10 Quirky Gifts For That Tech-Loving Guy On Your List!

Jun 29, 2021 6 min read

Looking for tech gift ideas for that technophile in your life? 

You know, that gadget guru you're pals with 'cause technology ka kya bharosa

Whether it's a birthday, Valentine's Day, or Rakshabandhan, these 10 quirky gift ideas are perfect for the guy who goes all gaga over gadgets. Come, let's take a peek!

Tech Gift Idea #1: This Desk Tap Light

10 Quirky Gifts For That Tech-Loving Guy On Your List!

Has your gadget-freak of a friend ever misplaced his phone and had to spend an extended time in the dark? 

Maybe he's been out in the wilderness at night or facing a power outage at your house and had to find the way without a flashlight. It can be scary and confusing. 

This is where this Desk Tap Light comes in! A must-have utility, this attractive capsule is a one-of-a-kind gift for techy by all means. The battery-powered light switches off and on with a mere tap and self-balances on swaying. Sweet, huh?

Tech Gift Idea #2: This Robot Desk Alarm Clock

<i>Image Credits: Bigsmall.in</i>
Image Credits: Bigsmall.in

Has your friend always dreamed of building his own robot but thinks that it's impossible without a lab, a few serious university degrees, and a lisping assistant with a limp? Well, we're here to tell you that it's perfectly possible (and pretty easy) to build your own mechanical minion. 

This Robot Desk Clock looks as charming & straight from the land of sci-fi as it sounds! Its red eyes flare up every time the alarm goes off. Available in a variety of colors, it comes with horizontally moveable joints. 

The clock can be made to stand in evil or funny poses, including the one where his mom stands by his bedside with both hands on her hips & hollers away to get his lazy ass off the sack!

Tech Gift Idea #3: This USB Clock Fan

<i>Image Credits: Amazon.in</i>
Image Credits: Amazon.in

Need a simple techie gadget that will blow his hair AND his mind? This is just the gift for him.

A single LED studded fan blade creates a hologram-like clock face as it twirls through the air – cooling the room, telling the time, and blowing everyone's mind all at once. 

Is it a physical metaphor playing on the idea that time is an illusion? A piece of alien technology? Nah, it's just a neat little gadget, even if it seems like it's designed to freak out cats. 

Pretty sweet, eh?

Tech Gift Idea #4: This Rock On Stand

<i>Image Credits: Bigsmall.in</i>
Image Credits: Bigsmall.in

For the average person, a headphone is just another electronic device. 

But for a technophile, it's an essential must-have that needs to be treated with care and respect. 

And this Rock-on Headphone Display Stand does just that. It pays tribute to the classic rocker's hand pose while showcasing your headphones and keeping those wires knot-free. 

Now your friend can wave goodbye to tangling cords. His headphones will be ever-ready for the next Spotify session.

Tech Gift Idea #5: This iPhone Holder

<i>Image Credits: Unsplash.com</i>
Image Credits: Unsplash.com

Shopping for your Insta-famous gadget freak? Help him take his selfies to the next level and stop relying on other people to capture perfect shots. 

This portable tripod is compatible with any iPhone model, and it comes with an adjustment feature that will allow him to take pictures comfortably from a distance. 

Now taking group photos just became so much easier for the lad, thanks to this awesome gift for techy.

Tech Gift Idea #6: This Battery Meter Temperature Mug

10 Quirky Gifts For That Tech-Loving Guy On Your List!

What do you give the person who has all the technology he needs? 

Why, a thoughtful gift for him that perks up his mood and complements his gadgets, of course! When his brain's batteries are low, his coffee needs to be at the perfect temperature. Too hot, and he can't drink it; too cold, and he wouldn't want to. 

This Battery Meter Temperature Mug comes with a temperature sensor & gauge that appears bright when you pour a drink hotter than 96.8 degrees into it. Now your friend can ravish his drinks from the first sip to the last drop.

Tech Gift Idea #7: These Wireless Earbuds

Image Credits: Unsplash.com
Image Credits: Unsplash.com

Now that Apple and its AirPods have proved the wireless earbud concept works and made them really cool, every tech enthusiast wants a pair. 

They're among the top wished-for gifts this year. And why not? Just because one listens to tunes via Bluetooth doesn't necessarily mean one wishes to carry a phone or music player, especially if one is wandering around the house using both hands to do chores. 

The pTron Bassbuds provide the freedom of device-free playback by offering a wireless connection of nearly 10 meters. 

This tech gift for him is a must-have for every audiophile who relies on music to boost his mood and get firing on all cylinders long before the morning coffee.

Tech Gift Idea #8: This Portable Cable Organizer

<i>Image Credits: Amazon.in</i>
Image Credits: Amazon.in

Let's be honest! No matter how smartly we fold up cables, they somehow transform into a labyrinth-like puzzle.

This is where the above Portable Cable Organizer comes in handy, organizing everything from earbuds to laptop chargers. 

It will keep all your cords, earbuds, and chargers neatly tucked away but easy to access when you need them. 

It's a waterproof, long-lasting cord organizer that opens up to a single layer interior consisting of elastic bands, mesh pockets, and zippered pockets. 

Now your friend can have ample space for memory cards, small gadgets, cords, cell phones, earbuds, and whatever else he needs to neatly put away.

Tech Gift Idea #9: This Anti-gravity Phone Case

<i>Image Credits: IndiaMart.com</i>
Image Credits: IndiaMart.com

How can we talk about gifts for techy guys and not talk about iPhone-related items? 

The comfort of this versatile phone can be extended with hundreds of cool phone cases, one of which is the Anti-gravity case. Consider it the Spiderman of iPhone cases. 

It allows you to stick your phone to any wall. It's the ideal present for those who seek no-hand selfies, watching a movie, making calculations on a whiteboard or getting better acoustics while playing some tunes. 

The case uses micro-suction technology, so it can be stuck and unstuck repeatedly without leaving any residue or damage behind.

Tech Gift Idea #10: This Retro Bluetooth Speaker

<i>Image Credits: Pinterest.com</i>
Image Credits: Pinterest.com

Is your friend an '80's fan? 

Then it's time to take him down memory lane with an amazing gift for techy boys. Whether you want to remind him of his childhood or introduce him to a fantastic trend he missed the first time, this retro gift will not disappoint. 

Called the Tivoom, this Bluetooth Speaker is not just a piece of eye candy but a result of engineering perfection. Featuring a 16x16 full RGB programmable LED panel, it's a 4th generation pixel art speaker that comes with an acoustically enhanced design and a mobile application. Not to mention top-notch sound!


So, these were ten quirky gifts for the tech-loving guy on your list! Did you like the ideas?

Have better ideas for a present? Do let us know in the comments below. More such posts coming soon!