35 Amazing Summer Drinks To Beat The Heat

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The Summer season is that time of the year when our body craves something chilled and tasty. Nowadays, people run towards carbonated soft drinks during summer, but they forget about other tons of traditional Indian summer drinks on the streets that will help them to energize their body and are good for health in other ways too. 

These drinks are made from seasonal fruits, herbs, vegetables, and dry fruits that make them perfect to beat the heat on scorching summer days. Staying hydrated is most important as one should keep going in the sweltering heat. 

Our body tends to lose water at a faster pace during summer, so drinking or consuming something liquid and watery is of utmost importance.

Summer Drinks

Here are some summer beverages that will help you to quench your thirst and feel energized and dull. These drinks will also freshen up and maintain you to go with your important work.

1) Aam Panna

A lip-smacking summer drink that is popular in every Indian’s house, made with raw mango fruit. The drink is prepared using mango pulp and some blended spices like cumin, mint leaves, and some black pepper. This drink keeps you refreshed and energized throughout the sunny days.

2) Jaljeera

In this drink, Jeera or cumin is the hero ingredient mixed along with water. These cumin seeds are roasted, grinned, and mixed into the water along with some other spices. This helps in curing constipation and digestion problems. One should have jaljeera with some ice cubes and gulp down the whole of it, an ideal summer drink. 

3) Buttermilk (Chaas)

Buttermilk is a curd-based drink undoubtedly the favorite one of Indians. It is a healthy and nutritious summer drink that helps to cure some digestive problems. It tastes superb when taken along with some spices like Jeera or Masala. To make the hot summer day amazing, drink a glass of chilled buttermilk glass along with the tasty food.

4) Coconut water

A chilled glass of coconut water can be refreshing and soothing on a scorching day. The water has a mild taste and is very beneficial for the ones who feel dehydrated or out of energy, it helps to cure such problems as it has great electrolytes in it that help one to feel energetic.

5) Sugarcane juice

Sugarcane juice can be considered as nature’s gift to humans in the month of summer. This summer drink is full of energy and helps build up plasma and body fluids helping cure dehydration and dullness. By adding some mint leaves and a pinch of black salt can enhance the taste and make the heating day wonderful.

6) Lassi

All of us know about the wonders of Punjab’s special lassi. It has smooth and creamy yogurt in it along with some dry fruits that add extra taste to it. It helps in revitalizing all the body and makes a person feel fresh and hydrated. The lassi is also available in many flavors nowadays like mango lassi, rose lassi, and many more.

7) Bel ka sharbat

It is also known as wood apple juice, prepared by extracting the pulp of bael fruit. Beal is also considered a golden apple as it has many health benefits like relief from acidity and constipation and cooling effects in the body. The beal tree is considered sacred in the Hindu religion due to its medicinal properties.

8) Watermelon juice

The watery and best summer fruit is watermelon. It is considered to be super refreshing and hydrating and also helps the body to stay fresh and energetic. Just take some pulp of the watermelon and grind it along with some ice cubes and your refreshing juice is ready.

9) Mango shake

Mango is considered the fruit king because it can be mixed with anything and the result will always be a tasty recipe. Mango milkshakes are a famous summer drink on the street as they are velvety and creamy and topped with fresh fruits and crunchy nuts and sweet cherries. The taste and essence of the drink can energize and freshen up the person.

10) Thandai

A very famous drink that is associated with Maha Shivratri and Holi festivals. This drink is prepared from chilled milk along with some taste enhancers like almonds; fennel seeds, saffron, and other dry fruits and spices. It is a drink that acts as a soothing refresher in scorching temperatures.

11) Kokum sharbat

Kokum is a sweet and sour fruit that mostly grows in the Western Ghats and Maharashtra region. The juice of kokum is of red color that adds aesthetic appeal to the drink. This is a drink that helps the body stay cool and fresh.

12) Panakan

It is a delicious drink from South India known as Panakan. This drink is a concoction of jaggery and cardamom along with ginger and some pepper. A refreshing summer drink with lots and lots of health benefits and a great balance of electrolytes in it.

13) Nimbu Paani

A summer drink that is very easy to prepare and is amazingly special in all of our lives is lemonade. It is a quick drink prepared by using mint leaves, lemon, salt, sugar, and water. One can also modify it according to his taste. It has great medicinal properties, it helps one to vanish away all tiredness and dullness.

14) Sattu sharbat

Sattu sharbat is one of the specialties from Bihar that keeps the body chill and fresh. It is made by using sattu flour, sugar, and flour. It not only gives a chilling effect but also fulfills the stomach.

15) Nannari sharbat

This sharbat is made from the nannari of anantmool, this ingredient is used in Ayurveda for a very long time. Anantmool is naturally cool and saves an individual from extreme heatstroke. This summer drink is served with squeezed lime along with some crushed ice.

16) Piyush

This is a famous drink from Maharashtra and Gujarat. It is a creamy combination made by mixing shrikhand, buttermilk, nutmeg, saffron, and other dry fruits. This drink is also known as ‘amrita’ as it is very soothing, and it tastes like sweet nectar.

17) Neer Mor

A famous savor across South India is also known as Sambhaaram. It is spicy buttermilk made from curd, green chilies, ginger, and yogurt along with some other spices. It has many good effects as it is digestive, probiotic, and very hydrating in nature.

