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This Monday, let us understand the value of hardwork and most importantly, nothing ever comes out from just cribbing about the problems unless one does something for it themself.

The video is a story about a really wise King and how his actions and wisdom played a large role in determining whether one is self-sufficient and caring towards the society, which eventually expresses them as an example of leadership and resolving general problems, or whether one is just a cribber who doesn't have a solution and even if they do, they are lazy enough to avoid it and choose different path.

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It is known to everybody that it takes a good will and dozens of hardwork to put anything good out for others and it is often a very great challenge indeed. This leads to the best explanation to the most popular and vital question stating, how to be a leader. But it is also quite evident that most of the people tend to embark on the other path, that is, of laziness and avoiding the work, thus, it becomes quite vital to understand this and learn the qualities of leadership.

It is also very well said that it is better to work than to avoid but the human mind is trained mostly in a way that working is tedious and hence smart working works better. Smart work may be good but sometimes the fine line between avoiding to do something or working smartly on it, vanishes and hence this determines whether a person is hard working or just a sloth.

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The video sheds light on the moral that one must always aim for hardwork and workmanship rather than trying to escape the work or even worse, always blaming it on any other party as it is the most convenient.

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Well, convenience always is the most preferred but it is also mostly void. So, to be a good leader and inculcate qualities of perfect leadership is very important to learn that a human bears the mind and power to do great things and one must not shy away from it. A good fruitful result often comes out from working hard.

The efforts one puts to so something never goes waste as talked about in the story about the King and his great idea to test out his court and their intentions towards the society and themselves.

Watch the complete video to know more about this brilliant story and understand the value of hardwork and how it makes one a better human.

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