The Balance

Which one will you choose?

Vartika Srivastava

4 months ago|1 min read


There is always a battle within ourselves to combat between our heart and mind. There are lots of dramatic struggle in ourselves to choose between the harsh reality depicted and perceived by our mind though contradicted by the personified dreams and decorated aspirations created by our heart.

So, here are my rhyming words to describe this strange emotional moment within ourselves.

Hoping the best, you must let it go,

The heart said it so, the mind said no.

Mind denies life to be so coloured,

Miracles don't happen in the real world.

Revenge, ignorance, full of hatred,

Broken by hurts, the mind asserted.

The burning anger, egoistic mind,

Nothing happens when you are kind.

Families fight for money and fame,

Blood connection is just a witty game.

Wealthy people can get it all,

Mind takes earth, a burning ball.

The heart bathes in the holy divine,

Love is the thing that makes you shine.

Accepting the faults is or duty,

Forgiveness is the real beauty.

Every soul is pure and full of love,

Connected to the holy God above.

Blanket of negativities we do wear,

Hard to uncover layer by layer.

Miracles do happen said the heart,

Fear and hope when stay apart.

Wishes do fulfil, all it costs,

Trust in God until not lost.

Miracles do feed upon patience,

AMEN assures all, Quran mentions.

Karma makes our future ahead,

Destiny is fixed, though mind said.

God creates heart, situations build mind,

Whom to listen, hard to find.

God gives birth, so assures the end,

Optimism is the way to the holy friend.


Vartika Srivastava

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