The magnetism you create.

The strength you have.

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The magnetism you create.


The idea of how magnetism works for an individual. from a distance across the space of life, we see ourselves as we are in the form we move as, and this form is created in 2 stages.

The first stage is the creation of our organic material that holds the bonds of our magnetic material. The organic material is bonded to the earth through the sun and gives us our life form. (our body) That is able to live and accept consciousness in a form that we can advance as a life form that is able to bond to the structures of life around us. (so that we can be human and interact with other humans)

Whereas the magnetic material is created directly from the earth and gives our organic material the structure that we form our organic material too. (the idea that the consciousness is somewhat machine-like and the organic material is completely organic and would grow like grass or moss, something that just builds around the structure it’s given.)

Every part of the system in which we live consists of a magnetic field and its this magnetic field that a human creates as well, but this field is shaped by your mindset and the world that you live in, is attracted to this field in the way you create a pull and pushed away by the way you push. (if you imagine that your surroundings are a result of the way you distribute yourself in your life)

when we accept that we are the mindset we create, we then have the power in our hands to craft the keys we need in order to create the mindset we want. The mindset of an individual is just that, it’s individual to you and should be treated like you plant your garden of flowers, and if you aren’t choosing what is in your garden with absolute care, then you plant everything that you’re given. It’s easy most of the time to plant the flowers you want because most of the time your power is in your hands, but this power is subject to your willpower and your willpower is what you wear when making decisions.

if you think of your willpower like a kid playing football and his enjoyment as well as his commitment. (all the things that make this player such a good player) now you imagine that this kid can go astray if say he's given too many plays to run and his mind is exhausted.) The more direct you can aim your willpower, the more precise the outcome. (By direct I mean that you should only ever have a couple of vices to overcome.) You the reader has complete control of your surroundings by the way you involve yourself in your surroundings and nothing is capable of coming into your surroundings that you didn’t create. This statement I back up with the fact that we live in a fractal universe which has to be connected at every level and in every dimension because that is how fractals work. The idea is that the seed of an Oaktree contains the seed of the Oaktree it will bare and the seed of that seed and so forth.

The study of fractals is the knowledge that everything within existence has to happen at exactly the same point and every part of every inch within the universe has to be connected to each other. Things are only able to separate themselves at different levels. This idea of fractals separating themselves at different levels is the idea that a person going through different stages of his life, then disconnects from the person he was, this concept is also valid where two people are separate in thought, same as animals and humans are separate in species, all these examples of separate are equal to fractals being able to separate themselves on a level which gives an advancement of life and in return being able to create a cycle of life that has a motion to it. (just like waves rolling into the beach, every wave is completely separate from the last and is only affected slightly as the repelling wave rolls back under and back into the sea as the new wave rolls over)

Every person shapes his shoreline to match the sea he saw and it’s this magnetism that draws your shoreline. The magnetism a person creates in his life is the magnetism that draws him forward towards creating everything he goes on to create and this magnetism finds strength where other strong magnets are. (This is a pyramid where the person goes to the bottom and is on a level as the other magnets of the same strength and then as he gets better at what he does and refines himself, he is drawn up, the further he goes up the more magnetism he creates and the more that is magnetised towards him, this happens as a person establishes himself of different strengths and characteristics, but essentially the more he is capable of and does the more magnetism is drawn towards him)

A person can only ever find what he attracts because only what he has created can live within the fractal universe he has created for himself and it’s this understanding of “different levels” that a person should take into account at all times. What this means and gives the person, is the tools he needs to fashion his life, whereas before you would say yes to something, now you should say no! and its this change a person starts a new rotation in his life that guides him to make stronger decisions and look for greater strengths that he can understand it as peeking over a mountain and seeing your ideal on the other side, but you want to stretch yourself as tall as you can to have as much of what you want to see in yourself as possible. (This is the idea that a person stretching himself, is the idea that you would put as many positives into your life as possible giving you more height. Like a person who feels proud of themselves and feels like they’re standing up tall, it’s this understanding you should have in thinking about when bettering yourself because any feeling a person can hold for a brief moment, can last for much longer if you keep your actions reflecting what made you feel good initially)

Magnetism is the key to understanding life and what everything is because everything has to have a certain amount of magnetism in order to live within the world, for if it did not, it would surely fade away and have no use-value, and if something has no use-value, then it has no space and is pushed away constantly. The ability to like something gives that something its magnetism, not wanting something also gives it a magnetism that you are repelled by. (This is because you’re the same pole as the thing you don’t like) and this nature of being repelled by something is in fact something within you that you find repelling about yourself and is displayed in your life and an object. (The object could be another person or anything if you bought something and didn’t like it, then there’s something in you that you aren’t liking, for instance, if you bought fruit and the fruit was bad then there’s something within you that you should change.) Your world is always a creation of the person you are and everything within that world is there because it came from you!

