The imagination.


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The imagination.

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The imagination is like a factory that produces thoughts from the different stations of direction, where these stations attach to other stations of similar thought. The idea is that these stations of thought bring in similar thoughts, and with every similar thought produced, another one is sent.

We build ourselves stronger in thought when we concentrate a thought into a corner of a room rather than switching a light on in a room. This is true but always keep a good eye on the person holding the torch in your thoughts too. The idea is to create a life of dreams but you should always remember that no matter how much you focus your sights on what you work towards, you should always remember the body of the user, for in the world the body lives, the mind must keep conscious of the body so as to create strength in themselves before they wish to create from the mind. The body holds your life like a fire holds the flame of its light, so you should wish to feed your life with a burning desire for your body to be a part of the life you imagine of yourself, for you will never get lost in thought or imagination when all your thoughts keep you firm to your physical world as much as the world you imagine of yourself.

Life is a dream and your thoughts are the creator of your life where everything you have surrounding you is something you fashioned to either give you pleasure in a moment or stimulus to keep going. There’s only a need to go or a need to stay, one can never do both, so everything that surrounds you is either something to make you go or make you stay, even as you walk down the road everything surrounding you is there to make you either stay or keep going. You create the world around you by what you have in your thoughts and it’s completely up to you to keep producing these thoughts. If you wish to live in space, you have to convince enough of the other connecting thoughts to create this in their thoughts too, but with every idea, a following idea in this direction is needed.

The idea is that you go to the gym and every time you go, you have the effect on your body that your imagination holds of changing your body. Once I decided to go to the gym every day for 9 months and no less than 5 hours a day while spending 1–3 hours on a single machine as hard as I physically could and after 6 months I started getting approached by the gym instructors telling me I was going to damage myself and I wasn’t getting what I wanted, but I kept doing exactly the same thing every single day never stopping, even going to the gym twice a day and staying till closing. Afterwards, I held this shape easily for a number of years without the need to push as hard. Now I find it extremely easy to push myself in areas of my life where I can use the same focus patterns I created then in my imagination.

The imagination works with gatemen, if he can say,” yeah let that thought through, it's a regular”, then you’re on your way to creating from that pathway. If you create a head down and focus mentality on one thing, then creating that same mentality towards something else becomes a breeze.

Treat your imagination as a kid would like to be treated, offer it thoughts of adventure and surprise, then watch as your imagination responds with an equalled surprise or adventure. If you can create a feeling of surprise and adventure, the world around you will manifest itself in such a way that you are given the same in return.

The other day I went cycling, I’d never visited a beach and had no plans to when I left to go cycling. The road was a long road I had chosen and after 2 hours of cycling in one direction, I stopped to see the map and realised that I wasn’t far from a beach, so I decided to turn in this direction to find the entrance road for the beach; I was feeling excited going along this road and knew this would be a first for me. These feelings were all brought around by the effort I had cast on the unknown of my world, for I had no idea where I was going originally, I had only decided that I would make the best of what I had and even though it may have only been a cycle, I had set my thoughts of to use and make the best of what I had. After I had left this beautiful beach, I then turned to go to the next town to which someone on a similar bike, riding in the same direction as me, immediately interacting with me. It was clear to me that I could interact with this person in a way that he was put there for me to interact with. There was a two-hour cycle back to the town we both were from, to which we spent the remainder of the journey cycling chatting. The thing that made this stand out was the fact that I and this person both did three main things that we did ourselves the three main things we shared as well. We both had a level of mastery in cycling, drawing and guitar playing.

These events came about because I had pressed a considerable amount of emotions into my imagination where the imagination of life responded by pressing a character that shared enough similarity in person that a point of reference could be made.

We get what we seek when we seek it for the right causes. My cause for my point is so that I could teach from a point of knowledge. I spend great deals of thought and imagination on understanding how the imagination relates itself to life.

