List of Tableaux at 2021 Republic Day Parade That Made Celebrations Grand

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Jan 26, 2021 6 min read

The Republic Day Parade is an anticipated and awaited annual event for Indians. And there's a reason behind it. People from all over the nation come together to forget their differences and to celebrate the day in hope of a glorious future, just like the glorious past.

The tableau and presentations given on Rajpath in Delhi, during the Republic Day Parade, are significant to remind of our cultural diversity, rich history, competitive present and fast-paced future. We are developing and emerging as a winner, slowly and steadily.

Given below is the list of Tableaus at the 2021 Republic Day Parade, presented by various States and Union Territories. This year only 18 tableaus were there in this category.

1) Ladakh

This is the first time that Ladakh participated as a Union Territory in the Republic Day parade and presented its Tableaux (Jhaki). The theme was Vision To Future and the presentation showed Maitreya Buddha and his peaceful abode in Ladakh.

2) Gujarat

The Gujarat Tableaux was very alluring with its presentation of the Sun Temple in Modera, built by King Bheem of Chalukya Dynasty. It was accompanied by the Folk dance of Gujarat.

3) Assam

Northeast is beautiful and so was the Tableaux of Assam, showcasing the tea garden and happy tea cultivators. Tea is not only famous in India but also across the world. In fulfilling this demand for tea, Assam plays a major role. The theme of the Tableaux was 'Assam Tea - Backbone of State Economy'.

4) Tamil Nadu

Reflecting another beautiful segment of the rich Indian culture and heritage, the Tableaux of Tamil Nadu showcased the majestic Shore Temple. Accompanying the presentation were people dancing in traditional attires. It was built by the Pallav Kings and is a world heritage site preserved by UNESCO.

5) Maharashtra

Maharashtra demonstrated a Tableaux on the theme 'Saints of Maharashtra'. It talked about the Bhakti Movement, which promoted equality and brotherhood among the Indians.

6) Uttarakhand

The peaceful and holy abode of Himalayas and Ganges, Uttarakhand presented a tableau on the theme 'Kedarkhand'. The presentation showed the Kedarnath Temple, which is one of the 12 Jyotirlingas in India and the abode of Lord Shiva. It showed the pride of the state in being home to Kedarnath and other heavenly temples along the Ganges and its tributaries.

7) Chattisgarh

The Indian state of Chattisgarh showcased its traditional musical instruments and the sounds produced by them. The tableaux had the theme 'Splendorous Sounds of Chattisgarh's Folk Music'. It had the Dhakul, Todi and Turahi instruments, which are integral to Chattisgarh's Folk Music.

8) Punjab

The Indian state of Punjab presented a Tableaux on theme '400th Birth Anniversary of Guru Teg Bahadur'. It is dedicated to the Sikh Guru, Guru Teg Bahadur, whose significant contributions to Sikhism cannot be forgotten.

9) Tripura

Tripura's presentation was themed, 'Eco-friendly, Atma Nirbhar Tripura', showing the rich folk traditions centred around nature. The prime focus was to highlight their folk traditions which did not cause harm to nature and have Bamboo as an integral part.

10) West Bengal

The state of West Bengal presented a Tableaux showcasing their efforts to promote elementary education in their state. The theme was 'Sabooj Saathi: Wheels of Change', showing students riding bicycles to reach schools and taking their schoolmates along with them.

11) Sikkim

The Indian State of Sikkim is believed to be protected by the Kanjunga mountain. Their presentation was themed 'Pang Lhabsol Festival', showing the celebrations in Sikkim which includes worshipping the Kanchanjunga mountain.

12) Uttar Pradesh

The Tableaux of Uttar Pradesh was very special as it demonstrated the dream of PM Narendra Modi and others - Ram Mandir at Ayodhya. It showed the Ram Mandir architecture, the Dipotsav which made a world record, and Valmiki sitting in front. The theme was 'Ayodhya-Cultural Heritage of Uttar Pradesh'.

