Strength is held where many sums add up.

Add up to what you give.

Steven phillip Harper

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Strength is held where many sums add up.

The fact is, you can’t read a blog that says “make money” and make money or watch a video that says the same and produces this. Money is directly equal to value.

Value is equal to money and also equal to conversations you have with others. You can’t walk up to a stranger and expect them to give you a great conversation that you didn’t add an equal amount of value towards.

Absolutely everything in life is run on the same terms, life is energy and if you aren’t producing energy, you aren’t going to get any.

Money is directly equal to energy and it’s a fool to think otherwise.

I’m not saying you can’t fool yourself into creating energy from the thoughts of desire, because you absolutely can and you absolutely should. you should have the whimsical idea of finding money falling from the sky or creating one post that makes you rich overnight. You should absolutely have these thoughts and run with them all the way to the bank, but when you get there, just remember that you created value in the process you took getting there and that process is your building block to where you wish to go.

Money falls from every sky you draw your imagination into, and it’s your imagination that creates the values that money relates to.

Money is your friend when you don’t have it, and your enemy when you have it, because, what you spend your money on, your imagination fills.

Your imagination is the gold beneath every mine and the wells of oil that drive every automobile on earth. You can’t spend money on what matters, you can only buy what you want, but you can spend imagination on the wind beneath a bird's wings and the ideas that carry the bird wherever it chooses to go.

Life relates itself to your imagination and your wealth will dry up your imagination when you run out of money. So spend thought on life and money on what creates more thoughts or just give it away because a happy life is one lived with plenty of imagination and fewer possessions.


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