Question yourself, how does a magnet work? Create a clear image of this in your mind and then apply that to your world, question everything and ask yourself what place this has in my world, to what extent do I need to deal with this in order to level up? Your life is only ever a level away from perfection, practice makes perfect when you're practising levelling up. Think of it like being a dog and then you want to spin around and become the god. Your life is only ever 180 degrees from looking at living your life like it’s being created for you, to looking at it like you’re the one creating it and it’s only when you flip your thoughts that you create an understanding. (Just like the poles of a magnet, they’re always 180 degrees apart and it’s this 180 degrees that a person must go through in order to level up)

I spoke of the idea of saying no, where before you would say yes, this is the concept of going 180 degrees to create a new way of looking at your life. The more 180 degree turns you can make in your life will take every fractal in your life and give them a 180 flip, in order to give you a better life that is filled with more of the things you truly want. But creating these 180 flips requires you to work very closely with your willpower. The willpower a person holds is equal to the change he will make in his life and this willpower has to be built before he can enter the pyramid where he hopes to gain his magnetic field that will attract all the life he can possibly attract. Once he enters his pyramid he is naturally drawn through the process like a well-laid domino course and it’s the building of his willpower that sets up these dominos.

I tell myself this and I tell you, Sort something today and it will forever be taken care of within your life. Keep chanting this like a mantra over and over at every moment you come to the chance of doing a 180 and sooner than you can imagine, your life will start resembling the image of someone who is doing a 180 on their habits and outlook. It just takes saying the right thing to yourself to be able to follow what you’re telling yourself, because the process of saying something to yourself is just as taxing as doing the thing you’re telling yourself, so you don’t need to worry about doing the thing you wish done, you only need to think about the process of doing it while telling yourself, “sort it today and it will forever be taken care of within my life!” Because once we see ourselves stopping things that we would normally do, we find that feeling of proudness that makes us stand up taller and see more of ourselves that encourages us to keep going in that direction because once you know you can have what you truly want of yourself, you’re drawn more towards the better image, than to the way things were.

Once a person sees enough of what he wants, he never looks back again and dives wholeheartedly Into the changes he wants to make within himself that guide him to new peaks. Anything a person can say that he wants is something that has been created for him to be able to get, there’s nothing that is out of reach and it just takes finding that image to be able to reflect off. If a person finds himself walking down the road and a Ferrari drives past, then there is some possibility within his life that he can own that Ferrari or one like it, but it’s only through the process of creating steps towards something while you hold that something in your thoughts. (That something being a Ferrari in this case and holding the Ferrari in your thoughts takes a certain amount of pressure that you apply to your imagination)

The imagination is the building that a person creates in order for the world to be housed, this is a thought universe and we can see this when we take a telescope and look into the depth of space, we see what resembles a human brain which is the reflection of imagination looking into the brain while it studies itself. Imagination is what you impress your thoughts upon when you live your life but most of the time you’re accepting what you’re given as being the world around you, but you seldom realise that you can take a thought like a builder takes a brick and build your own thought process that just like a builder using many bricks to build a building, you should take many thoughts that lead you to build a life of your own dimensions.

You the reader should be the contractor and every decision you need to make requires knowledge of what creates a decision and why we make a decision. Decisions are made just the same way a person who is driving from one town to the next would use the roads, your aim is to get where you’re going and this takes deciding what you want to see in the next town. Every level of your life is built through its journey toward where you’re going because every person on earth wants to go somewhere, this is the continuous growth of the imagination. This concept is the same as a jungle or forest always moving towards greater life that’s fuller and more abundant, it’s this movement that gives everything its strength to move, when a tree gets to the point it falls over, then the life that was once up high has now become the ground of new life from below, it’s this continued movement that drives a person to drive himself up or drive himself down.

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