13) Delhi

The State of Delhi presented their tableaux on the theme 'Shahjahanabad-Redevelopment of Chandi Chowk'. The showed a mix of present-day activities and preserved heritage, sending a message for harmony among past and present.

14) Karnataka

Karnataka's presentation was themed 'Vijayanagar: The City of Victory' and took us back into time. It brought to light the right history that Karnataka houses inherited from the Vijayanagar Empire in the Deccan Plateau.

15) Kerela

Themed as 'Coir of Kerela', the presentation form the state of Kerela talked about the role of women in the progress of their state. It also showed the Elephant and Coconuts, which are integral to the state.

16) Andhra Pradesh

The Tableaux of Andhra Pradesh showed a glimpse of the beautiful architecture of Lepakshi Temple, made up of stone carvings. It was themed, 'Lepakshi- Architectural Monolithic Marvels'.

17) Arunachal Pradesh

The last Indian State to present their tableau in the 2021 Republic Day Parade of India was Arunachal Pradesh. It showed the tribes of Eastern and Western parts of the State coming together. Also, it showed their skills of wood carving and colourful beadwork. The theme was 'East meets West'.

Besides the Indian States, various Ministries and Groups formed by the Government for specific purposes also presented their tableau. These were also symbolic of India's multi-dimensional progress and futuristic vision.

1) Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology

Their presentation was based on the theme ‘ Digital Bharat, Atmanirbhar Bharat’. They showcased the progress India has made technologically - Digital payments, Use of drones in farming, e-education, etc.

2) Ministry of Ayush

Their presentation was based on the theme, ‘Ojo Bharat, Tejo Bharat: Immune India, Active India’. The presentation showed India’s rich knowledge of Ayurveda and its application by present-day doctors to create immunity boosters. It showed various ayurvedic ingredients including Giloy, Ginger and Tulsi.

3) Department of Biotechnology

The theme of their tableau was ‘Atma Nirbhar Bharat Abhiyan: Covid’. The presentation was symbolic of India’s developing and testing of covid 19 vaccines successfully. It showed doctors and nurses who were day in and out to make this possible.

4) Ministry of Labour and Employment

The theme taken up by the Ministry of Labour and Employment for the Tableau of 2021 Republic Day parade was ‘Labour Reforms’. It showed a yellow helmet which was a symbol of safety for the labours and various improvements that have been made in the laws.

5) Ministry of Culture

The tableau was themed, 'Heralding The 75th Year of Indian Independence'. It had Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose showing the way to the culturally diverse population of India, whose 100th birth anniversary was due on 23rd January.

6) Central Public Works Department

The theme of the presentation was ‘Amar Jawan’. The tableaux showed India Gate, Indian Naval Ship and Fighter Aircraft decorated with flowers, as a tribute to the great martyrs and brave sons of India.

7) Border Road Organization 

The theme was ‘Connecting Places, Connecting People’. This organization was responsible for creating roads, bridges and pathways in difficult terrains so that the armed forces are guarded more effectively.

8) Ministry of Information and Broadcasting 

The theme of the presentation was ‘New India’ and portrayed the enthusiasm people had for using and promoting locally produced goods and services. It showed India’s vision to be Vocal for the Local.

9) Indian Coast Guard

The presentation of the Indian Coast Guard showed the ships they used for guarding the borders and alerting the nations in case of dangers. It reflected their contribution to the overall development and progress of India.

10) CRPF (Central Reserve Police Force)

The theme of CRPF’s tableau at the 2021 Republic Day Parade was ‘ A Professional Ops Force with Humane Sensitivity’. The Jhaki highlighted that CRPF is always there for the people in times of crisis and dire need.

11) Department of Empowerment of Persons with Disability

The theme of the tableau was ‘One nation, One sign Language’. It reflected on the progress which people with special abilities (deaf and dumb) can make by learning sign language.

This brings us to the end of the list of tableaux at the 2021 Republic Day Parade. It was indeed a great show and we cannot forget what message they conveyed. We hope for a bright future for all of us. Jai Hind. Jai Bharat.

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