The strength of God that creates life and if it’s God planting the seeds into the imagination to grow ideas in the minds of man so that the heavens are filled with God's beautiful creations. It begins with being a question to God that you would like to answer his questions through knowledge and understanding.

Life is the seed of thought and the minds of man create the ideas that hold life like the gravitational pull, equal to the sun holding the solar system in motion and gravity. Nothing else in the galaxy is as powerful as the mind of man, for the mind holds all.

Nothing escapes a mind that won’t let go of a thought. A thought is as powerful as the mind makes it and everything in existence got there through thought originally. A thought that is equalled by action leads to the success of that thought, for the action has to also be based on reality and needs a thought capable of turning the action into a successful action. Every thought is a success that leads to action, but only thoughts with actions lead to the success of the action.

You can have a thought to be an athlete and the thought that gets you on the field is a success, the action only becomes a success once it has been mixed with enough actions that the action actually leads to success. You succeed the minute you try and your actions succeed the moment you keep trying.

Creating a baseline of steps like a guitarist keeps the base going with his thumb and the melody can be made with the timing of imagination through the fingertips.

We succeed at what we try when what we do relates to what we continue to try. There is no top and there is no bottom, there’s only an acceptable point of reference. The imagination is where life writes the story and every person who lives within this imagination, also writes their story into the story of life. We are our own guests and we welcome ourselves to the pleasures of our home. The mind of man impresses his thoughts into the imagination of life where the life that surrounds the man, then presses the image into the life of the man.

The mind continues to imprint the life it knows and sees. The way to change your life is to change what you see. Use different shops, wear new clothes, and visit new places. Become the original idea of yourself again, where you had life surrounding you and everything felt brand new. You’re only ever as far as you see yourself, and this distance changes greatly when you act upon your surroundings with actions of change. What the mind creates, life offers.

Keep your eyes seeing new things and mix this with actions that draw you forward into a new life. Become flexible to your world where you would accept whatever changes you were offered. Be the young version of yourself where you could jump on a train with no destination and follow it with a feeling of completing a journey and your journey will be filled with what you hold as feeling to your journey. Every journey is made with a strength of capableness to what you offer, to in return gather what’s being offered. Be curious enough that you ask or bold enough that you take control, be shy enough that someone cares to ask. Start your journey with enough to complete your journey and everything you have can be given away as you will always be rewarded by what you give.

The mind of man holds his ideas of what he is and is capable of, these ideas attract themselves to opportunities outside of sight and beyond imagination, but the opportunities lie in the same reach as a road going from one city to another city and all you have to do is make the journey.

The possibility fills the mind with emotions like switching a light on in a room, but the idea is to focus this light of emotion in one corner of your life, so as to use your emotions like a boxer in a ring, for the boxer doesn’t want to fight everyone on the opposing team, only the one in the ring. Emotions are your tool to conquer thought. The more emotions you can relate to something, the more feelings you have drawing you forward.

Emotions can be captured like rain in a barrel.

Emotions are the tool of imagination that imagination uses like a workforce building its surroundings. The emotions pay for the building of imagination through the feelings held towards the thoughts they produce.

Emotions are the feeding blocks of energy that you feed into your life that carries your movement through life. When you fill yourself with tasks that build your imagination you, in turn, build your life, when you fill your day by building the emotions of another, you are either swept into their ideas or you’re swept towards your own idea of the ideas.

You have in your grasp always to build emotions that carry your life. The simple act of working on yourself is the biggest builder of your emotions and whatever direction you aim your action, will find equal emotions being contributed through your life, where these emotions can be used to gain further and deeper thought into the ideas of the mind.

Emotions can carry your mind around the world and make you repeat the same act day after day for a lifetime, so mastering your emotions is the most useful tool to build a successful life. Cause, remember when you build emotions, you’re rewarded by the act of those emotions that carry you along a thought process, to where the actions create the rewards of grasp. So mastering your emotions can be the building of you following your dreams and designing your feelings so that you can decide exactly what you wish to see and find emotions in.

