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Deepa  Ramachandran

Jun 10, 2021|8 min read


Are you bored? Okay, then you are at the right place. By the end of this article, you will be amazed by these awesome Tamil web series that can kill your boredom. 

Amidst these pandemic situations, we aren’t allowed to enjoy or go outside and are under great stress and anxiety. 

If not for all at least for some, watching series or movies can lower your stress level, can make you feel better so I’m one of them. And if you are here with the question that if watching series actually works, then dude you must give it a try this time, it does help to an extent. 

Tough situations are always there but how are you going to come out of them, is what's more important. During these times, the following list of Tamil web series can be your partner.

You can binge-watch these shows and it can surely help you overcome hard times.

Tamil Web Series

Also many might not be completely aware of all the best Tamil web series, or this can be their first try towards a Tamilian show. 

This article provides you with all the necessary details like which platform they are aired on, the storyline, is it worth the time and watch, and all the other stuff that you must know.

So no worries, you can find all your answers below. Let's begin.

1. Auto Shankar

This crime, thriller web series was released in the year 2019 on Zee5. 

The plot goes like the exact portrayal of the backdrop of madras in the years 1985-1995. It was directed by Ranga Yali, starring Appani Sarath[lead] as a gangster, and records all the incidents that happened between 1985-1995 in madras.

It consists of 10 episodes and the title cards of each episode go like this, 

  1. The Awakening
  2. The Power Game
  3. The Rise Of The Demon
  4. The Wolf Hunter
  5. The Seed Of Chaos
  6. The Balancing
  7. Clean State
  8. Fall Of The Demon
  9. The Rebirth
  10. The Conclusion

People looking for a raw and gritty feel of a story can go for this and just fulfill your raw thirst. 

2. Fingertip

The series was directed by S Shivakar, starring Akshara Haasan, Sunaina, Ashwin Kakumanu, and Gayathri. 

It is crime thriller with 5 episodes and their title cards are:

  1. Greed
  2. Rage
  3. Betrayal
  4. Lust
  5. Vengence

This series ties a knot with four different stories of misusing social media and its different platforms with different characters who are not connected.

Social media addicts out there or people interested in knowing about the everyday platforms we use it can serve as a good meal.

3. Breathe

This series is telecasted in two languages Hindi and Tamil in amazon prime video with well-known actors starring i.e. Madhavan, Amit Sadh, Joshi, Sapna Pabbi, and was directed by Mayank Sharma.

It has 8 episodes and the titles of each episode are 

  1. The Promise
  2. The Hunt Begins
  3. Safety First
  4. The Audition
  5. Bad Fish
  6. Blind Man’s Bluff
  7. It’s In The Eyes
  8. Body Parts

This series has a storyline that all of us can relate to we all have our loved ones and what would you do for your loved ones? 

The answer to this question is the run-through of the whole series. 

What are you waiting for, go and get the answer!

4. Vella Raja

It was a series that was released in the year 2018 under the genre crime, thriller on the amazon prime video platform. 

Directed by Guhan Senniappan starring Bobby Simha, Gayathri, Kaali Venkat, and Parvathi Nair with 10 episodes and their titles are:

  1. The Sugar
  2. The Host
  3. Fortune Failure
  4. No Vacancy
  5. The Trap
  6. The Collision
  7. The Weave
  8. The Awakening
  9. The Quicksand
  10. The Calling

It was the first Tamil web series to be aired on amazon prime and is one of the underrated web series with the best screenplay.

It's time for you to post your review. 

5. Kallachirippu 

 A thriller series directed by Rohit Nandakumar starring Amrutha Srinivasan, Vignesh Shanmugam, Rajalakshmi. 

It is a nail-biting thriller of 8 episodes released on Zee5. 

The plot of the series covers many aspects of relationship forced arranged marriage, gay relationships, and life after the happenings. 

