The Speaking Silence

12 months ago 1 min read

The speaking silence

Quiet and silent, better than violent.

A world of isolation reliefs,

then having an unworthy conversation.

Sometimes it’s fair to zip-up the mouth,

rather than to scream and shout.

It’s not an empty state,

silence says much more than chatting late.

It’s not a negative term, what people usually thought,

it says a lot, if they give it a thought.

It gives us a ride,

to the actions we made last night.

To correct something, to change something,

it provides a scope to make something.

Silence speaks, it really does,

we just have to make it us.

Its best than a best friend,

it stays with you in every trend.

It live inside, it breath inside,

it’s wholly yours, you have to realize.

It is now perceived to be depressed or stressed,

you are not speaking,

because you didn’t pass the test.

This is not, completely not true,

silence has its own dictionary to be used.

It’s better than those fake people,

whose chats make us a disciple.

We haven’t heard it, it’s our fault,

why blame others, if we haven’t heard our soul.

It’s leisure, its pride, it’s beautiful and bright.

It’s not a captive of anyone,

it liberates us from the confusing ones.

It gives us time, to go back and think,

to make a right decision,

which we previously didn’t.

It’s a living being, never dies,

silence remains ever after our demise.