The building blocks of determination.


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The building blocks of determination.

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Our stories always create a pathway in our imaginations that keep us on a path of reality, for past every sight lives the unsighted yet. Just out of vision is where you need to plant your flag, past what you know and in the place you imagine.

There’s a map within your imagination of the place where you’ll find your greatest strengths and it’s in your willpower that you use to carry you from your surroundings to the place you imagine.

When you move past what you know, to where you imagine, you are rewarded with the building blocks of determination. Determination is the building blocks of your dream, so the more determination you gather, the bigger and brighter your dream will be.

If you picture something in your imagination, this could be anything that you believe will set you straight on your path or add to your journey. When you accomplish one of these tasks, you acquire the space in your imagination where the thought turned into reality. The more thoughts you turn into reality, the more power you have over what you can imagine.

The imagination is a muscle just the same as any on a body and the more you exercise this muscle, the greater power you have over your imagination. The imagination creates your life completely, from the ground up, for when you imagine something you’re used to doing, it doesn’t seem like you’re imagining it, and that's because it’s more planted in the subconscious, giving you the power of knowledge cemented in repetition.

The power of the subconscious mind is equal to the solar system keeping the knowledge that the earth lives within the solar system and this is where consciousness stems from. The earth being the conscious thought and the solar system, being the subconscious mind.

With every thought we capture and connect to an action, we give ourselves the power of strength In commitment.

The more endurance you can create in your subconscious mind will guide you over greater challenges with less strain. If you imagine a Tour De France cyclist and think that the cyclist could easily cycle 100 miles without a bother. The cyclist got there, by creating a head-down mentality that was fed by the mind convincing the cyclist that the pace was desirable to the reward. You create all the life you wish for when you create a head-down mentality and, are then able to cover great deals of effort without it seeming like you’re pushing too hard.

The rewards always reward themselves well when you have a focus that’s on covering as much effort as possible while putting your head down and focusing on your task.

The greatest reward in life is having something to commit yourself to because when you have something worth your focus, your efforts then open up doors of opportunities that lead you to greater successes. The mind is a spotlight into the imagination, where the imagination shines your image into your life with the brightness of your focussed efforts.

The imagination is the rainbow that you always find your pot of gold when you travel to the destination you set.

We shine much brighter when we see our thoughts reflecting back in our actions that are captured by those we share the actions with. When we have an idea and this idea leads to the efforts of others working on the same idea, our mind creates possibilities for us to further create this same alignment in opportunity. We are a wheel of our ideas, with every turn that an idea amounts to, the distance travelled in that idea, gives it traction and stability.

Ideas are the building blocks of every building in the world. With every successful idea leading to a brick being laid in cement. Ideas carry everything to everywhere, ideas keep the mind alive, so with every idea that's planted in action, a new possibility grows. The world is never limited to ideas and only by actions, so the more actions you feed your ideas, the more life rewards you with places for your actions to go.

The world is run on actions and the more actions you commit to life, the more actions you’ll see reflecting back into your life. The more you give the more you shall receive.

An idea to write a sentence today is a story tomorrow and every destination you could write about.. one day.


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