The way I think about my life.

Fractal thinking

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The way I think about my life.


The thought of creating a life that seems like it’s written before you get there and wonder how it could be? Because you know that you take every direction you come to, with either prior thought or instantaneous thought, that’s either created from an understanding of something or an idea of understanding. (which would equal an understanding but the aim is only varied) Then I must assume that I’m living an idea of life, where “separate” life is contained outside of what I know and that everything is an idea that’s also given to me, as an idea that relates to my idea. (Like going to a movie and the movie is also watching you, for your reactions and emotions and that the movie screen produces its own movie out of the emotions it captures while you watch the movie you have gone to see)

I know that everything is a fractal because we live in a fractal universe and this is displayed through all of life, from the smallest form of life to the largest forms of life, that are created right through nature and are visible to even an untrained eye or anyone who looks and what we see is only sight, but we should also accept that fractal universe means, its a shape of a universe that interlocks at every dimension. This means that every dimension is included as being thought being a dimension, sight being a dimension, sound, taste, all these are themselves a dimension of life, where a picture is displayed on a different screen, giving the reader a way of translating every aspect of what we feel as a body, to what we can perceive as a mind.

We can study the fact that every drug a human takes, has to already have a receptor in the brain which already produces that drug naturally, for the brain to acknowledge the stimuli from the drug. This we can already accept as being correct. So for the mind to be able to accept the world into the mind, the mind must first be able to produce the world in thought. ( We can see in nature that when life isn’t accepted in a form, then the form can’t be seen, in either the person or the nature. When something isn’t accepted, the thing that isn’t accepted, can’t be displayed by that displayer of life!) If we take this statement, we can apply it to anything within our lives, like our personal wealth for instance. If a person is poor, he is poor not because of his surroundings, he is poor because of his thoughts. Poor can be any form of life.

Being rich is the state of mind that a person creates from the want for more life, Wanting more life is a plant in a forest, while there are many plants in this forest, there is also a limitless potential for life, and it’s the understanding and grasping of the thought of what limitless can be for you, because limitless means everything and anything, it has no right nor wrong, it only has the potential you give it and having as much as you create for it. Creating a limitless potential is in contrast to “limitless” because when we add potential to what’s limitless, we begin to move in a potential direction that has moved towards an outcome, but we should use our thoughts like you use a torch in the night. (The more focus you add to your torch, the more precise the outcome, but the precision comes from limiting the things you do and only doing those things that move you in the direction you see as being your strongest focus on the world you have created in your thoughts to be able to relate yourself to life)

Getting back to life being a fractal, we can relate everything said here back to the idea that life has a fractal pattern and with this, it means that like a wave rolling onto the beach, we can create a predictable cycle of life, that is in flow with the way things roll and there is only one direction, but we should accept that not every wave is given the same scenarios to face and some waves will travel over mountains before rolling onto the shore and it’s these mountains a person must scale himself to be able to get to the shoreline. But a wave that must first scale a mountain, will flood onto the beach and into the land, creating the landscape to match his struggles and strives, because everything the sailor faced while out at sea, was something that carved him out, and that will give him the strength to carve his landscape.

The ideas used here, are of a fractal mindset that can see the path that one takes is the shapes and patterns he has within himself. (The idea that a person sees his set of individual people. if you ever see people that you come across randomly and they’re someone you know but you’ve never met them. The person that resembles someone you know) That’s the fractal of the idea that keeps appearing in your life because it has stuck out to you and now it repeats itself in those you meet or just in the passing. Fractals are repeating shapes that keep a cycle of life going, like a bicycle wheel that goes round and round, that if it didn’t repeat, you would either have fallen off your bike or have stopped your bike.

When we distance ourselves from the fractals we’ve known for long enough, we create a space for new patterns to be created, and the old ones to fade. (We see this when we separate ourselves from those we have known and this gives us the chance to recreate some fractals within ourselves, by learning new things or finding emotions that drive us in new directions)

When we choose to separate ourselves from those we have known and in the space, we create new knowledge, we are essentially rewriting ourselves differently in a way that now makes better sense to us, that we can create a better impression of the world to build ourselves towards. The aspect of moving something takes strength. (The force of change always equals the strength gathered to make the change) The person who has his life moving in certain directions but may face difficulties at times, may find himself with a punctured wheel and unknowingly keeps cycling down the road. (This concept uses the understanding of entropy, where everything is moving to the stage it is recycled to become the beginning again, this is the same as a bicycle wheel going round and round, that the point the weight of the wheel goes from the bottom to the top is the recycling of the energy and most of the time this is done effortlessly but sometimes it catches because you have something within yourself that you’re holding back on and this is held as extra weight, giving you more effort to carry. This is essentially like the mountains you have to scale before landing on your beach)

These concepts I am using here work really well when you couple them with every other understanding of how anything works, and this is why it’s a fractal mindset. The idea of nourishment for the body, with an understanding of what we expect of our body, we should want a cycle for ourselves that puts us where we want to be, and this is done by creating an acceptance of what creates what cycles. Complex carbohydrates create long tracks of a cycle that give the body a longer pathway to travel in the cycle of what the body’s functions are as well as the mechanics of that system of a cycle.

