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There are stuffs that are winning

Sonali Negi

1 month ago|1 min read


The cute fancy outfits ***** when you put a step out but they also seems cuter than all the winter outfits we have. Like this is a story of us who visit out in cute hairstyles and casual fancy clothes because we love summer clothes more than the winters one. Winters one are cool but bro when I can stay and go somewhere in one or two pieces than why to shiver in the three or four layers.

It is winning hearts 🍨❤️

I'm good as I can create different hairstyles with those shorts and t-shirts, one pieces, crop tops. It's okay if you feel that styling is also better in winters. I also agree that styling could be done in any kind of outfit but here I'm the one who is more into shorts and t-shirts, fancy summer attires, casual PJ's.

Why not to add shakes here

Stuffs that are winning

Summers are bit tastier when it comes to food, beverage preferences.

When it is too hot the mind calls the cold rink with all heart. When it is hot and you need something tastier than ice cream wins in my bucket list of summer's.

The cols coffee is something nice to have when you don't want soft drinks anymore.

The hot and spicy foods could give a more quick feel with some cold rinks.

The airconditioner story

Staying on bed all the time when the A/C is on and I'm the one who could cancel all the plans and stay at home. Laughs laughs laughs! Who else could cancel the plan and enjoy movies and phone in home after cancelling all the plans.😄

That is completely soothing!

Enjoy Summers🍨


Sonali Negi

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