18) Phalsa sharbat

Phalsa is a small berry-sized fruit that is tangy in taste. This drink is prepared using phalsa because the fruit has hydrating properties, and it also has a low glycaemic index that is beneficial for diabetics. This is a healthy choice to slurp upon on a summer day.

19) Cold coffee

A famous street drink that everybody likes to have during summer as it is easily available and tasty. It is prepared by brewing coffee as usual and then mixing it in cold milk along with some ice and chocolate syrup over it. One drink can be quite refreshing and relaxing.

20) Rose sharbat

One of the best summer drinks in Indian houses is rose sharbat. It is exceptionally tasty and has tons of health benefits. It helps one to stay away from stress and anxiety, basically keeps the mind calm and relaxed. One can have a rose drink to enjoy all the benefits in bulk.

21) Kulfi Falooda

To beat the heat in summers, ice creams can be the best way, so here is kulfi falooda which is a mix of ice cream and drink. It is made by using rose syrup, vermicelli or Sawai along with some dry fruits and topped up with the cool and tasty ice cream. Falooda is a masterpiece desert in the form of a drink.

22) Orange squash

Squashes are concentrated syrup that is used to make an instantly cool drink. Orange squash is a drink that is quite famous among children as it provides instant energy to them after they come from the scorching heat. These fruit-flavored juices when served with some ice are very rejuvenating and refreshing.

23) Dry fruit milkshake

It is a very popular drink among Indian households made from creamy and smooth milk along with crunchy dry fruits and cherries. This summer drink is packed with nutrients and helps in boosting energy levels.

24) Khus sharbat

Khus is a plant that is known as Vetiver grass in English. This drink is prepared by syrup which is made from the roots of the grass. It is a green-colored concoction that has many medicinal advantages like vetiver has inbuilt cool properties in it. This drink helps the person to stay energetic throughout the day and also helps him to beat heatstroke.

25) Strawberry Milkshake

It is a simple blend of four amazing ingredients that are fresh strawberries, vanilla extract, milk cream, and ice. The shake consists of fewer calories and offers lots of healthy fibers, vitamins, and minerals. It should be served with some crushed ice and strawberry syrup to enhance the taste. 

26) Sandalwood syrup sharbat

Chandan/Sandalwood is very popular for its cooling properties. This drink is prepared with kewra, rose petals, mogra petals, and some dry fruits. It is a unique drink with many health benefits along with beautiful color and aroma.

27 Grape juices

Grape juice is potentially a wonder drink as it helps an individual to cure many health problems. It has a high level of antioxidants which protects our body from free radicals. It is made with whole grapes including skin, seeds, and pulp that is why it is highly nutritious. In the summer, our body stays dehydrated. 

This summer drink will solve all the problems of our bodies.

28) Ice tea

Iced tea on a sunny day can be a blessing as it instantly refreshes the person. This glass of cool ice is a pack of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. It also helps one to stay in shape as it is free from extra calories. Enjoy this calorie-free beverage and freshen up yourself.

29) Mosambi juice

Sweet lime fruit juice is one of the favorite citrus fruit juices of everyone. Famous among the street vendors, a refreshing summer drink served with some black salt and masala over it to enhance the taste of the juice. It is very hydrating and full of vitamins and minerals, it’s also fat-free so no worries about gaining extra pounds.

30) Badam shake or milk

Badam milk is an Indian traditional beverage that is made from Kesar flavored milk along with the goodness of cashew nuts, almonds, cardamoms, and others. This delicious milk energizes the body, balances the mind and brain, helps to vanish away all dullness and weakness.

31) Godhoraj Ghol

It is a buttermilk version from Bengal with the goodness of curd, black salt, water ice, and the most important ingredient juice of precious Gondhoraj lime. This citrus fruit has a special aroma and different flavors which gives chills down the spine whosoever drinks it.

32) Rooh-Afza

Rooh-afza has been everybody's love since time immemorial. It is a sweet refreshing ruby red drink that is very popular and hence has several proven health benefits. The concentrated syrup contains several herbs, fruits, and vegetables which one can enjoy by mixing with water or milk. There are no side effects as it’s a natural concoction.

33) Pineapple juice

It is a sweet and tangy summer drink with lots of benefits infused into it. This pineapple goodness beverage freshens up everybody in the hot summers. It is prepared by using fresh pineapple, sugar, and some black salt and pepper. It is a super refreshing drink that will quickly kick away all the weakness from one’s body.

34) Banta soda

Banta is Indian street lemonade made by roadside sellers. The drink is made by using basic ingredients like lemon, black salt, and masala, but the main ingredient is the Banta soda or a glass bottle closed with the help of a marble ball. With this ingredient, the lemonade becomes very bubbly and tasty.

35) Jigarthanda

An iconic chilled drink from Madurai is Jil Jil Jigarthanda and this unique name only suggests Jigar means heart and Thanda means cold. It is a drink that will make the heart and body cold after drinking it.

It is made from a blend of chilled milk, edible sea algae,nannari, basundi, and some ice cream. This cold summer drink will melt everyone’s heart with its taste on hot days.

The above drinks will keep you hydrated and energized all day long. Enjoy your summers with these delicious beverages, and get ready to beat the heat this summer.

Try these juices and shakes made from the fruits like mango, strawberries, watermelon, etc., and give your body the goodness of highly nutritious drinks.

It will open all the gates of refreshment and zeal within you.  Also, let us know in the comments which one you liked the most.

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