Tea Mug And Breezy Winds

Felt it before?

Sonali Negi

3 months ago|1 min read


The breezy winds nudge the cheeks to go down through lips. It was an immense feeling for eyes to feel the winds. It was amazing to have a tea mug and window scenario. It is amazing when you feel each and every soothing voice and nudges.

How deeply it is expressing the day?

Now some might could feel the emotions and some wouldn't. But the writers who are admirers of good weather really need this space. This space gives them a bunch or collection of butterflies which push them softly to bring up another imagination into an immortal existence. Everything has come into this world for some valid reason. Every reason is beautiful if it is giving a pleasant feeling.

A real outcome always win

In the end, everything which is real and valid going to win. No matter how many battles have been fought and how many times one has been pushed pr fallen. The day results are going to be favorable for the one who has put effort. The person is going to go far away from the bad days with a smile. The person who has the ability to think and create can have tea and explore through multiple emotions. The person can spread love and positivity through the write-ups and actions. The different sunsets follow the ways to bring different dancing poems, the different breezy winds give birth to various blogs.

A deep thought always comes out from nature. The real and pure feeling takes the love from chirping words and struggling bees. The ant focuses on the way which was her destination. Her spirit to cross every obstacle with positivity taught me well. Every living being and even the rocks and mountains have taught me to be rigid and soft at different situations.


Sonali Negi

A creative life is worth and indeed when you have a path to explore, mark and write.



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