The Impact Of Social Media On Young Minds

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Sonali Negi

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Young minds are keen users of social media. They have this thought of exploring and creating happiness through the power of technology. Their ability to learn is quite active as compared to other age groups because at a very young age the person wants to learn different things. The world and technology are so fast nowadays. They are growing side by side. So, in this actively changing world, social media is running at a very high rate.

Social media is actually a place where one can explore positivity too. If someone is willing to spread positivity and good words then social media could be a better place because it reaches so far. It roams throughout the nation widely. In the world of social media, print media is a bit old-fashioned.

Magazines and news

The print media and youth

The youth is much more towards social media because every single piece of information is on different electronic gadgets. Different social sites have been created to read different kinds of stuff like news, research, humor as well as literature. But still, the people who have a habit of reading stuff on tangible states read newspapers, magazines, etc. Do you remember the time when postcards journals were in the air? People felt more connected at that time because one letter or one postcard was true happiness. That on letter expressed the wait of days to read each word. People were curious for seeing the feelings of their loved ones in the letter. And this is my very personal opinion that those letters and postcards were symbols of true affection.

Letter holding feelings

Though social media has been changed a lot print media is solely a true feeling and curiosity.

I feel that some old things are far better than today’s flashy happiness. The time somebody waits for a particular thing and achieves it, you will see the true happiness or feelings on the person’s face. If you like social media then only try to keep yourself down to earth. Whenever you are sharing something make sure that it is not hurting anyone.


Sonali Negi

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