You are standing around the corner having your veg thaal, just coz it’s Tuesday!

16 – Getting sick on your birthday

Everyone eagerly waits for their birthday planning ‘n’ number of plans in their minds, but what if your excitement gets so much heated up that you fall sich just a day before your birthday! This is another level of disheartening and have no comparison with the hurt after break up.

15 – Getting a call from your crush and the mobile gets shut down

“Kisi cheez ko agar puri shiddat se chaho, to saari qaayenat tumhe usse milane ki saazish me lag jati hai”, Imagine you are waiting for that one call from your crush and just when the mobile rang, your mobile gets shut down. (Ab isme qaayenat bhi kya kare jab hamara mobile hi bekar ho)

14 – Sitting on the front seat in exam while your group is enjoying the advantage of the backseat

No matter how intelligent you are, You always need the advice of your friend in the exam to confirm your answer. It’s the most disheartening thing when You are sitting on the front bench in exam while your friends are enjoying the perks of getting a backseat.

13 – All set to pose in front of DSLR and the camera battery gets low

Have you ever encountered such a situation when you are eagerly waiting for your turn to get a new profile picture and when the time arrives, the camera-man indicates that the battery of DSLR is low!

12 – Getting ready for the party and finding that your sibling wore your dress

Imagine you are eagerly waiting for that party from months and had planned what all you do at the party and how You’ll be dressed up but finally when the day arrives, you find out that the dress you planned to wear, is already worn by your cousin.

11 – Going to the hospital and getting admitted for loose motions

Heartbreaking? You wouldn’t mind the bills you paid in the cafés with your better half, but you will mind the hospital bill that the doctor generates, by admitting you for loose motions. You will miss home’s food while eating khichdi and beg your parents to take you home. And mm would be like – ‘beta tu theek to ho ja pehle’. You woun’t have an option even. This is a distressing situation in life and to me, it hurts more than a breakup.

10 - Your landlord changes the WiFi password

The pain of a tenant when the landlord changes the WiFi password, is undoubtedly more painful than a breakup. Although JIO blocked our way of recreation, due to its poor service, we still were unaffected by this – just because our landlord/neighbor used a high-speed internet connection, and we accidentally got the password too. But what if one day you sit all set and your PC says incorrect password of WiFi. Won't it break your heart?   

9 - When Parle-g biscuit sinks in your tea:

Parle-g and tea are like a marriage match made in heaven. But where will you go and bang your head when the last piece of your Parle-g biscuit drops in the tea itself? I will definitely end up being hurt. Among the things that hurt more than breakups, the sinking of dipped Parle-g biscuit in tea has a majority votes. People are found crying and drinking more and more tea when this happens. 

8 – Trying to pass in mathematics

This is for the people who are not into this game of numbers. For them, breakup may go to hell. The most hurting thing in their life, even more painful than breakup is failing repeatedly in maths paper. They keep trying to pass in maths exams, only to get hurt again. These numbers aren’t meant for them simply. (For me it is Maths 2!)  

7 - Power cut on Diwali 

Imagine you decorated your whole house with beautiful lights, just to impress your parents and make them feel that you will become a successful engineer one day. And at the time of final showdown, there is a major power cut in your area. The rest will be as bright as your future of being a successful engineer.  It is one things that hurts more than a breakup!

6 - When you are all set for the New Year party and your parents come home

Beer? Check. Whiskey? Check. Condoms? Check. Chakna? Check. Maal? Check. Papa? Check. Wait a second, Papa? Dude imagine you emptied all your savings for the preparations of New Year eve, and your parents give you a surprise. You get caught surrounded by loads and loads of drinks, and then are left in the company of scolding all alone. This will be definitely more painful than any breakup ever.  

5 - Getting periods on the day of your date  

This one is girls special. You have been stalking this guy for a very long time and finally, you got to go for a date with him. But girl, Satan is still not happy with you.  The first date at his place and you even shaved your legs but your menstruation cycle couldn't wait for just one more day. And you reader, you still think breakup hurts more than this thing? No. This is the real suffering.

4 - When you don't find the masala packet inside Maggi noodles packet

If you are unlucky to the power unlucky, then you fall under this category. Not finding the masala packet inside the Maggi noodles packet is the height of bad luck. You can be wounded by love and you can even suffer a breakup, but you cannot stand the fear of missing out the Maggi masala packet. This is worse than the hurt of the break-up or being fired from your job, or getting married to a dog because you are Manglik.   

3 - When you bang your toe accidentally

Jalwa song playing in the background, and you walking swiftly throughout the house, and there’s a bang. Your toe accidently bumps into the table or sofa or wall, and you are like why the hell you have this stuff in your house. Still thinking about breakups? Please don’t. Your wounded toe will hurt you more than any breakup.

Warning - Only PUBG players will relate to these:  

2- When you get killed while you go to collect the dropped stuff 

More than 5 kills, all squad members alive and full health? Let's go to collect the dropped stuff in the play area. You reach there, and you find the best guns, but by the time you collect them, you get killed. You'll definitely shed a tear or two, and a loud cry. Well, it is the latest break-up replacement which we today have. And there is nothing that can heal the wounded heart. 

1- Getting killed by bluezone when only 2 are left   

You saw the other guy. You were about to kill him, but before that, you were killed by the bluezone. And how can you still think about the breakup? This is the most hurting and most painful thing to happen in the world.   

So these were a few things that we could list out which hurts more than any break-up. But if we missed any point, you can comment it in the comments section below. 

Also share your relatable experiences with us, so that we may come up with an extended list of such incidents. Till then happy Breakups!





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