5 Sugar Lipsticks Every Girl Must Own

Jan 5, 2022 3 min read

All you can think of when it comes to glam is lipsticks. The addition of lipstick to a look tends to intensify it. One stroke can transform you from being bold to being the girl next door.

5 Sugar Lipsticks Every Girl Must Own

1. Mettle Satin Lipstick   (Rosy Cheeks Pink) 

Casual outing with friends after a long day? This mettle satin lipstick has got your back. Life-saver-easy-to-sat-in lipstick. Two gentle strokes of Rosy Cheeks Pink can bring a natural glow to your lips. 

5 Sugar Lipsticks Every Girl Must Own

2. Smudge Me Not Lip  Duo (Fiery Berry (Marsala) 

Fiery berry is as charming as the name suggests. The beautiful shade is best for your date night. Vibrant color with the perfect amount of glow will surely make a diva. 

5 Sugar Lipsticks Every Girl Must Own

3. Wonder Woman Everlasting Matte Lipstick Warrior (Orange Red)

Another on the list is breath-taking-red! The perfect storm of boldness, sexiness, and perfection. Red lipstick is not just lipstick it’s a showstopper. The beautiful bold color provides the extra glamorous, red carpet look. 

5 Sugar Lipsticks Every Girl Must Own


4. Plush Crush Creme Crayon Violet Vixen (Warm Purple with hints of pink)

What can go wrong with a shade like purple? The trendy, energetic, and fashionable color purple has a large following. Like salt on the taste, purple lipstick adds a certain color. Just add a few extra strokes to spice up the moment!

5 Sugar Lipsticks Every Girl Must Own

5. Good Moodies Lip Crayon - 10 Wild Child (Bright Orange)

Tops the chart with the remarkable shade, orange. There is always a place for bold, extraordinary, and out-of-the-box lip colors. Orange is at the top of the list when it comes to the statement. Those who like to add a little extra to their look will love orange!


When it comes to lipstick even millions of shades can be less for women but there are few that every girl should own. As lipsticks are a treasure that no girl can ever be satisfied with. We would love to listen to your favorite.

Happy shopping beauties!