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Lashes bring more life and drama to the eyes. For some, using mascara is a non-negotiable to top off their look. And this was always acknowledged by people even centuries ago. 

In Ancient Rome, women admired curled, thick, dense eyelashes because they were supposed to ward off evil spirits. On the other hand, Romans often used kohl with burned cork to darken their lashes.

In Egypt, darker eyelashes served as a shield from the sun's harsh glare. Ancient Egyptians pulverized stones to create pigments. It wasn't until the 19th century that non-toxic mascara was invented.

Fast forward to 2022, mascara is a beauty staple in many makeup enthusiasts' routines. Just one or two swipes of mascara, and you're good to go. It can instantly make your eyes more intense and complete your glam or clean makeup look.

These days, brands are releasing different types of mascaras left and right. From volumizing and thickening, lengthening, lash defining, and waterproof or smudge-proof mascaras, there's a product for your specific lash needs.

While some people experiment with eyelash treatments such as lash lifts or lash extensions, chances are you have a go-to mascara tube that you regularly repurchase

The History of Mascara: A Visual Timeline

As you can see, the evolution and history of mascara is a fascinating one. Indeed, these well-loved products have gone such a long way. Their progress is undeniable–from kohl, stones, and burnt cork that people used 6000 years ago to their now non-toxic and safe formulations.

But who invented this statement makeup item, and how did it evolve to what it is now? What's the story behind its development? How did mascara become a staple in every makeup bag? That's a lot to unpack. Thankfully, here's a visual representation of its timeline that will walk you through the history of mascara through the years.



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