The Importance Of Life Skills, Personality And Perception

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The Monday is here again.

Why not start the week with the story, insisting on values and importance of life skills.

Video Link: The Importance Of Life Skills and Personality | Perception vs Reality

Life Skills !

In the video, the story is about a Rowman and the three intellects which are in a river and going on a ride. This story will be a perfect example for the ones who judge others based on their personality.

The Rowman is asked question about his education, his skills and his knowledge, and every time he gets asked a question by the three intellects, he definitely fails in giving the answers to them.

The perception is formed, though precisely it should be derived based on ones personality, instead they derived a perception that he is not a well-to-do person and he has wasted his life, but that isn't it.

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The motive of the story is to tell the value of the importance of life skills, why are they needed, and avoid making assumptions and deriving unwanted perception from that.

One maybe a brilliant scholar but does that mean or prove the abilities of the man/woman, or defines their personality. The video sheds light on the true aspect of learning and watch the video to discover what eventually happened with the three scholars and how they met their end.

The story took an interesting turn midway and that climax puts one in the direction of the moral of this story narrated in the video.

Everyday can prove to be a great teacher if one knows how to be a good seeker for knowledge. One must watch the video and analyze the true intent of the narration.

When a person forgets about how much vitality life skills holds in the practical life, this video will remind them of the importance of life skills in various forms, which will prove helpful to them at some or other point of their life.

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So don't judge anyone based on knowledge, or wealth, judge based on the personality they actually have.

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