The emotion gathering sense is like a kid in a candy store and you need to choose what you want because you can’t have everything, you can only have what you can carry. You want the strongest emotions that lead you to make the biggest jumps in life towards what you truly wish for and not what's easy because it’s in front of you. You need to be an athlete in a candy store, building a city of stores you wish to be in.

If you walked out of the candy store with all you could carry, you would have a sweet moment in life that would keep you from searching further and when you came to look again, you would be challenged by your commitment. It’s easy to commit yourself when you have a reason, but hard when you feel like you’re doing it just to collect more candy.

The mind only holds what it needs to hold, so everything you want has to be built from need, to where those thoughts are always held. The fact kids are put in school every day gives them the acts of learning, before the mind ever even wants to start, so when you come to want to learn, you already have a baseline of knowledge.

Every act we do has to be supported by another act we have done. The only way to get across a river successfully time after time is to build a bridge. Bridges are only built where needs can cross this bridge, for no bridge exists because of a want of one candy bar.

Someone who has lots of emotions in their life, can take control of their emotions and aim them towards a path of connecting emotions. Someone who has lots of emotions installed in their life can see this by the events that take place. If there’s always a pattern of things that lead the person to feel things, as a result, may accept themselves as being an emotional creator and the have the ability to capture these emotions in activities that draw others in with similar emotional tendencies of a similar kind.

This is the foundation of everything that built every great civilisation, the ability to connect their emotions with other individuals who share similar emotions. The mind that can control their emotions, can control their surroundings with these emotions and use them as keys to doors of creation within their grasp of their reality.

The imagination is held together by the emotions it gathers in its creation of itself. The mind of man uses these emotions like a city uses their telephone connections. We have in our ability the power of communication to the power of the emotion we’re communicating with. The building of every great empire began with the creation of the emotions that led to the building of that empire.

Having a strong bond to someone that you would do anything for them, then the cultivation of this is how you act and with these feelings, you find yourself more capable of creating scenarios that lead to better outcomes. We connect the greatest acts of life when we connect these acts with emotions and even stronger acts when these emotions are led by another with whom we hold emotions.

Emotions are like rain and they are captured when you act on how you feel. You have no less than you commit and everything you gather is that you gave. We walk free from what doesn’t serve us when we stop standing in the rain of that emotion. Just one foot in an emotion acts like a magnet pulling you towards that emotion.

Building an emotion is like someone listening to a song they don’t acknowledge and the more they listen the more the rhythm becomes a tapping foot and then a freely dancing person dancing in the rain. The mind moves to the rhythm you accept into your body. If you keep applying your actions to one thing, you’ll find yourself drawn to this thing. Nothing escapes a mind that a body keeps acting upon. The body lives in the thoughts it fills and these thoughts act upon the body with the knowledge of their minds.

The mind of one is the body of another and the mind of you is the vine on which life is fed, the mind creates the world but the world makes the mind. Life is the poster on the walls of sight and the mind creates the images that are picked up by vision, where vision is created through the repetitions held in the subconscious.

Man affects his world like a game of chess affects the board on which it is played.

An idea today is a kingdom tomorrow and a dream if captured.

Life is golden when you spend your thoughts digging for treasures.

What you have today, is just to show you what you could possibly have tomorrow.

A habit set in stone is a chair to always rest on.

An open mind is rewarded with an open door.

Willingness is rewarded with opportunity.

Gratitude drives the power of commitment.

Capture your ideas as they come and see where you go, act upon your world as a maze of opportunities and find what you need just around the corner, every time you push yourself to try something new, for every question we ask is answered always, and the answers will guide you towards your ideas.

Everyone has ideas and these ideas correspond when we connect our ideas to actions. Act upon your thoughts and find others who share similar ideas, coming into your world. Life connects what it feels will bond well.

God encourages me to write my thoughts and I see this through the life I receive to write about, for it matches my understanding of what I see returning from the thoughts I direct through my actions.

Thank you for reading my thoughts.


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