The main thing I always keep in my thoughts at every moment and every step, I keep this thought on an ongoing basis, like it’s the road I walk along and the sky I keep over my head, it’s the place I go towards and it’s the space that I travel within and it keeps everything perfectly in check, like a road map that has been travelled a billion times but I am the billion as myself. The idea I speak of is the knowledge that your mindset creates your journey and your mindset is created through your thought process, which is your conscious mind, and also your subconscious mind. We know that the subconscious mind is powerful but we don’t know where its power comes from but I’m going to tell you here.

Your subconscious mind is created in the minds of all and can create a powerful experience of life, but the subconscious mind is your brain that has receptors of the perspectives you create from the world you have created in your mind. The subconscious mind will calculate anything you have given it as a repetition you create as a cycle of life that you understand. ( you have to understand something to give it to your subconscious mind, and the understanding has to be so ingrained that you can base your conscious mind on its understanding so that you can accept as much life into yourself as possible, giving you these reflections of life that you’re able to shine your torch through) The subconscious mind is the space that surrounds you and that creates the physical world, that all the dimensions of life are laid upon so that the mind can create its aspect within the subconscious.

When we separate ourselves from others we’ve known, we create a fading between them and our present, this is the subconscious mind, that now doesn’t create those individuals as its structures. But we should understand that the subconscious mind is like a forest with limitless potential, where it wants to continuously grow and we should continuously feed our subconscious mind with ideas that resonate well with us, like feeding ourselves with a direction of life that produces our desired outcome, with something that relates to our goals. (Like wanting to be fit and healthy and then feeding the body with exercise and foods that produce the desired outcome)

The biggest change someone can make is something that changes his/her mind, from a negative to a positive. Understanding how to change a negative into a positive is as easy as referencing your idea of the thought against the desired outcome and if the thought. (The thought being anything you could choose with a conscious mind) doesn’t reflect the desired outcome, then you’re either moving against your wishes or you’re not wanting your desired outcome enough. Wanting something is as easy as telling yourself that you want something, the second you tell yourself you want something, it is then instantaneously created and it’s your continued telling yourself of the same thing, while matching your actions with the thought of, does this reflect my desired outcome and if you can say yes, then you are moving towards what you’re telling yourself in your thoughts and while you continue to do things in life and with each thing you do matching the desired outcome. You will then eventually get what you originally spoke of to yourself. You could say “I want a Ferrari!” and then do what I’ve spoken of and eventually you will own a Ferrari, while you always keep the image of the Ferrari in your conscious mind and keep referencing your actions against this thought while asking yourself, is this action in direction with my desired outcome?

Treating life like it’s a course of actions we should take in order to meet our desired outcome, is the case of looking at your actions like drawing a picture on a page with a pencil and as you draw your picture, you can use an eraser if there are any lines you don’t accept as being in your image of the desired outcome, by not doing them repeatedly. Creating your desired outcome is like drawing the picture in your thoughts enough times, and then handing this image over to your subconscious mind, where your subconscious mind can then outline this picture into your life, where you can then create the details by repeating the actions you feel match the details of your desired outcome. Keep in your thoughts that a pencil on a page writes in carbon while your life is created in carbon in the lived dimension. Keep your thoughts on writing your life in the book you wish to read, and then keep writing the thoughts that best direct your life towards your desired outcome, till your life resembles the idea you originally told yourself.

When I speak of fractals, I speak of them as a set of tools in a toolbox and these tools are what you build your life with. understanding this, then you can imagine that every person has their own set of tools that they create their own experience of life with and the tools someone fashions their lives with, can be applied to your own life too, if you can fathom these tools yourself. What I’m saying here is, that a person can walk into, say, a gym and see someone who he/she finds appealing to look like, and then fashion their body to represent the image we captured originally.

As we continue to progress ourselves, we also use all other images we see that reflect well against our desired outcome and then incorporate these images we have that we hold in our thoughts.

The person we initially saw might only use one machine to get the outcome he/she created and it may take us more than that single machine, but this is our acceptance of the availability we have in our minds that we can reflect off. The person that uses only one machine may only need one machine to create the image in his mind, where we would like more and in wanting, we present ourselves with more.

If you found any of this useful, please comment it would mean a lot and will keep me writing more.

Thanks for reading.


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