6. Nila Nila Odi Vaa

It is a different genre from what we saw till now. It is a horror rom-com directed by Nandini TS, starring Ashwin Kakumanu, Sunaina, Anupama Kumar. 

It has a total of 13 episodes. Nila Nila Odi Vaa has an interesting plot of a vampire female lead who was transformed to a vampire from a human by one of the seniors in the college

She, later on, meets up with the human male lead and the story continues.

7. American Mappillai

This Tamil web series falls under the comedy genre directed by Praveen Padmanaman, starring Rajakrishna Moorthy, Leela Samson, Namita Krishnamurthy, and Rakesh Ram. 

It has 8 episodes and its titles are very colorful because they go like:

  1. Yellow
  2. Violet
  3. Green
  4. Indigo
  5. Turquoise
  6. Pink
  7. Orange
  8. Red

It is fun to watch a guy who is not interested in marriage and makes up a situation to escape from it but later on, it backfires.

Go and choose your favorite color. 

Oh, I mean the episode.

8. As I’m suffering from Kadhal 

Another fun and light-hearted Tamil web series on Disney Hotstar plus. Directed by Balaji Mohan, starring Sundar Ramu, Balaji Mohan, George, baby Yuvina, Dhanya Balakrishna, Nakshathra Nagesh, Abhishek Joseph, and Sanath. 

It has 10 episodes with an approximate run time of 20 minutes per episode. 

The wide review focused on this series tells that it mostly attracts a certain age group of people in the ’20s and 30’s. 

9. Livin

It’s a Tamil web series that was released in the year 2017 on youtube. 

It is a romantic-comedy genre that is liked by many, directed by Prabhuram Vyas with feel-good vibes, and portrays a youngster being trapped into typical south Indian society principles and restrictions. 

The title of each episode sounds a little different Space Wars, Thaen unchained, Everybody loves bread, New Ho in the house, Spirit from the past, Heart to Heart, Daddy cool, Double date.

Are you curious about how the story travels then start watching it right away! 

10. Door No. 403

This is a fun series released on VIU which was directed by Yasmeen casting Ena Friedrich, Gokul Anand, Pooja Devariya, and has a total of 13 episodes with each episode of 22minutes.

Before the plot and storyline do you have a large group of friends?

If yes, then you will have your best time watching this series as it has 5 friends together in one house.

Do you get the vibe? 

Yes, it is going to be crazy!

11. Triples

It is a recently released Tamil web series starring the well-known Vani Bhojan, Jai, Vivek, and Rajkumar. It was directed by Charukesh Sekar and airs on the Disney Hotstar plus platform. 

It has 8 episodes and their titles are The Wedding guest, Ex- factor, The Wedding Cashers, Gone in 60 seconds, Mad max Mylapore, Go Goa gone, Hide and seek and All is Well. 

It starts with three friends going to goa for their work and simultaneously dealing with marriage issues, ex-girlfriend and becomes like an adventure ride. 

Hop on and ride along with them. 

12. Kaal Kattu 

Another Rom – com Tamil web series directed by Vetrivel Chandrashekar, has completed successfully three seasons on youtube and entered the 4th season. 

It is a stress booster sort series, just a light-hearted one.

In case you need a break now just go start with it. 

13. Topless 

This is an action, drama Tamil web series starring Guru Somasundaram, Bazak Gazilar, prasad, Gokul Anand, and Rohit Muralidharan. 

It has a total of 6 episodes and was directed by Dinesh Mohan. 

This series consists of many wow factors and can be watched with a Zee 5 subscription. 

14. Time Enna boss 

Any science fiction favorites out there? This is for you! 

This Tamil web series was released in 2020 on amazon prime videos starring Bharath, Karunakaran, Robo Shankar, Priya Bhavani Shankar, Sanjay Sarathy, and Alexander Babu. It has a total of 10 episodes which were directed by Subu. 

