Styling Dungarees For Various Occasions

Aren't just for neighbors girls anymore

Shreya Srivastava

7 months ago|3 min read


It seems like it was yesterday when we used to wear dungaree and play in the sand. Thanks to the fashion cycle, dungarees are again in trend. Now we can not only wear these dungarees and play in the sand but also can pair them for almost every event and occasion. 

So tighten your belt as we are going for some fashion lessons in our own crazy way with bewakoof. 

Casual-next-door looks: Simple, easy, and the best way to slay the dungaree is to pair it with the crop top, nude/ solid color sneakers, and messy bun. This look is best for travel, casual outing, college and brunch. To add the spark to the look you can add accessories like a watch or funky multi-layers chains and a classic bag.

Office-formal looks: Dungarees have turned the tables on everyone who thought they can only be worn for funky looks. Trouser dungaree with a solid color shirt paired with pumpers and neat tie hair can give you the best formal look. Accessories like watches, stud earrings, and simple neck chains will look pretty with the formal dungaree. 

The sizzling party looks: Make way for comfort and style with Baggy dungaree. Street fashion has always had a great influence on trends. Style the baggy dungaree with a skintight top/ crop top and finish the look with shiny sneakers or boots. Red lips, smoky eyes, and hair down would definitionally add glam to the look. The perfect outfit for a picnic/party. 

Tip-top fancy look: Skirt Dungaree can be worn for not just parties but also special date nights. Pair beautiful skirt dungaree with crop top/off-shoulder top or turtle neck top. You can pair the same skirt dungaree in winter with stockings, an oversize coat, and boots. For makeup, you can go the light lip and hair down for a day look whereas red lips and shiny eye makeup for a date night look. 

The elegant look: The other reason women love dungaree is they are the combination of style and POCKETS!! Mesmerizing front slit with an adjustable belt and the solid metallic color is just what any girl needs. Pair this cool trendy dungaree with a contrasting bright color V neck top/shirt. Add loops, earrings, and sneakers to complete the look. You can also add a Tote bag for outings. 

Make a statement in winter: Denim dungarees dress can be the best outfit for people who are cold intolerant.  Hoodie or high neck sweaters are best for the winters and would look even more stylish with dungarees. To deal with the weather pair boots or knitted caps as per your style and comfort. Winters and dungarees are the best combinations. You can add layers with dungarees and still look charming. 

Dungaree is a comfortable and stylish outfit that can convert the girl into the muse. Now when it comes to how to wear a dungarees dress that can be a little trick. Pairing denim dungaree outfit with chokers or slaying black dungarees outfits is just about confidence. There can be several ways on how to wear dungarees but choose the one you are comfortable in and love. 

Play with colors and make your own style, after all, what is fashion without some creativity!

Happy shopping! 


Shreya Srivastava

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