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Heart-touching story.

Rushikesh Kadam

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It is a story of girl from COVID-19 Pandemic.

""As a kid, I was sexually assaulted by my teacher and a friend of mine. I couldn’t tell anything to my parents as I was terrified. I used to lock myself in a room as I had abandonment issues and constant bullying in school led to me being insecure about the way I look.

I started having panic attacks, anxiety and I became suicidal. I was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder. When I was diagnosed I was relieved that atleast now I know the cause of my behaviour. It took a while for my family to understand what I was actually going through.

Last year, my Paa and grandma contracted coronavirus. My grandma passed away on 11th March and my Paa was admitted in the hospital for 2 months. He was on ecmo and ventilator for 45 days.

I used to go to the ecmo ward every day to just look at him. He couldn’t talk as the pipes were stitched around his face and body. He only could open his eyes and whisper. I used to ask him daily “Paa, do you wanna come back home?" He always used to nod and whisper, "Yes"

Seeing Paa like that daily killed me. I always used to tell myself that Paa will come back home but on 31st March, he passed away. I was the last person who met him.

I told him, "Paa, I’m okay, everyone at home is fine. Don’t take any kind of tension about us." He opened his eyes for 2 seconds and whispered, "I love you". I hugged him and cried. My mom said that he wanted to see me for the last time. My father was my saviour, he was my hero and my best friend.

Me and my brother cremated him . People were stopping me saying that I wasn't allowed to cremate him.

He was the one who took me to my therapy appointments. He took care of me like a baby in my toughest times. Every night I used to go to his room, wake him up and talk to him at night.

He was the light of my life. I lost 2 people within a span of 20 days. I know I cannot bring them back but I can celebrate their lives." "



What this story teaches - Give importantance to everyone out there ah cares for you .



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