The episode titles are: 

  1. Flush In
  2. Jobs
  3. Midnight Masala
  4. Adhaan Plan
  5. Crush Next Door
  6. Shrooms
  7. Run Buggy Run
  8. Bottleneck
  9. Horoscope
  10. Flush Out

15. Iru Dhuruvam 

Here’s another nail-biting crime, thriller Tamil web series on Sony LIV directed by Gautham Menon starring Ravi jiva, Abhirami Iyer, and Sebastian Antony. 

It has 9 episodes with 27 minutes runtime per episode. 

Especially for crime thriller lovers this is a must-watch and will love it. 

16. Mitta 

It is a comedy genre Tamil web series on zee5. Casting Shiva Garg, Dinesh karuna, Kaybee. It has 9 episodes and holds a very important message that is “life with purpose is meaningful”. 

It is series with in-depth meaning and a lesson to learn but in a funny way. 

Do you have a Motive in your life?

17. Half boil 

It is another drama-oriented Tamil web series released In the year 2017 on youtube. Casting Gopi, Sudhakar, and Javith. 

This series is specially designed to kill your boredom. 

Amidst this pandemic, situation boredom is just overflowing in people’s life so this is another available option for you to choose when you are bored.

18. Memories 

It is a thriller mystery Tamil web series with 13 episodes that can be watched on VIU. 

Memories is directed by Suhail Tatari and the star cast are Harsh Singh, Rohit Roy, Madan Joshi, Priyal Gor, and Surleen Kaur. 

19. November Stories 

Trending crime thriller Tamil web series starring the famous actress Tamannah. 

Directed by Indhra Subramanian with 7 episodes, it was taken, based on a crime novel and is released on Disney Hotstar plus with a raised standard in the crime genre. 

Seven episode titles that will get you to watch this series for sure: 

  1. Save Him From Him
  2. Whitewash
  3. Flashes
  4. Crossroads
  5. Knitting
  6. Close To
  7. Truth

The storyline is based on the daughter's ability to get her father out of the crime in which he was framed to be the murderer and also suffers from Alzheimer's disease because of which he cannot remember the crime scene details. 

The question is will she be able to pull it off?

20. Mugilan 

Mugilan is a crime-oriented series on Zee 5. Directed by Sri ram starring Karthik raj and Ramya Pandian. 

It has 8 episodes and the hero Karthick Raj here has nailed the character ‘Mugilan’ in his salt and pepper style which has gained familiarity. 

Episode titles are:

  1. The First Strike
  2. Deceit
  3. Lost In Love
  4. The Rise Of The Underdog
  5. Power Play
  6. Red Eagles
  7. Allegiance
  8. Betrayal And Checkmate

Now go watch the game yourself to see who wins!

21. Paava Kadhaigal 

This Tamil web series is very different from all the series that are listed above. It is an anthology drama film released in the year 2020 on Netflix originals. 

It has 4 parts or 4 episodes that deal with typical Indian society behavior that hasn’t changed for decades.

It has 4 different sets of castings and 4 different directors. Also, 4 different music directors for every part were casted.

First, it is ‘Thangam’ starring Kalidas Jayaram, Shantanu Bhaygaraj, Bhavani Sri, Vinodhini, and Vaidyanathan and is directed by Suda Kongara.

Second, it is ‘ Love Panna Uttranum’ starring Anjali, Kalki Koechlin, K Manikandan, and Jaffer Sadiq and is directed by Vignesh Shivan. 

Third, it is ‘ Vaanmagal’ directed by Gautham Vasudev Menon and starring Simran, Gautham Menon, and Aadithya Bhaskar.

Fourth, it is ‘Oor Iravu’ directed by Vetrimaaran and casting Sai Pallavi, Prakash raj, Hari Krishnan. 

It is one of the best series and is a must-watch for its diverse knowledge and realistic play by all characters. 

Well, I think I made justice to all the series here and also gave a clear view for you to choose your favorite. Now it's time for you to choose between enjoying your own time or calling up your friends to have a laughter blast together. 

Decide soon and get your favorite snacks delivered.

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